Ahoy, cruisegoers! Ever noticed those vibrant cabin doors? Welcome to the world of cruise door decor, where your imagination sails free. From Mickey Mouse-themed doors to romantic heart accents, these embellishments are the unsung heroes of cruise culture. More than just glitz, they’re a canvas for joy and even a tad of friendly competition.

Whether it’s your maiden voyage or a return trip, this blog is your guide to door decorating. We’ll steer you through the dos and don’ts, laced with humor and a splash of fun. So grab your decorating tools; it’s time to make a splash in this colorful, maritime adventure!

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Do People Decorate Cruise Doors?

You bet they do, and it’s not just a fleeting trend! Walk down any corridor on a cruise ship, and you’ll be greeted with a dazzling array of colors, themes, and designs. From celebrating anniversaries with heart-shaped decorations to channeling their inner pirate with skulls and crossbones, cruisers take this fun tradition seriously.

It’s not just about beautifying a door; it’s a personal statement, a conversation starter, and sometimes, a friendly competition with other guests. Whether on a Disney cruise with themed doors or an adventure with Norwegian Cruise Line, cruise door decorating is a cherished part of the voyage for many.

Cruise Line Decor Policies

Decorating cruise doors can be as much a part of the journey as the destinations themselves, but the rules differ across the seven seas. Here’s a shipshape rundown of what’s allowed and what’s not on various cruise lines:

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean sails with a touch of class, and the decor of cruise cabin decorations policy reflects that grace. While door decorating is allowed, it’s typically subdued, with an emphasis on elegance rather than extravagance. If you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, tasteful cruise cabin door decorations are the way to go. But beware! The heavy use of adhesives that might damage the door is frowned upon. So remember, on Royal Caribbean, creativity is celebrated, but it’s the quiet, sophisticated kind.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line, the self-dubbed ‘fun ships,’ welcomes those who wish to carry the party right to their cabin doors. Humorous signs, colorful images, and clever messages are common, reflecting the line’s energetic vibe.

However, they do ask that you avoid any door decorations that could cause damage or pose a fire risk. So, channel your inner party planner, but keep it safe. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone’s door gets hurt!

Princess Cruises

On Princess Cruises, the doors often stay as serene as the ocean at dawn. Though not as common as on other lines, you will find the occasional cabin door decoration during festive seasons like Christmas. The Princess line embodies elegance and tends to attract a more understated crowd.

If you decide to buy cruise door decorations, think more along the lines of a royal ball than a beach bash. Adhere to cruise line rules, and make sure your decor is as refined as your surroundings.

Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line is where imagination sets sail, and cabin doors are no exception. Guests are known to go all-out with Disney cruise door decorations, transforming simple portals into enchanted entries.

But don’t worry, if you’re new to this, many craft stores offer Disney-themed decor that can easily be applied. The magic here is that everyone gets to join in, turning the ship into a floating fairy tale. Just remember, while creativity is encouraged, permanent adhesives are not part of the magic kingdom’s wishes.

Norwegian Cruise

Norwegian Cruise Line takes a different tack, banning door decorations altogether. While this might seem like a party pooper move, it’s rooted in safety and maintenance concerns. Any cruise door decorations found are promptly removed, so it’s best to channel your creativity elsewhere.

Explore the ship’s amenities, enjoy the entertainment, or even try your hand at the onboard activities. On Norwegian, the adventure lies beyond the door, not on it. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of creativity to be found throughout the ship – just not on your cabin door.

Guidelines for Cruise Ship Door Decorating

Image of Carnival Dream

Decorating the door of your cruise cabin can turn a simple gateway into a delightful masterpiece reflecting your personality or celebration. But there’s a wave of rules to surf before you jump into this ocean of creativity. Here’s what you need to know:

Safety With Cruise Cabin Door Decorations

Cabin Door Decorations

Before you unleash your inner Picasso on your cruise cabin door, there are some guidelines and sea laws to abide by:

