Embarking on a Carnival Cruise soon? Get ready to dive into a sea of refreshing beverages and delightful cocktails! Understanding Carnival Cruise drink prices is essential to make the most out of your ocean journey. Whether you’re a fan of alcoholic beverages, savor non-alcoholic drinks, or can’t wait to try specialty coffees, we’ve got the inside scoop!

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the beverage package options like the Cheers package and Bottomless Bubbles, to the individual drink costs. So, anchor’s aweigh! Let’s set sail to discover how to sip in style without breaking the bank on your next Carnival adventure.

Unraveling Carnival Cruise’s Exquisite Alcoholic Beverages!

Set sail on a flavorful journey with Carnival Cruise, where each drink is a voyage in itself! Carnival Cruise Line boasts an enticing array of alcoholic beverages, catering to all tastes, from the casual beer drinker to the sophisticated cocktail enthusiast.

carnival cruise drink prices for an orange juice

Starting at a modest $6.50, beer lovers can indulge in a range of brews, each promising a unique note of flavor. For those with a penchant for more elaborate concoctions, the specialty cocktails, which start at $10.50, are a mixologist’s dream come true, blending unique flavors and spirits for a remarkable experience.

Wine aficionados can savor elegantly crafted wines by the glass, starting at $9.50, allowing for a refined sip as you relish the sprawling ocean vistas. If your preference leans towards vibrant and diverse mixed drinks, you’re in luck, with prices ranging between $7.50 and $20.00.

Every drink is crafted to perfection, ensuring each sip is a delight while you cruise through the pristine waters. With Carnival Cruise’s exquisite alcoholic beverage options, every moment on board is a celebration, a chance to toast to the good times and scenic beauty!

Dive Into Carnival Cruise Line’s Invigorating Non-alcoholic Sips

If you’re setting sail with Carnival Cruise Line and you’re looking to keep things non-alcoholic, don’t worry; your taste buds are in for a treat. You see, Carnival knows that not everyone is into cocktails and champagne. Sometimes, you just want to kick back with a cool, refreshing drink that won’t leave you nursing a hangover the next morning.

That’s why Carnival Cruise Line offers an amazing variety of non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring you’re just as pampered as your alcohol-drinking counterparts. You can sip on an array of soft drinks and guess what? They’ve even partnered with Pepsi to bring your favorite soda onboard. Imagine enjoying a cold Pepsi as you take in the endless ocean views—sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

carnival cruise drink prices for coffee

For those who desire a flavorful escape without the spirits, the zero-proof frozen cocktails and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages are a pure delight, offering a burst of tropical flavors. Early birds and coffee lovers can rejoice in the aromatic selection of specialty coffee and hot tea, providing a warm and cozy start to the day as the sun rises over the horizon.

And, if a sweet and fruity escapade is what you crave, a variety of juices including orange, cranberry, pineapple, and tomato are ready to tantalize your taste buds, adding a splash of sweetness to your cruise adventure! Dive into this ocean of non-alcoholic refreshments and let each drop rejuvenate your soul as you sail away into the endless blue!

Sip or Splurge? Carnival Cruise’s Enticing Drink Package Deals!

The renowned Cheers Package begins at $59.95 per person, per day, and unfolds a world of drinking pleasures, with spirits, cocktails, beer, and wine, all included to cater to the diverse palates of every cruiser.

For those who find joy in savoring non-alcoholic drinks, the Bottomless Bubbles package is a treasure trove of unlimited soda and juices, with prices starting at $6.95 for children and $9.50 for adults. Each package is meticulously designed to offer a plethora of choices, allowing you to indulge in your preferred beverages without worry in the world.

Whether you’re a fan of paying for each drink as you go or find solace in the convenience of a pre-paid package, Carnival Cruise Line has curated every option to ensure your sipping experience is as enchanting as the mesmerizing seas you sail on!

Main Dining Room: A Symphony of Beverages

When you’re aboard a Carnival Cruise, food isn’t just sustenance—it’s an experience. And nowhere is this more evident than in the cruise line’s main dining room, a gastronomic playground that turns every meal into an event worth celebrating.

Now, you might be thinking, “A great meal is incomplete without the perfect drink,” and you’d be absolutely right. That’s where the main dining room really shines. This isn’t just a place to grab a quick bite; it’s a venue where culinary art meets beverage science.

carnival cruise drink prices in the main dining room

Delve into the subtleties of refined wines, savor the richness of premium beers, or indulge in the vibrant array of mixed drinks, all while being surrounded by the elegance and warmth of the dining ambiance. The meticulously crafted carnival drink menu ensures that every diner finds their perfect sip to accompany the tantalizing flavors of the dishes, making every meal a memorable feast as you sail through the azure waters under the vast skies!

