Disney cruises have sailed their way into the hearts of families, couples, and Disney aficionados worldwide. With their fleet of magical ships such as the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wonder, Disney Cruise Line offers a unique cruising experience filled with enchantment and adventure. From the captivating Disney characters roaming the decks to the top-notch entertainment options, a Disney cruise is often seen as more than just a vacation—it’s a voyage into a floating piece of Disney magic.

However, with the allure also comes a hefty price tag, leaving many potential travelers pondering one crucial question: “Is a Disney cruise worth it?” This blog aims to delve deep into that question, comparing Disney cruises to other cruise lines, discussing amenities like the kid’s clubs and private island Castaway Cay, and breaking down the overall Disney cruise experience, and offering valuable tips on making the most of your Disney cruise adventure. Join us as we navigate through the ins and outs of a Disney cruise to help you decide whether it’s the right choice for your next family vacation.

Disney Cruise Line

What Makes a Disney Cruise Unique?

What sets a Disney cruise apart from other cruise lines are the one-of-a-kind experiences that can only be described as having the Disney Magic Touch. This goes far beyond just having Mickey and Minnie wandering the ship—though they do, and kids absolutely love it.

Character interactions are a staple of the Disney cruise experience. Imagine the joy on your child’s face when they embrace Elsa or give Woody a high-five. These are moments that can’t be replicated on most other cruise lines. Themed activities, such as pirate nights and princess teas, provide immersive experiences that engage the entire family.

Another unique feature of Disney cruises is the exclusive entertainment options. You won’t just be watching reruns of Disney movies—although that is an option. Guests can enjoy Broadway-caliber shows, fireworks at sea, and even special deck parties that bring Disney stories to life.

But what would a magical journey be without food? Disney cruises offer dining experiences designed for all ages. Rotational dining allows you to experience multiple dining rooms, each with its unique theme and menu. For adults, there are gourmet options and adult-only restaurants, while kids can enjoy character-themed meals and a variety of options that cater to even the pickiest of eaters.

In short, a Disney cruise offers a meticulously crafted experience that aims to make every moment onboard special. Many people believe that a Disney cruise is priceless for this reason alone.

Disney Cruise Line: Variety in Duration and Destinations

Ships from Disney Cruise Line

One of the standout features of Disney Cruise Line is its variety in both the duration of its cruises and the destinations it covers. If you’re wondering whether a Disney Cruise is worth it, this flexibility might tip the scales for you.

Disney Cruise Line began its journey with Disney Magic back in 1998 and has since expanded to five extraordinary ships: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, and the latest addition, Disney Wish. Each ship is meticulously designed to offer top-notch comfort, latest technology, and a myriad of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Concerned about the time commitment? Disney Cruise Line has you covered with a range of options. For those looking for a quick getaway, there are short Disney cruises lasting a minimum of three to four nights, often onboard the Disney Wonder. On the flip side, if you’re in for the long haul, you can opt for extended cruises that last up to 14 nights or more. For instance, one could fulfill a lifelong dream by embarking on a 14-Day Panama Canal cruise, with multiple ports of call along the way.

Disney cruises sail to an array of breathtaking destinations around the globe. From tropical paradises to scenic European locales, the choice is extensive. One of the most popular departure ports is Port Canaveral, Florida, but that’s just the beginning. You have the freedom to choose a voyage that aligns with your dream vacation spot. Whether it’s sailing through the Caribbean, exploring the Norwegian Fjords, or sunbathing at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, the possibilities are nearly endless.

The price is determined by the length of the voyage and the kind of stateroom you select. However, remember that most Disney cruises are all-inclusive, which offers a kind of value that’s hard to quantify but easy to appreciate.

In conclusion, when it comes to answering the big question, “Is a Disney Cruise worth it?”, the variety in duration and destinations alone makes a compelling case. You may customize your vacation thanks to this flexibility, making each voyage as special as your family.

Specialized Kid-Friendly Amenities

Oceaneer Club by DCL Fan

When it comes to cruising with family, Disney Cruise Line takes the cake with its specialized kid-friendly amenities. Imagine clubs so engaging that your children won’t want to leave! The Oceaneer Club offers younger kids an array of activities from arts and crafts to character meet-ups. For teens, lounges like Vibe and Edge provide the perfect hangout spot, complete with video games and even a private sundeck.

