The excitement of a 7-day Caribbean cruise is hard to beat. Between the sea air, ocean views, and the prospect of visiting new places, it’s a trip that many look forward to.

But let me tell you, as captivating as cruising is, it’s like navigating stormy waters without a compass when you pack for a cruise first time. That’s why a well-planned packing list is your golden treasure map. With it, you’ll have the right outfit for every occasion, the right gear for every activity, and everything you need to turn your cruise line holiday into a voyage of ease and delight. Sail on!

what to pack for a caribbean cruise

Understanding Cruise Basics

Embarking on a 7-day cruise line is like signing up for a week-long floating fiesta. With cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, you can expect everything from multiple dining options to thrilling shore excursions, hot tubs, theaters, fitness centers, and formal dinners and evening wear. So, you will feel like royalty.

But remember, cruising is different from your typical land vacation. It is a magnificent flip-flop-stomping adventure that loves its dress codes. Yes, you read it right – dress codes. It’s all in the package, from ‘smart casual’ for dining room dinners to ‘formal attire’ for elegant evenings and ‘beach wear’ for those beach days in the Caribbean islands.

So, before you start stuffing that carry-on luggage or checked baggage with random shirts and shorts, let’s come to grips with some cruise essentials, know the theme nights and the ship’s amenities, research the weather forecast for your cruise, and study the dress code guidelines. And for heaven’s sake, leave some room for those cocktail dresses and slacks. They’ll come in handy, I promise!

How Much Should I Pack for a 7-Night Cruise?

Ah, the million-dollar question. Or should I say, the one-that-will-determine-if-you-need-an-extra-suitcase question? The answer isn’t as simple as ” seven T-shirts, seven shorts, and you’re good to go.” Cruise ship life is a bit more nuanced than that.

For a 7-night cruise, you’ll want to think in categories. We’ve got your daytime wear, feel-good walking shoes, and a sun hat for a shore excursion. There’s your pool gear, which means plenty of swimsuits and a chic cover-up (or swim cover-ups if you’d like some variety).

Don’t forget those evening gowns, formal shoes for formal evenings, and smart casual wear for dinners in the main dining room. You’ll want to pack for a beach day, theme nights, and even bring workout shoes if you plan on hitting the ship’s gym.

packing for cruise

As for quantities, many cruise lines offer laundry services, so you can pack light and wash as you go. But in general, aim for one outfit per day, one or two formal outfits, and one or two swimwear options. And always pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on, just in case your checked luggage takes a little detour.

Pre-Packing Tips

Now that we have a vague idea of some cruise packing tips let’s dive into the all-important pre-packing phase. This isn’t just a random game of Tetris with your suitcase. It’s a strategic operation that, if done right, can make your cruise holiday smoother than the ship’s freshly buffed deck.

Firstly, don’t underestimate the power of the weather forecast. Just because you’re heading to the Caribbean doesn’t mean it’s endless sunshine and margaritas by the pool. Do a quick check of the expected weather for your cruise dates in all your ports of call. This little step can mean the difference between comfortably exploring shore excursions in your flip-flops or wishing for water shoes and a raincoat.

Next, let’s talk about luggage space. If you’ve ever felt like you needed a degree in spatial awareness to pack a suitcase, you’re not alone. That’s where packing cubes come in. These little saviors can compartmentalize your carry-on or checked luggage, making it easier to find items and maximizing space. Remember to roll your clothes instead of folding them. Not only does it save space, but it can also reduce wrinkles.

Finally, choose versatile items. Consider items that can work in multiple outfits, like a dress shirt paired with dress slacks for a semi-formal night, then reused with jeans for a smart casual look. Or how about comfy closed-toe shoes that can double up as shoes for a workout? The more ways you can wear an item, the less you’ll need to pack.

By considering the weather, packing smart, and choosing versatile items, you’re setting yourself up for a stress-free cruise experience. Now, let’s dig into that pack!

7-Day Cruise Packing List

It’s time to open that empty suitcase and get down to business. Grab your packing cubes and reusable water bottles. We’re about to embark on a journey through the ultimate 7-day cruise packing list.

Clothing: Pack With Purpose

When it comes to packing clothes for a cruise, you’ll want to think less like a fashion runway and more towards comfort, versatility, and appropriateness for various activities.

packing clothes for a cruise

You’ll need light and airy clothes and a hat or visor for sun protection for shore excursions. Pack a bathing suit and a beach bag for beach-oriented excursions. Depending on the weather, you might also want to include a light rain jacket or poncho.