Sipping in Style: Exquisite Coffees & More

Imagine stepping aboard a Carnival Cruise and realizing that the culinary voyage you’re about to undertake extends far beyond the buffet and main dining room. Enter the specialty restaurants—your go-to spots when you’re craving a more curated and intimate dining experience.

But here’s the thing: these restaurants don’t just excel in gourmet eats; they’re also a paradise for beverage aficionados. From the first sip of your morning coffee to a comforting cup of hot chocolate as you wind down in the evening, the drink offerings are as meticulously crafted as the food menu.

Let’s talk coffee, for instance. You’re not just getting a regular cup of joe here. Expect your coffee to be aromatic, perfectly brewed, and perhaps even a work of latte art.

Break the Mold With Free Drinks and Beer Stations

Discover the allure of free drinks and the convenience of self-serve beer stations on Carnival Cruise, where ease meets enjoyment! Dive into occasions where Carnival Cruise Line spreads the joy with complimentary beverages, adding a sprinkle of happiness to your cruising experience. Whether it’s the Captain’s toast or a special event, these moments are a delightful surprise, allowing guests to enjoy a refreshing sip on the house.

carnival cruise drink prices for beer

For those who appreciate the independence of pouring their own beer, the self-serve beer stations scattered across the cruise are a dream come true. Choose your preferred brew and pour to your heart’s content, experiencing the freshness and flavor of each beer as it’s meant to be! Explore these unique beverage experiences and let them add a spark of spontaneity to your cruise adventure!

Quenching Thirst With Non-alcoholic Beverages

Carnival Cruise’s range of non-alcoholic beverages, starting at $1.95, offers refreshing options for every guest. From zero-proof frozen cocktails to an array of juice flavors like orange, cranberry, and pineapple, non-alcoholic options ensure everyone finds their beverage bliss! The energy drinks, priced around $5, keep you energized, whether you’re hitting the dance floor or exploring exotic locales.

Carnival’s Energetic Offerings

The cruise line offers renowned brands of energy drinks, allowing passengers to maintain their energy levels throughout the diverse and dynamic activities onboard. These vitalizing beverages, available around every corner, ensure you won’t miss out on any fun-filled moments!

Soft Drinks: A Sweet Symphony

Carnival Cruise’s soft drinks start at a mere $2, offering refreshing companions from classic cola to tangy lemon-lime. Whether it’s sunny relaxation or nightly celebrations, these bubbly delights are guaranteed to elevate your cruise moments to a symphony of sweetness!

carnival cruise drink prices for soft drinks or soda

Specialty Coffee: A Brew for Every Mood

The selection of specialty coffees, starting at $3, is a treasure for coffee aficionados. Every brew brings its own unique charm, energizing mornings, and adding coziness to evenings. Find your perfect blend and savor every sip, enriching your cruise experience!

Embark on Beverage Adventures With Drink Packages

Carnival Cruise’s drink packages are designed for every type of beverage enthusiast. These packages, starting at $51.95 per day, are the tickets to a world of flavors, from intoxicating cocktails to invigorating non-alcoholic beverages.

Carnival Drink Package: A World of Choices

With the Carnival drink package, guests can explore a plethora of choices, from tantalizing alcoholic concoctions to revitalizing non-alcoholic options, guaranteeing a beverage rendezvous around every corner of the ship, making every sip a refreshing adventure!

carnival cruise drink prices packages

Bottomless Bubbles: Unlimited Joy

For those who crave limitless refreshments, the Bottomless Bubbles package at $9.50 per day for adults and $6.95 per day for kids, is a ticket to unlimited sodas and juices. Relax by the pool or engage in lively onboard activities with a glass of your favorite bubbly!

Refreshing Stops

Carnival Cruise offers refreshing stops with extensive bar menus, including the exotic Havana bar and the energetic Red Frog pub, each with its unique atmosphere and myriad of drink options, catering to all beverage desires with prices ranging from $5 to $10 per drink.

Exotic Locations

Experience the serene beauty of Half Moon Cay with a refreshing beverage in hand! This private island paradise offers a diverse selection of beverages, whether you fancy a tropical pineapple juice or a sophisticated specialty cocktail. Quench your thirst with ice-cold refreshments as you bask in the tranquil surroundings, and let the beverages elevate your moments of relaxation and adventure in this tropical haven! Enjoy free drinks on your arrival and explore the island with a refreshing companion!