But what sets Disney apart is its tailored entertainment for younger guests. Your kids won’t just watch shows; they’ll become part of them. From interactive scavenger hunts to Broadway-style performances featuring Disney favorites, entertainment onboard is a step above the rest. What does this mean for you? It means that while your kids are having the time of their lives in a safe, supervised environment, you get to enjoy your own kind of magic too. In summary, when considering if a Disney Cruise is worth it, these unique amenities for kids make a compelling case for “Absolutely.”

Cost vs. Value: Breaking Down the Investment

Embarking on a Disney cruise can be quite an investment, especially when compared to other cruise lines. An oceanview suite for two people on a 7-night Disney cruise typically costs roughly $3,400. While this might initially sound steep, understanding what goes into this price can provide some perspective.

Comparing it to other cruise lines, a similar journey might cost significantly less upfront. However, when you factor in what is actually included in your Disney cruise fare versus the a-la-carte pricing structures of many other cruise lines, the gap starts to narrow.

What’s Included in the Price?

Unlike most other cruise lines, your Disney cruise fare is highly inclusive. The fare covers:

  • Accommodations: Your stateroom or cabin suite onboard the Disney cruise ship is included.
  • All-you-can-eat meals: From breakfast to dinner, plus unlimited snacks, are covered.
  • Live Entertainment: Each night, you get to enjoy Broadway-style shows or other high-quality performances.
  • Unlimited movie theater usage: Yes, you can watch as many Disney movies as you like!
  • Activities: This includes pools, waterslides, and fitness centers.
  • Youth Activity Clubs: These are perfect for keeping the young ones entertained.
  • Transportation to a different port each day: No need to worry about how you’ll get from one magical location to the next.

is a disney cruise worth it for live entertainment

The inclusion of special events and stops at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, adds even more value to your experience.

To put this into perspective, a land vacation covering similar offerings—like hotel accommodations, dining, and entertainment—can rack up to comparable costs. But remember, a land vacation would require additional transportation costs and lacks the convenience of an all-inclusive experience.

So when you break down the numbers, the question of “Is a Disney cruise worth it?” begins to look different. The value proposition of a Disney cruise becomes much clearer, especially if you’re looking for an all-inclusive, hassle-free vacation.

Additional Features Offered by Disney Cruise Line

When it comes to cruising, Disney Cruise Line stands in a league of its own, providing more than just a vacation—it delivers an immersive experience adorned with unique features. One of the most enchanting offerings is Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. Here, guests can escape into their own slice of paradise, enjoying snorkeling, bike rentals, or simply basking on adult-only beaches. But the uniqueness doesn’t end at the shore; it extends to the onboard experience as well.

Disney's private island in the Bahamas

Imagine having a rotating dining schedule where each night transports you into a different Disney world, complete with thematic menus and settings. One evening you’re dining under an enchanted sky inspired by “Beauty and the Beast,” and the next you’re at a lively Polynesian luau. This rotational dining system is something you won’t find on most other cruise lines. The entertainment also goes beyond the conventional. Disney movies come to life in a dedicated onboard theater, where families can come together to watch both classic and new releases.

But what sets Disney Cruise Line further apart is its inclusion of specialized themes like “Star Wars Day at Sea,” and the unique Disney Vacation Club program. This timeshare program allows guests to purchase a real estate interest in a DVC resort using a flexible points-based membership system, offering another level of exclusivity to the Disney experience. With about 220,000 club members and counting, it’s clear that this program has found its audience. So whether you’re a family looking for interactive kids clubs or a couple seeking adult-only spaces, Disney Cruise Line has meticulously crafted its offerings to exceed expectations, making every voyage a magical journey.

Is a Disney Cruise Worth It for Couples or Adults?

One common misconception about Disney Cruises is that they’re solely for families with kids. However, Disney Cruise Line has thoughtfully carved out adult-only zones and experiences that are equally enticing. The ship features adult-only pools that are serene oases away from the family hustle and bustle. Looking for a fancy evening or a romantic dinner? Explore adult-only bars and dining options like Palo and Remy, where the atmosphere is both elegant and intimate. Plus, it’s worth noting that unlike some other cruise lines, Disney Cruises do not have onboard casinos.

But there’s more than just places to relax; there are activities tailored exclusively for adults. Ever wanted to attend a wine tasting while sailing through the Caribbean? Now you can! Whether you’re a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a group of friends aiming to reconnect, the cruise offers enriching activities such as wine tastings, cooking classes, and behind-the-scenes ship tours.

