Ah, the unmatched charm of a cruise vacation – the endless blue horizons, sunsets that color the sky like a painter’s palette, and an ambiance of relaxation that even Neptune himself would envy. But in this paradise, there’s a certain smoke signal that seems to have clouded the air, relaying a burning question – “How to get away with smoking on a cruise ship?”

Now, let’s get one thing straight. We’re not here to encourage or promote the use of any substance. But we understand there’s a substantial tribe out there yearning to untangle the complexities of cruise ship smoking policies. So, whether you’re a cigar connoisseur, a cigarette savant, or an e-cigarette enthusiast, this guide is about helping you navigate the waters of smoke regulations on cruise lines. The rule of thumb here is respect – for rules, safety, and most importantly, for other guests.

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Is Smoking Cigarettes Allowed on Cruise ships?

So, you’ve packed your nautical best and your favorite smokes, wondering, “Will my cruise vacation let me puff in peace?” Ah, the million-dollar question. Well, sit tight, for we’re about to embark on a journey through the foggy world of smoking policies on most cruise ships.

Remember the terrifying scene from ‘Titanic’ where Jack shouts, “Iceberg, right ahead!”? Now replace ‘iceberg’ with ‘potential fire hazard from cigarette smoke’, and you’ve got the reason why smoking in cabins isn’t allowed on any major cruise line. The ever-vigilant, safety-obsessed cruise lines aren’t just blowing smoke here, they’re serious!

Fear not, puffing patriots, for hope sails on the horizon. Most ships operated by U.S. cruise lines have designated smoking areas, just for you! While indoor public spaces remain a no-go, these outdoor smoking areas let you smoke cigarettes in peace, the ocean breeze as your companion.

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Some cruise lines, in a move more exciting than finding a rogue shrimp in your seafood pasta, even offer exceptions for smoking weed in casinos, creating a James Bond-esque atmosphere as you try your hand at blackjack. Plus, there are dedicated smoking rooms within the larger casino – quite the jackpot for the smokers among us, wouldn’t you say?

Understanding Cruise Ship Smoking Policies

As you’ve probably noticed, cruise lines and their smoking policies are as diverse as the buffet spread on the Carnival Cruise Line – and almost as hard to navigate! You might wonder, why such variety? Why can’t they all just blow in the same direction?

Well, it’s as simple as understanding that just as different countries have different cultures and customs, cruise lines, too, operate on different principles. From the flashy Royal Caribbean to the elegant Norwegian Cruise Line, each has its unique identity, extending even to its smoking policies.

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Some cruise lines like to keep things as pristine as the Caribbean waters, and hence, promote entirely smoke-free environments. Others, like the Olsen Cruise Line, might have a more European flair, allowing some leeway on cabin balconies.

Now, if there were ever a good time to channel your inner lawyer and examine the fine print, it’s before your cruise vacation. Why? Because no one wants to be that passenger caught smoking in the wrong place at the wrong time. Indeed, knowing the smoking policies of your chosen cruise line is as important as remembering to pack your sunscreen.

But don’t think you can puff and smoke weed and get away secretly like some maritime ninja. Oh, no! Cruise ships enforce these policies with an eagle-eyed vigilance rivaling that of a hawk stalking its prey. Smoke in a non-smoking area? Expect to be swiftly acquainted with the ship’s security. And trust us, nothing puts a damper on your cruise like being on the wrong side of the ship’s law.

So, our advice? Read those smoking policies, follow them like a treasure map, and everyone can enjoy their cruise vacation. After all, the open sea is for everyone to enjoy, smokers and non-smokers alike. The key here is respect, for the rules and your fellow passengers. As the saying goes, ‘a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor,’ but a well-informed one surely does!

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Smoking Policy

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Ah, Royal Caribbean, the crown jewel of cruise lines! With its majestic ships and top-tier amenities, it’s an oceanic dream come true. But for those who fancy a puff, the dream could seem a tad foggy without understanding their smoking policy.

Royal Caribbean sails a tight ship. Their smoking policy is as meticulous as their all-you-can-eat dessert bar. So, if you are contemplating where to light up that cigarette or cigar, the rules are quite clear.

First off, if you’re dreaming of savoring a smoke on the open deck, gazing out to the endless ocean, you’ll have to do so within the confines of designated smoking areas. Yes, Royal Caribbean has indeed assigned specific designated outdoor areas for you to relish your cigarette or electronic cigarettes, but they draw the line at indoor smoking areas. That’s right, no smoke signals in the casino or any other indoor spaces.

Now, for those envisaging a private puff on the balcony, well, we’re afraid that’s going to remain a pipe dream. Royal Caribbean’s smoking policy restricts smoking on cabin balconies, and even in the privacy of your staterooms. The ship’s version of ‘home sweet home’ comes with its non-smoking clause.