Consider versatility when choosing items for a packing list, like a sundress that can function as a beach cover-up or an evening outfit. To pack efficiently, use a packing cube to separate types of clothes and roll your clothes instead of folding them to save space and minimize wrinkles.

A well-thought-out clothing packing list ensures you’re ready for all the fun your 7-day cruise has in store without having to lug around an unnecessarily heavy suitcase. You’re on vacation, after all – your suitcase shouldn’t be doing any heavy lifting!


For onboard casual days, we recommend packing seven sets of day outfits. This could be shorts, t-shirts, or light dresses – whatever makes you feel comfortable. Remember, most ships have indoor and outdoor activities, so consider layering options like a light jacket or a cardigan.

Adorn yourself in the stylish comfort of the Women’s Kimono Cardigan, perfect for a casual day out or a cozy evening at home. And for the gentlemen, this Cotton Linen Henley Shirt provides a blend of comfort and casual sophistication, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.

Formal Attire

For formal nights (usually one or two on a 7-day cruise), bring a cocktail dress or an evening gown for the ladies and a suit or tuxedo for the gents. You’d be surprised how seriously some cruise lines take their ‘formal nights.’ If you’re unsure about the dress code, it’s better to over-dress than under-dress.

This High Neck Split Bodycon is a fashionable statement piece, exuding elegance with its high neck design and enhancing curves with its bodycon fit. Then there’s this Dress Shirt for Men elevating your professional wardrobe and balancing the perfect mix of style, comfort, and class.

Fitness Wear

Step up your fitness game with Jogger Pants, providing comfort and flexibility to make your workout sessions more effective. Whether for workouts or casual hangouts, Men’s Zip Joggers offers style and convenience with a comfortable fit and easy-to-use zip features.


Enjoy your beach days or pool parties with Men’s Swim Trunks, designed for quick-drying convenience and added functionality with zipper pockets. For the ladies, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to Swimsuits. Make sure to opt for stylish yet comfortable ones to keep your beach outings and poolside lounging enjoyable.


Experience everyday comfort with Women’s Cotton Underwear, designed with soft cotton material for a snug, breathable fit.

Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and coolness with Men’s Boxer Briefs, featuring innovative cool zone technology for a fresh and breathable feel throughout the day.

Sleep Wear

Indulge in the comfort of a Pajama Set, providing a cozy and stylish sleepwear option for relaxing nights or lazy weekend mornings.

Footwear: Balance Between Comfort and Style

You might think packing shoes for a cruise is a simple task. But let me tell you, it’s more complex than the ship’s onboard navigation system. However, with some balance between comfort and style, you’ll be set to strut your stuff across the ship’s pool or explore a Caribbean island.

Firstly, a pair of Flip-Flops or Sandals and Casual Loafers for Men are essential. Ideal for lounging by the pool, strolling on the beach during shore excursions, or making a quick coffee run to the buffet in the morning.

For those adventurous types who love exploring during port calls, a pair of Comfortable Walking Shoes is a must. Opt for something lightweight, breathable, and sturdy. If your itinerary includes a lot of beach or water-based activities, Water Shoes might be a worthwhile addition.

shoes for a cruise

Formal nights are an integral part of the cruise experience. Ladies, those cocktail dresses will pair wonderfully with a set of Dress Shoes or Heels. For the gentlemen, a pair of formal shoes to go with your suit or tux is the way to go.

In terms of balancing comfort and style, aim for versatility. Neutral-colored footwear that matches multiple outfits, comfortable yet stylish sandals, and walking shoes that aren’t an eyesore in your vacation photos are all solid choices. Remember, you’re on vacation, and nothing ruins an outing faster than painful blisters from ill-fitting shoes. Comfort should be your priority.

With the right footwear, every step of your cruise journey will be one of comfort and style. No “I wish I packed those shoes” moments in sight!

Bags & Accessories: Carry Style Wherever You Go

Now let’s move on to something that can make or break your cruise style statement: bags and accessories. They’re not just for fashion – these essentials can help you keep your belongings organized and close at hand while also adding that extra pop to your vacation wardrobe.

Let’s start with the carry-on bag. This is where you’ll want to pack your first-day essentials, travel documents, boarding passes, and any valuable items. As your checked luggage might not be delivered to your stateroom immediately, having a change of clothes and essential toiletries in your carry-on is smart.

