Choosing the right cabin on a cruise ship can often feel like navigating a sea of options. From cozy inside cabins to expansive suites, each offers a different way to experience the journey. But for those looking for something a bit more exclusive, consider looking into Celebrity Cruises’ Concierge Class.

What sets this class apart isn’t just the premium room itself, but the added touches of privileges and services that come with it. In this guide, we’ll explore what makes the Concierge Class a unique choice for discerning travelers, and why it might be the perfect upgrade for your next cruise adventure.

Concierge Class Cruise Ship Staterooms in Celebrity Cruises
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What Is a Celebrity Concierge Class?

Concierge Class staterooms aboard Celebrity Cruises offer a special kind of hospitality—a blend of home-like comfort and high-end luxury. It is an upgraded accommodation option that elevates the Veranda Stateroom experience with additional benefits. While the room itself mirrors the comfort and style of a standard Veranda Stateroom, the real distinction lies in the added services and amenities that enhance your Celebrity cruise experience.

This option takes the already appealing Veranda Stateroom and enhances it with a suite of extra benefits, bridging the gap between standard accommodation and the indulgence of a Suite.

What Are the Inclusions of Celebrity Concierge Class?

As a Concierge Class guest, you’ll enjoy a range of exclusive perks. From expedited check-in and priority boarding to being welcomed aboard with sparkling wine, every detail is crafted to make your journey memorable.

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1. Priority Embarkation and Debarkation

There’s something truly special about bypassing the long lines and being among the first to step aboard. It feels like the red carpet is rolled out just for you. And when the cruise ends, priority debarkation means you’re off the ship and exploring new destinations while others are still waiting.

On my last trip, this meant I could enjoy a peaceful breakfast in the port city while others were still disembarking.

2. Exclusive Embarkation Day Lunch

The exclusive lunch on the first day set the tone for the entire cruise. Away from the bustling buffet, I enjoyed a quiet and luxurious meal. The butternut soup was a creamy delight, and the roast salmon was cooked to perfection. Paired with a glass of fine wine, it was the perfect start to an unforgettable journey.

3. Priority Dining Time Selection

Guests in the Concierge Class have the privilege of choosing their dining times. This flexibility allows for a more personalized meal schedule, catering to individual preferences and ensuring a dining experience that fits seamlessly into each day’s activities. Additionally, those interested in drink packages will find various options, from classic selections to premium spirits and wines, enhancing the dining and leisure experience aboard.

4. Customizable Pillow Menu

A good night’s sleep is crucial, especially when you’re out exploring new places during the day. The pillow menu was a delightful surprise. I chose a goose-down pillow, which was like sleeping on a cloud. It was these small comforts that made my stateroom feel like a home away from home.

5. Exclusive Destination Seminar

Destination seminars provide guests with valuable insights into the cultures and histories of their ports of call. These informative sessions enrich the shore excursion experience, offering a deeper understanding of each destination.

6. Personalized Concierge Service

The personalized concierge service in the Concierge Class is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cruise experience. From assisting with spa appointments to organizing shore excursions, the concierge service handles the finer details, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the joys of their journey.

7. Thoughtful In-Room Touches

The small touches in the Concierge Class do add up to a big impact. The afternoon canapes felt like a daily treat, a delicious little surprise to look forward to. And the upgraded rainfall showerhead in my stateroom? It turned a simple shower into a spa-like experience, making me feel pampered every single day.

Additionally, the celebrity embossed key holder adds a touch of elegance and convenience to your stay. The provision of an umbrella and binoculars for your use is also a practical addition for exploration.

8. Complimentary Laundry and Shoeshine Services

Enjoy the convenience of complimentary laundry and shoeshine services. These practical perks not only make packing lighter but also ensure you look and feel your best throughout your cruise.

What Is the Average Cost for a Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises?

The average cost for a Concierge Class stateroom on Celebrity Cruises varies depending on several factors such as the itinerary, the length of the cruise, and the time of year. However, it is generally priced higher than a regular Veranda stateroom due to the additional benefits and amenities it offers.

On average, for a couple, the price difference could range from $600 to $1,000 more for the entire cruise when opting for Concierge Class over a standard Veranda stateroom. It’s worth noting that these figures are not fixed and potential guests should check for current pricing and promotions when booking their cruise for the most accurate cost assessment.

What Are the Main Class Levels of Celebrity Cruise?

Ocean View Staterooms in Celebrity Cruises
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Celebrity Cruises offers a tiered system of staterooms, tailored to accommodate various preferences and levels of luxury. The accommodations are categorized into six main grades, each presenting a unique cruising experience:

  1. Interior Staterooms – The cozy and cost-effective choice for those who prefer an intimate space without outside views.
  2. Oceanview/Seaview Staterooms – Featuring a window or porthole, these rooms provide guests with a glimpse of the ocean and destinations beyond.
  3. Balcony Staterooms – Offering private outdoor space to enjoy the fresh sea air and panoramic vistas.
  4. Concierge Class Balcony – Balcony staterooms are enhanced with additional services like a dedicated concierge, prioritized check-in, and exclusive events.
  5. Aqua Class Balcony – Designed for wellness enthusiasts, these rooms offer spa-like amenities and access to exclusive areas like the Blu restaurant.
  6. Suites – The pinnacle of luxury aboard, with expansive space, exceptional service, and exclusive suite-only areas and privileges.