So, what happens if you decide to ignore these rules and pull off a rebellious puff? Well, let’s just say Royal Caribbean doesn’t take it lightly. Rule-breakers, be warned! You might find yourself parting with a hefty cleanup fee, which in cruise parlance, is enough to fund a mini treasure chest.

How to Get Away With Smoking on a Cruise Ship

Here we are, on the brink of unmasking the secrets of ‘getting away with smoking on a cruise ship.’ Remember, we’re not talking about breaking rules here. We’re talking about finding the loopholes, the hidden gems of smoking spots. So, puffing pirates, here are your ways to play within the lines of maritime law and still enjoy your smoky delights.

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  1. Know Your Ship: This isn’t just about knowing the buffet schedule (though that’s important too!). It’s about knowing the nitty-gritty of your cruise ship smoking policies. Whether you’re on a Carnival Cruise or a Norwegian Cruise Line, remember: knowledge is power, and ignorance is… well, potentially expensive!
  2. Designated Smoking Areas Are Your Best Friends: These designated smoking areas are safe havens where you can light up without the fear of a stern knock from ship security. Whether you’re aboard most cruise lines or specific ones like Holland America Line or Costa Cruises, you’ll find outdoor smoking areas where you can enjoy your cigarettes with the ocean breeze as a bonus.
  3. Casinos: The Gamble That Pays Off: Some cruise lines like the Royal Caribbean allow smoking cigarettes in casinos. It’s a jackpot moment for those who love both cards and cigars! Just ensure to take a break between your poker hands for a puff.
  4. Cigar Lounges – The Posh Puff: If you’re lucky enough to be on a ship that hosts a cigar bar and lounges, like Crystal Cruises, then you’re in for a treat. These lounges are perfect for those who wish to pair their cigar or pipe smoking with a dash of luxury.
  5. Be Balcony-Smart: While most cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean, prohibit smoking on cabin balconies, some like Fred. Costa Cruises and Olsen Cruise Line, allow it. Just ensure that your smoke doesn’t billow into other guests’ balconies, and keep an eye out on the cruise cabin side for any specific rules regarding disposal.
  6. Use Alternatives: Electronic cigarettes and vape pens are usually allowed in cabins. They’re less of a potential fire hazard and don’t emit the same amount of smoke or smell e-cigarettes, making them a popular choice for stealthy smokers.
  7. Respect Thy Neighbor: Remember, your right to enjoy your cruise ends where another’s begins. It’s all about being respectful to non-smoking guests and maintaining the peace aboard the ship.

Carnival Cruise Ship Smoking Areas

Aboard the high-spirited Carnival Cruise Line, they’ve got you smokers covered too! Their smoking policy strikes a balance between smoker satisfaction and maintaining fresh ocean air for non-smoking guests. You’ll find designated smoking areas both on the outdoor decks and in the casino bar and the dance club, perfect for an indulgent puff as you soak in the salty sea breeze or enjoy a game of Blackjack. The starboard side of open decks often doubles as a cigar-smoking-only zone. However, no ashtray was in sight. That’s a signal you’re in a non-smoking area. So, grab your cigarettes and cigars, locate your nearest designated area, and enjoy your cruise smoke-in-style!

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As we drop anchor on this guide, we hope it has shed light on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of getting away with smoking on a cruise ship. Whether you’re a seasoned seafarer or a first-time cruiser, remembering these tips can ensure smooth sailing for everyone aboard. From respecting the policies banning smoking on different cruise lines to locating the designated smoking areas on ships like the Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line, your cruise vacation can be both fun and puff-friendly!

Remember, being a smart smoker on board is all about sticking to the rules while enjoying your own space. So, as you step on board for your next adventure, remember to pack these tips along with your cigarettes or cigars. Bon Voyage, and may your cruise be as smooth as the drag of your favorite smoke!


Can I smoke on the balcony of my room on a cruise ship?

Now, onto the subject as hot as your cigarette’s end – can you smoke on your cruise ship balcony? Alas, for most cruise lines, cabin balconies are as smoke-free as a yoga retreat. The reason? Our old friend, the potential fire hazard. However, two brave crusaders, Olsen Cruise Line, and Costa Cruises, buck this trend, permitting smoking on the cabin balconies. Just be sure to keep your chuckles in check as you light up while others gaze longingly from their smoke-free zones!

What side of cruise ships can you smoke on?

While smoking policies vary between cruise lines, it is typically allowed on nonsmoking cruise ships but only on designated areas, usually found on the outdoor decks, often on the starboard side. However, it’s always recommended to check the specific smoking policy of your cruise line for the exact locations as not all ships have the same design.

Can I Smoke Cigarettes In My Cabin?

As for smoking cigarettes in your cabin, the answer, in most cases, is a resounding ‘no.’ Most of the major cruise lines, including the Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, as well as Carnival Cruise Line, among others, strictly prohibit smoking in the cabins due to the potential fire hazard it poses. This rule is usually enforced with heavy fines for non-compliance. So, it’s better to take that stroll to the designated smoking areas to enjoy your cigarette.