A tote bag or a small backpack can be a game-changer for outdoor exploring. They’re perfect for carrying your reusable water bottle, sunscreen, cell phone, room key, and other items.

carry-on bag for cruise

Ladies, a beach bag is another must-have. Ideal for carrying your cover-ups, beach towels, and a hat for those sunny beach daytimes.

When it comes to accessories, less is more. Bring items that complement your outfits, but remember to keep your most precious pieces at home. Stick with costume jewelry that won’t break your heart if lost or damaged.

And don’t forget your Sunglasses and a Cap! These accessories are stylish and protect you from the Caribbean sun.

The right bags and accessories can enhance your cruise experience, marrying convenience with a dash of style. And who doesn’t love a little extra pizzazz while cruising? Going on a day trip or a city walk? A Crossbody Sling Backpack offers a blend of style and convenience that’s hard to beat.

Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading out for a weekend getaway, the Gym Bag for Women, Sports Travel Duffel Bag with USB Charging Port keeps your essentials organized, plus the added bonus of a USB port.

If you’re looking to spruce up your jewelry collection, the Trendy Acrylic Earrings Rattan Earrings set offers a myriad of chic options to elevate any outfit.

Toiletries and Personal Items: Essentials for Comfort

Ah, toiletries. Small but mighty, and the cause of many an overpacking mishap. Most cruise lines provide basic toiletries, but bringing your own is always safe, especially if you have preferred brands or sensitive skin.

toiletries to pack for a cruise

Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Let’s unpack the art of packing toiletries and personal items that keep you comfortable and fresh during your cruise vacation.

Travel-size Shampoo & Conditioner

For the guys out there who like simplicity, the DOVE MEN + CARE Fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal to Oily Hair is a game changer. When it comes to salon-like hair treatment while on a cruise, Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle is what everyone needs.

Body Wash/Soap

Ever tried Mrs. Meyer’s Moisturizing Body Wash? It’s a biodegradable shower gel that leaves you feeling fresh. Now, if you’re struggling with dry skin, NIVEA Shea Butter Nourishing Body Wash offers a moisturizing touch that’s hard to beat.

Toothpaste & Toothbrush

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of travel-size products. Not only do they save space, but they also comply with cruise regulations if you’re flying to your cruise terminal. This Oral Care 3-Piece Travel Size Set makes oral hygiene on-the-go effortless.


You want to keep your picture-perfect smile throughout your trip. For the perfect finish after brushing, Oral-B Essential Floss Cavity Defense Dental Floss gets into those hard-to-reach spaces.


Going on a cruise means indulging in a lot of activities—some may be sporty enough that make you perspire. Whether it’s summer or winter, it’s important to keep your body fresh and odor-free with a Deodorant.

Razor & Shaving Cream

When it comes to smooth shaves, this Diamond Grip Club Razor offers precision, while the Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors for Women cater to women’s needs perfectly.


Handling Medications is a crucial part of your packing process. Always pack enough prescription medication to last your entire trip, plus a few extra days, just in case. Store them in your carry-on bag to avoid any lost luggage nightmares.


Dry skin days are over with the CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin, and NIVEA MEN Maximum Hydration is a must for the gents.


Bringing Makeup on a cruise isn’t just about vanity; it’s about being prepared for a variety of social situations. Whether you’re attending a formal dinner, taking portraits against sunset backdrops, or even exploring ports of call, a well-curated makeup kit can enhance your experience.


Before hitting the beach, don’t forget to apply Neutrogena Beach Defense Water-Resistant Face & Body SPF 70 for optimal sun protection.

Hairbrush/Comb & Hair Products

Don’t let bad hair days ruin your vacation. Keep your locks manageable with a Wide-Tooth Comb and Travel Hairbrush Set. The wide-tooth comb effortlessly detangles wet or curly hair, while the travel-sized hairbrush keeps your mane looking sleek and polished. Add a travel-size hairspray or hair gel to the mix, and you’re all set for any on-board events or shore excursions.

First Aid Kit

Don’t forget a small First Aid Kit with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and any over-the-counter meds you might need, like pain relievers or stomach soothers.

Other Toiletries to Bring

Tech Gear: Staying Connected and Entertained on Cruise Ships

We’ve talked about clothing, footwear, bags, and toiletries. Now let’s step into the modern age. Tech gear, my friends, can be a game-changer on a cruise, keeping you connected, entertained, and ensuring those magical cruise moments are captured for posterity.