Each level escalates in amenities, space, and personalized service, allowing guests to select the perfect backdrop for their sea voyage with Celebrity Cruises.

Concierge Class vs. Veranda Staterooms

Veranda Staterooms in Celebrity Cruises
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The key distinction between Concierge Class and standard Veranda staterooms lies in the exclusive services and amenities offered. While the physical aspects of the rooms, such as size and the inclusion of a private balcony, remain consistent, Concierge Class adds a layer of luxury with its special perks.

As mentioned, priority embarkation and debarkation streamline your travel experience, while the selection of pillows and a superior showerhead elevate comfort within the room.

The differences further unfold through the added value of Concierge Class services, such as the welcome aboard lunch, dedicated concierge service, and priority dining reservations—all translating into a more seamless and indulgent cruising experience.

Celebrity Cruises Aqua Class vs. Concierge Class

Aqua Sky Suites in Celebrity Cruises
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When weighing Concierge Class against Aqua Class, it becomes a decision to prioritize indulgent relaxation or personalized service. Aqua Class takes a wellness-centric approach, offering exclusive access to the Blu restaurant, unlimited spa access, and additional wellness amenities within the stateroom itself, such as enhanced showers and aromatherapy options.

While it shares some privileges with the Concierge Class, like the pillow menu and priority embarkation, it lacks others, including the specialized concierge service and the embarkation day lunch.

In terms of costs, Aqua Class staterooms are more expensive, reflecting the premium placed on spa access and the all-inclusive nature of the experience. For those who find solace in spa treatments and prioritize health and wellness even while cruising, Aqua Class may justify the additional cost.

In contrast, the Concierge Class emphasizes a broader range of services and convenience factors that enhance the overall cruising experience without focusing solely on wellness.

Both classes offer an elevated experience compared to standard options. Still, the choice ultimately depends on what you value most in your voyage with Celebrity Cruises—be it the tailored care of a concierge or the rejuvenating allure of spa-centric amenities.

Is Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises Worth It?

From my perspective, opting for the Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises is absolutely worth it, especially if you’re looking for that extra touch of luxury and personalized service. The priority check-in alone makes a huge difference, letting you bypass the usual wait times. And the bespoke concierge service? It’s like having a personal assistant at sea to take care of all your needs.

The cabins are well-located on the ship, providing not just comfort but also convenience. Plus, the welcome amenities, including a bottle of sparkling wine, set the tone for a special journey.

Yes, it comes at an increased cost, but in my opinion, the added comforts and attention to detail make it a worthwhile investment for an enhanced vacation. It’s perfect for those moments when you want to disconnect and enjoy some peace, or even for those times when you need to stay on top of work in a comfortable setting.

That said, it all boils down to what you prioritize for your cruise experience. If added privacy, personal space, and exclusive services rank high on your list, then Concierge Class is a no-brainer. It’s particularly ideal for public figures or anyone who values a blend of relaxation and productivity.


The allure of Celebrity Concierge Class is on the rise, not just as a statement of affluence but for its alignment with the nuanced demands of the elite. This elevated travel experience delivers a blend of exclusivity, comfort, and impeccable service, crucial for those who lead high-profile lives.

It provides a sanctuary where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the journey, from priority services that streamline transitions to personalized amenities that echo the comforts of home. Its growing popularity is a testament to its impact on the lifestyles of the rich and famous, offering a retreat that is both a luxury and a tool to manage their public persona with grace and ease, even while on the move.


What does a concierge class on celebrities give you?

Concierge Class on Celebrity provides enhanced amenities and services, including priority check-in, exclusive embarkation day lunch, personalized concierge service, a choice of pillows, and unique in-stateroom extras, ensuring a superior level of comfort and convenience throughout your cruise.

Does the concierge class on celebrity have a balcony?

Every Concierge Class accommodation on Celebrity Cruises boasts a spacious private balcony, providing travelers with a serene outdoor area to relish expansive oceanic and port views. The rooms are furnished with a sumptuous king-sized bed and a cozy sitting area, complemented by an exclusive Infinite Veranda that extends the living space to the brink of the sea. To enhance the experience, a dedicated concierge is readily available near your room, ensuring any aspect of your cruise needs is addressed with ease and convenience.

Are you supposed to tip your concierge on Celebrity Cruises?

Tipping the concierge on Celebrity Cruises is at your discretion. While gratuities for standard services are often included in the cruise fare, if the concierge provides exceptional service or assists with special requests, offering a tip is a gracious way to show appreciation.