  1. Location: Disregard the door frame, wall, railings, or light fixtures – these zones are prohibited. Decorations are only allowed on the door surface and should not interfere with its function. Confirm with your chosen cruise line regarding their distinct guidelines.
  2. Adhesives: Say no to tape, glue, and other sticky bandits. They’re forbidden due to potential damage. Instead, use magnets or command strips. Since most cruise ships’ cabin doors are metal, magnets have become a popular and damage-free option. Personalized magnets with photos are a favorite. But beware, some ships have wooden doors – always verify your ship’s guidelines.
  3. Materials: Your decorations must be made of flame fire retardant or materials. This isn’t just a fancy term but a critical safety rule. Forget the string lights; they’re as welcome as a storm at sea. Even paper or cardboard decorations should steer clear of light fixtures and electrical outlets.
  4. Fire Safety: While some lines like Carnival have specific policies insisting on flame retardant decor, others may not have strict regulations. But, why play with fire when you can avoid it? Always opt for materials that won’t ignite faster than your cruise vacation’s end date.
  5. Special Cases: Norwegian Cruise Line and Virgin Voyages are the party poopers of the cruise world when it comes to door decorations; they’ve banned them outright. So, if you’re sailing with them, you’ll have to find other fun ways to express yourself.
  6. When in Doubt, Ask: Your stateroom attendant is like your cruise cabin’s guardian angel. If you’re unsure about your decor, a quick check with them can save you from any unintended faux pas.

Remember, these cruise door decoration rules are not just about spoiling your fun but ensuring that everyone’s safety is maintained. After all, nothing dampens a vacation mood faster than a decor disaster!

By following these guidelines, you can add a personal touch to your cruise cabin door without sinking the ship’s rules or running aground with safety. Happy decorating, fellow cruisers!

Benefits of Decorating Your Cruise Cabin Door

door decorations

Who would have thought that decorating a cruise cabin door could have so many perks? But grab your craft supplies, dear cruisers, because the door to your stateroom isn’t just a barrier to your sleep chamber; it’s a canvas waiting for your creativity! Here are some surprising and delightful benefits of joining the cruise and stateroom door decorations and decor club:

Room Markers

First and foremost, most cruise lines and door decorations act as a personal lighthouse, guiding you back to your cabin. Imagine trying to find a needle in a haystack but replacing the needle with your room and the haystack with a corridor of identical doors. Not so easy, is it?

Creative Expression

But it’s not all about function. It’s about expressing yourself too. Why settle for a bland door when you can give it some flair and personality? Your stateroom door isn’t just an entryway; it’s a blank canvas waiting for your creative touch.

Make it uniquely yours, and you’ll never mistakenly wander into someone else’s cabin again. Think of the doors on the ship as a beautiful gallery. As you walk down the corridors, every decorated door tells a story. It’s like a festive parade of creativity, and you’re invited to join in the fun. It’s a window-shopping adventure at sea!

seasonal cruise door decorations

Seasonal Decorations

Celebrating something special? Birthdays, anniversaries, or a milestone? Your cruise cabin door can be your party headquarters. Add some celebratory zest, and you’ve got yourself a floating fiesta. What about holiday cruises? Decorating your cabin door with seasonal cheer is like bringing a little piece of home with you. The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but he can’t take away your holiday-themed cruise door decoration!


Now, don’t let those long hallways intimidate you. Your decorated door can be a focal point in that seemingly endless stretch of sameness. It’s a bright spot that will surely bring a smile to other guests as they walk by.

Family cruises or group get-togethers can elevate the door-decorating game to a whole new level. Engage in a friendly door decorating contest, and you might just ignite a ship-wide trend.

minnie mouse door decor


Lastly, there’s a comforting aspect to decorating your cruise cabin door. It brings a touch of familiarity, a slice of home to your traveling adventure. It’s your space, your temporary abode on the high seas, so why not make it feel like it?

So grab those magnetic door decorations, fellow traveler, and unleash your inner artist. Decorating your cruise door isn’t just a fun pastime; it’s a symbol of individuality, a marker of celebration, and a beacon in a sea of identical doors. Happy decorating!

What Kinds of Materials Are Suitable for Cruise Door Decorations?

door magnets for decoration

Decorating your cruise door is like donning your favorite party attire—it’s all about finding the right fit. But instead of fabric and fashion, you’ll be dealing with materials and themes. To avoid any maritime faux pas, let’s dive into the ocean of suitable materials for cruise door decorations and explore a few ideas for the themes they can bring to life.