When it comes to tech, your cell phone is your best friend. Useful for a shore excursion, emergency contacts, and not to mention your camera, music player, e-reader, and gaming console all in one.

But of course, with great tech comes the need for power. Don’t forget your Portable Charger/Power Bank, preferably with a long cord for those awkwardly placed outlets in ship staterooms. A power strip can also be handy for charging multiple devices at once, as most cruise lines have limited outlets in the cabins. Just ensure it doesn’t have a surge protector, as those are often against ship policies.

Carry Portable Charger or Power Bank on Cruise

While most major cruise lines offer Wi-Fi, it can be pricey. So, consider downloading any movies, books, or music you want to enjoy while on board before you leave home. A pair of Headphones is a good idea, too, for those times you want to relax with a good movie or podcast while your cabin mate prefers the sound of the waves. Bringing a Portable Bluetooth Speaker is also a smart idea.

Don’t forget to pack a Universal Adapter if your ship is European or British, as the outlets may differ from the ones at home.

Protecting your tech gear is just as important as bringing it. A Waterproof Case for your Smartphone is essential if you plan on lounging by the pool deck or enjoying your Caribbean cruise. Consider also a safe place to store your tech gear in your cabin, like in the cabin closet.

Being tech-ready on your cruise means staying entertained during those sea days. Capture the amazing sights and experiences during port calls with a Digital Camera or GoPro. If you need to stay connected with family and friends back home, you may also bring a Laptop. Just remember to put the gadget down and enjoy the view occasionally!

Other items you might want to bring:

Cruise Packing Tips: Entertainment Essentials

While there’s plenty to keep you busy onboard a cruise ship, from specialty restaurants to poolside lounging and fancy-themed nights, sometimes you just need some good old-fashioned personal entertainment. Let’s delve into the magical world of onboard amusement and what to pack to make those sea days extra special.

Starting off with books or Audiobooks – these can be a cruiser’s best friend. Whether it’s a riveting novel or a breezy beach read, there’s something incredibly relaxing about losing yourself in a good book while the ocean waves lull you into tranquility. E-readers like a Kindle can be a godsend, allowing you to bring an entire library without taking up precious packing space.

Board Games or Card Games can be fun to spend an evening or a day at sea. They’re also a great way to bond with your cruise buddies or even make new friends. If you’re traveling with kids, don’t forget their favorite games to keep them entertained.

For those of you with hobbies that travel well, bring them along. Love to knit? Bring your Crochet Kit. Are you a sketch artist? Your Art Supplies are calling. An origami enthusiast? Those folding papers are practically weightless!

If you have room, fitness enthusiasts pack some lightweight sports equipment, like Resistance Bands. Most ships have fitness centers, but your bands can be a lifesaver when the gym is crowded.

And let’s not forget about the power of music. Your favorite playlists can accompany you while you’re getting ready for semi-formal nights, relaxing on your balcony, or working out in the gym. Just remember your headphones to avoid disturbing your fellow passengers.

If you’re the one who loves nature, then Binoculars or Scuba/Snorkeling Gear shouldn’t go missing on your list. Remember that packing for onboard entertainment is all about bringing the comforts and joys of home onto the cruise. So, make room for those Checkers Set, Journal and Pens, Music Instruments, or that Portable Video Game Console. After all, it’s your vacation – enjoy it your way!

Important Documents: Don’t Leave Without Them

Now that we have our fun and entertainment sorted, it’s time to focus on the serious stuff. We’re talking about your important documents. Without them, you might find yourself waving at your cruise ship from the shore. Let’s discuss what you need and some tips for storing and organizing these essentials.

Now, how to organize all these? First, make at least two photocopies of each document. Leave one set at home with a trusted contact and carry the other with you. Keep these copies separate from the originals while traveling.

documents to bring on cruise ships

Carry all original travel documents in your carry-on bag, not your checked luggage. Consider a travel document organizer or holder for easy access and added security.

Electronic copies can also be handy. Scan your documents and email them to yourself or store them in a secure cloud-based service. This way, they can be accessed from anywhere if needed.

Navigating the world of travel documents might seem daunting, but with some preparation and organization, you’ll be set to sail smoothly through your cruise vacation. Remember, in cruising, your documents are as important as your sunscreen – don’t leave home without them!


If your cruise includes international ports, you will need a passport. Ensure it’s valid for at least six months beyond your return date. Don’t forget passports for all family members, including children.