Explore Exotic Flavors at the Specialty Restaurants!

Discover the blend of culinary excellence and beverage brilliance at Carnival’s specialty restaurants. Each restaurant provides an exclusive array of beverages, meticulously crafted to pair with the culinary delights on the menu.

carnival cruise drink prices in a carnival cruise

Whether you’re a fan of specialty coffees or prefer zero-proof frozen cocktails, there’s something to tantalize every palate. Menu prices vary, but the gourmet experience is worth every penny, promising a gourmet experience like no other! Dive deep into this gastronomical journey and let your taste buds celebrate with exotic flavors and refreshing concoctions!

The Spirited Havana Bar Menu

With every coffee or drink, experience the essence of Cuba’s rich culture, brought to life by the flavors and fragrances of these offerings. Whether you start your morning with a hearty “¡Buenos Días!” and a traditional Cuban Coffee priced at $1.95 or indulge in the creamy delights of a Café Con Leche for $2.95, there’s a drink to suit every mood and moment.

Delight in the strong notes of an Espresso at $1.95 or double the intensity with a Double Espresso for $2.25. If Italian brews beckon, don’t resist the temptation of our Italiano Coffee selections. And for those who love a classic, Cappuccino, Café Latte, and Mochaccino are available in both regular sizes for $2.95 and grande for $3.50.

Red Frog Bar Menu

Dive into Carnival Cruise’s curated beverage voyage at the Red Frog Pub. From the flagship ThirstyFrog Red at $5.70/pint to the exotic Caribbean Cocktails starting at $10.50, savor a spectrum of global flavors. Opt for our Beer Sampler at $7.50 or indulge in dark rums like the Appleton Estate at $8.50.

For the adventurers, the $20 Dark Rum Sampler brings a tasting journey of four unique rums. White and Flavored Rums are on deck too, with options like Bacardi from Puerto Rico at $8.50. Every sip promises a delightful sea-bound discovery. Cheers to global tastes!

carnival cruise drink prices in red frog bar

Carnival’s Casino Bar Menu: A Winning Combination!

We’re shining a spotlight on the casino bar menu, though we’d like to clarify we’re not affiliated with Carnival Cruise. For those feeling lucky at the casino, a world of drink options awaits. The casino bar offers an impressive range of drinks, from the classy to the cool. As you test your fortunes, be it rolling dice or taking a spin, the perfect drink can make it unforgettable. Here’s to hoping luck is on your side and toasting to the perfect drink!


  • VESPER: $12.00
  • HIGH SEAS TEA: $11.50
  • Price Range: $11.50 – $12.00

Craft Beers:

  • ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat: $7.95
  • Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing: $9.95
  • Price Range: $7.50 – $9.95


  • Domaine Ste. Michelle, ‘Brut’, California: $11.00/GL
  • Lambresco, Riunite, Italy: $11.00/GL
  • Shiraz, Peter Lehman ‘Portrait’, Australia: $15.00/GL
  • Price Range for glasses: $10.00 – $15.00/GL

Note: All prices mentioned are in USD.

Embarkation Day: Kickstart Your Cruise Journey

Ready to kickstart your Carnival Cruise adventure? Well, what better way to do it than by indulging in some exclusive drink specials available just on embarkation day? Picture this: you’ve just boarded, the excitement is palpable, and what’s in your hand? A sparkling mimosa or perhaps a rich, bold espresso. Trust me, starting your journey with a tasty beverage is like setting the soundtrack for a movie—it just makes everything better. So, let’s raise our glasses to new adventures, unforgettable experiences, and of course, the mouth-watering drinks that will be your companions as you sail through the high seas!

Sustainable Beverage Choices on Carnival Cruise Line

Learn about Carnival Cruise Line’s commitment to sustainability through its beverage program. From eco-friendly packaging to responsible sourcing, every beverage choice reflects a commitment to environmental conservation.

Enjoy your drinks knowing that every sip contributes to a healthier planet. Choose from a variety of sustainably sourced and packaged beverages, and toast to a greener, more responsible cruise experience!

carnival cruise drink prices for wines

Cruise Comparison: Beverage Variety Across Other Cruise Lines

Traveling aboard a luxurious cruise line often comes with the decision of selecting a beverage package. While Carnival Cruise Line offers a range of drink options, understanding how it measures up against other industry giants like Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Viking is essential for travelers looking for value.