Perfect for metal cruise cabin doors, Magnets are versatile and can be used to bring various themes to life. Planning a Disney Cruise? Craft some Mickey Mouse shapes. On a romantic getaway? Try Heart-Shaped Door Magnets next. From tropical palm trees to personalized family photos, magnets adhere to your creativity—literally!

Command Strips

Not just for wooden doors, Command Strips can be used for hanging wreaths, festive banners, or memorable pictures. They can make your door a focal point for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or even a fun-filled group cruise activity.

Flame Retardant Materials

A safe and playful option for everyone, Flame Retardant Materials can be used to craft especially Halloween-Themed Decorations, colorful party props, or nautical designs. No risk, just lots of fun!

Removable Gel Adhesives

These Sticky Heroes allow you to attach temporary signs, Funny Quotes, or whimsical images without harming the door. They’re a fun way to add humor or inspiration to your door stand on cruising days.

Dry Erase Marker

Transform your cabin door into a message board or daily joke corner. Whether leaving notes for fellow passengers or sketching a new drawing each day, Dry-Erase Markers make your door interactive and engaging.

Construction Paper and Craft Stores Supplies

With Construction Paper and Crafts, create vibrant collages, seasonal displays, or countdown calendars for your cruise vacation. These materials, paired with magnets or command strips, allow you to craft your dreams.

String Lights

If allowed by the cruise line policies, Flame-Retardant String Lights can turn your door into a cozy haven. They can be part of romantic themes or create a festive atmosphere that twinkles with joy.

Remember, each cruise line has specific rules, so always check the guidelines for Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise, or Royal Caribbean. Your door is a blank canvas, and these materials and themes are your brushes and colors. Unleash your creativity, but keep it ship-shaped!

Cruise Cabin Door Decoration Tips

Embarking on a cruise adventure and eager to jazz up your cabin door? Start by checking your cruise line’s policies to know what’s allowed. Next, use magnets or command strips for a damage-free decorating experience. Safety is paramount, so be sure to opt for flame-retardant materials. Let your creativity sail with themes like holidays, family fun, or romance.

But remember, it’s a community at sea, so consider neighboring doors and don’t overshadow other guests’ decorations. Above all, enjoy the process! Your door should reflect your personality and act as a beacon guiding you back after a fun day exploring. Happy decorating!


And there you have it, fellow sea wanderers – the complete map to cruise and decorate your door with decorations that won’t have the captain summoning you to the bridge. Whether you’re sailing the high seas with Disney or embarking on a Royal Caribbean adventure, your cabin door is your canvas.

From complying with cruise line rules to choosing themes that make fellow passengers smile, decorating your door is more than just fun; it’s a chance to express yourself and make your sea-faring abode feel like home. So grab your magnets, command strips, and your sense of adventure, and let’s turn that cruise cabin door into a masterpiece. Safe sailing and happy decorating!


Do people decorate their doors on Royal Caribbean?

While it’s less common on Royal Caribbean ships, you will still find some doors adorned with decorations. Often, it’s frequent cruisers celebrating special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries who take up the brush and canvas, so to speak. Adding your personal touch can make your voyage even more memorable, distinguishing your door from the sea of sameness.

Can I bring birthday decorations on a cruise?

Yes, birthday decorations are generally allowed on cruises. It’s a fantastic way to make a special day even more memorable. However, it’s wise to review the specific cruise line policies to ensure that your decorative enthusiasm for special occasions doesn’t lead you into uncharted waters. Adhesive materials are often prohibited, so plan accordingly.

Are the doors on the cruise cabins magnetic?

Most cruise cabin doors are indeed magnetic, making decorating a snap with personalized magnets or magnetic adhesives. Some suites may have wooden doors, so it’s always good to check your cruise line’s website for their specific cruise cabin decoration policy. Bring a variety of decorating materials to cover all bases.

Should you decorate your cruise cabin door?

Decorating your cruise cabin door is a fun way to express your personality, celebrate special occasions, and even help you find your cabin after a night of indulging in the drink package. It adds a personal touch to your journey. Just make sure to adhere to the safety and guidelines provided by your cruise line, and let your creativity sail!