In addition to your passport, carry a secondary form of identification, such as a driver’s license.

Cruise Tickets

You will need the cruise line’s confirmation number and your boarding passes. These are typically available electronically, but having a hard copy can be a lifesaver if you encounter technical difficulties.

Insurance Papers

This includes both your health insurance information and any travel insurance documentation. Be sure you understand the coverage details before you leave, especially for medical care onboard and in different ports.


Some countries require visas in addition to a passport. Double-check the requirements for your cruise’s destinations and ensure you meet all entry criteria.

Credit Card

Notify your credit card companies of your travel plans. This way, they won’t flag your card for potential fraud when charges appear from different locations.

Snacks and Drinks: For Those Midnight Cravings

Okay, let’s discuss one of my favorite topics – food and drinks! While you might imagine yourself constantly surrounded by an array of dining options on a cruise ship (which you will be), packing a few snacks and drinks can be a real lifesaver, especially when midnight hunger pangs strike or when you have specific dietary needs.

packing a few snacks and drinks for cruise

Before packing your favorite granola bars, trail mix, and mini coffee maker, let’s talk about cruise line policies for food and drink. Most cruise lines allow you to bring a small quantity of non-perishable, pre-packaged snacks. However, due to strict international agricultural laws, it’s a big no-no to pack perishable food, fruits, and veggies is a big no-no.

If you follow a particular diet or have specific dietary preferences, packing your snacks can be a game-changer. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or prefer organic snacks, having a few of your favorites in your carry-on can be handy.

When it comes to drinks, policies vary. Some cruise lines allow you to bring a limited quantity of soda or wine in your carry-on luggage (not checked baggage). For example, you might be able to get one or two bottles of wine onboard, but make sure to check your cruise line’s specific policy to avoid any disappointment at the cruise terminal.

One item you should definitely pack is a reusable water bottle. Cruise lines provide drinking water, but having your own bottle means you can stay hydrated without making a million trips to the water station. Plus, it’s a much greener option!

The key here is moderation. Remember, your stateroom isn’t a pantry and probably smaller than you think. Pack enough to satisfy those between-meal munchies or meet dietary needs, but don’t go overboard (pun intended). After all, you’ll want to leave room to enjoy the endless food options onboard and the delicious local fare at your various ports of call!

Craving a crispy treat? Grab a can of Pringles Potato Crisps Chips, Lunch Snacks– the perfect snack to elevate your lunchtime experience.


Packing for a 7-day cruise might seem like a Herculean task, but with a well-planned cruise packing list, it can be smooth sailing! Remember, your cruise is not just about the destinations, it’s also about the journey. Having the right mix of clothing, footwear, and essentials can transform your experience from just good to absolutely fantastic.

well-planned cruise packing list

So follow our cruise packing list, tick off those items one by one, and rest assured you’re well-prepared for your cruise vacation. Now that you’re all set take a deep breath, imagine the soothing waves, the vibrant sunsets, and the adventures that await. Bon voyage, fellow cruisers! Enjoy every moment of your unforgettable Caribbean cruise!


How many bathing suits for a 7-day cruise?

For a 7-day cruise, pack at least two bathing suits. This allows one to dry while you’re using the other. Multiple options are also handy for impromptu poolside lounging, beach daytimes at Caribbean islands, or using the hot tub at night. Plus, they’re lightweight and don’t take up much space, making them easy to fit in your luggage.

How many bags do I need for a 7-day cruise?

For a 7-day cruise, bring one large suitcase for your leading clothing and accessories, one carry-on bag for essential documents, tech gear, and valuable items, and one personal thing like a tote bag or backpack for daily essentials. Remember to leave some room for souvenirs. Always check your cruise line’s luggage policy, as some lines limit the number of bags per passenger.

What are the formal nights on a 7-day cruise?

On a 7-day cruise, there are typically two formal evenings where passengers can dress up. These are often on the first and last sea days, but schedules can vary by cruise line. On these nights, you can expect to wear cocktail dresses, evening gowns, or dress slacks and shirts for gentlemen. Check with your cruise line for specific dress code details.

What do people wear during the day on a cruise?

During the day on a cruise, people generally wear casual, comfortable attire suitable for warm weather and various activities. This includes t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, and swimwear for lounging by the pool deck or beach excursions. Pack a sun hat, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, or flip-flops. Always carry a cover-up for entering indoor areas from the pool, as the air conditioning can be chilly.