Celebrity Cruises provides passengers with a tiered approach. The Classic Package, priced at $89 per day, is comprehensive, catering to casual drinkers with beverages up to $10 per serving. For a higher tier, the Premium Package at $109 per day offers top-shelf brands and a 20% discount on bottled wines. Those avoiding alcohol have the Zero-Proof Package, focusing purely on non-alcoholic beverages at $30 daily.

On the other hand, Holland America Line’s Signature and Elite packages are priced more competitively at $54.95 and $59.99 per day respectively. The modest difference between the two packages in price and beverage options means travelers can enjoy higher-tier drinks without significantly stretching their budget. The Quench and Coca-Cola packages serve the non-alcoholic crowd, with the former offering a range of drinks and the latter focusing on fountain sodas.

Princess Cruises uniquely blends its beverage offerings with other perks. The Princess Plus Program at $60 daily not only includes a variety of drinks but also offers bonuses like Wi-Fi and prepaid gratuities. The Premier Package, priced at $80, builds upon this with added luxuries, ensuring travelers not only quench their thirst but also indulge in a richer cruising experience.

Royal Caribbean stands out with its dynamic pricing for the Deluxe Beverage Package, averaging $84 daily. It’s a comprehensive package catering to various drink preferences. Those not inclined towards alcoholic beverages can opt for the Refreshment Package at $34 or the Classic Soda Package, which comes with a refillable souvenir cup, for $13.50 daily.

Lastly, Viking’s singular Silver Spirits Beverage Package is a steal at $19.95 daily, offering premium drinks with generous discounts on premium beverages and tasting events. It’s a simple, all-encompassing option without the tiers, making decision-making straightforward for travelers.

When comparing these cruise lines, several considerations come into play. The value derived from a package largely depends on individual drinking habits. Light drinkers might find individual purchases more economical, while regular drinkers can extract more value from comprehensive packages. It’s also noteworthy that many of these packages cater to non-alcoholic preferences, ensuring that all travelers can find a package that suits their tastes.

While Carnival Cruise Line offers a competitive beverage environment, understanding offerings from other cruise lines ensures travelers make the best choice for their tastes and budgets.


Embark on a journey through a world of flavors with Carnival Cruise! With Carnival cruise drink prices offering great value, guests can savor a myriad of beverages, from the exotic to the familiar, without a worry in the world.

It’s not just about the destinations; it’s about the sparkling memories created on the high seas with every sip, every laugh, and every moment shared. Here’s to unforgettable journeys and the delightful beverages that accompany them on Carnival Cruise!


Can I bring my own pack of beer on Carnival?

On embarkation day, guests who are 21 or older are allowed to bring one sealed 750-ml bottle of wine or champagne in their carry-on luggage. This is the only exception to the policy prohibiting guests from bringing alcoholic beverages on board. It’s essential to note that this allowance is limited to one bottle per person. Any additional alcoholic beverages such as beer cans will not be permitted onboard.

How much do they charge for drinks on the Carnival cruise?

Drink prices on Carnival Cruise vary depending on the type of beverage and where it is purchased. Alcoholic beverages typically range from $5 to $10, whereas soft drinks start around $2. Specialty coffees and cocktails can be more expensive, typically ranging from $4 to $12. Purchasing a drink package can offer significant savings, especially for guests intending to enjoy multiple beverages daily.

Are any drinks free on Carnival Cruises?

Yes, several beverages are complimentary on Carnival Cruises. Guests have access to a variety of free drinks such as tap water, iced tea, some juices, lemonade, and hot beverages like coffee and tea. These beverages are available at the buffet and in the main dining room. However, sodas and bottled water, along with alcoholic and specialty beverages, typically incur an additional charge unless a beverage package is purchased.

Is it worth it to get the drink package on Carnival?

Acquiring a drink package on Carnival can be well worth it for those who intend to consume several paid beverages per day. Cheers package, for instance, includes alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees, and more, allowing guests to enjoy a range of beverages for a set daily price. This can lead to substantial savings and convenience

Are alcoholic drinks free on a Carnival cruise?

Alcoholic drinks are generally not free on Carnival Cruises and are charged separately unless you have purchased a beverage package like the Cheers package. This package allows guests to enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages, from beers to cocktails, for a fixed daily price, providing convenience and potentially significant savings. Without a package, guests pay for alcoholic drinks individually, with prices varying based on the type of drink selected.