So, is a Disney Cruise worth it for adults or couples? With specialized amenities and activities designed with adults in mind, the answer leans strongly towards a resounding “Yes.”

How Does It Compare to Other Cruise Lines?

While Disney Cruise Line excels in delivering a magical experience, how does it stack up against other cruise lines? Let’s delve into a comparison to see where Disney truly shines or falls short.

disney cruise compared to other lines

Similarities and Differences

When you’re weighing the options for your next vacation at sea, it’s natural to wonder how Disney Cruise Line stacks up against competitors like Royal Caribbean or Carnival. At first glance, you’ll find familiar features—luxurious staterooms, multiple dining options, and a plethora of activities. Yet, it’s the Disney Magic Touch that sets it apart. Where else can you dine with Cinderella, go on a Marvel-themed treasure hunt, or watch a Broadway-caliber rendition of “The Lion King?” Disney brings its iconic characters and stories onboard, transforming your cruise into a fantastical journey.

Cost Comparison

Budget is often a deciding factor, and Disney Cruises typically comes with a higher price tag. However, consider the value proposition. Disney Cruise fares include all-you-can-eat meals, a plethora of character experiences, exclusive live shows, and many more activities that would incur additional costs on other cruise lines. When breaking down the expenses, you might find that Disney offers a more all-inclusive experience, making the price difference justifiable for many.

A 7-night Disney Cruise vacation for an oceanview stateroom could cost around $3,400 for two passengers. Compared to other cruise lines, where a similar 7-night package might cost around $2,000 to $2,500, it’s clear that Disney comes at a premium.

However, it’s essential to factor in what you’re getting for that price. With all meals, high-end entertainment, and unique character experiences included, many guests find the extra cost to be a worthy investment for the unique Disney experience. So, while the initial price might cause some sticker shock, the overall value could very well justify the expense.

So, whether you’re a Disney aficionado or new to the magic, comparing Disney Cruise Line with other options showcases its unique offerings. Cost-wise, it may be higher, but the value and distinctive experiences could make it worth every penny.

Real Reviews: What Past Guests Are Saying

Before diving into the particulars, it’s essential to hear from those who’ve actually set sail on a Disney cruise ship. Below, we’ve gathered some firsthand accounts on Tripadvisor to provide diverse perspectives on whether a Disney cruise is worth the investment.

The Good

Andrew Thompson500 on TripAdvisor, says,

“This was our first ever Cruise and we genuinely loved every moment. The Disney Dream is a beautiful ship and immaculately maintained by a hardworking team of staff. We sailed from Southampton to Belgium, Denmark and Norway in early September 2023. We were very fortunate with the weather and had lovely sunny days in which to enjoy all of the outdoor amenities on deck 11. Our stateroom on deck 7 was a great location with a balcony for amazing sea views, we also had an adjoining room for a family member in the room next door. There were opportunities to meet characters throughout the day every day (usually had to queue, but rarely for more than 10-15 mins). Characters also appear in random locations and during shows across the ship so there are plenty of photo opportunities.”

Lscue777 on Tripadvisor wrote,

“Absolutely brilliant cruise. No idea what some of the other reviewers are talking about – the food on the Dream was 10/10, the cleanliness was 10/10, the shows were Broadway quality. The staff made you feel like royalty. Absolutely brilliant and cannot wait to return. Only thing I’d change is the price! Cheaper for UK residents please !”

Both reviews attest to the enchanting experiences that seem unique to Disney cruise lines, from the quality of shows to the memorable encounters with beloved characters. While the price tag is frequently mentioned as a concern, the general consensus seems to be that what you get in return—a blend of Disney magic, exceptional service, and unparalleled entertainment—makes a strong case for why a Disney cruise is worth it.

So, is a Disney cruise worth it? The feedback from those who’ve actually experienced it suggests that if you’re looking for something more than just a conventional cruise experience and are willing to invest, then a Disney cruise may very well be a voyage worth embarking on.

The Bad

ScaryMaryMuffin on TripAdvisor wrote,

This was a great trip if you enjoy small, over-crowded swimming pools, packed food venues, surprise charges and noise, noise, noise!!! And I would think that with the prices Disney charges, free wi-fi would be nice. I wouldn’t pay $30 a day.
However, the staff was amazing. I don’t know how they can keep on smiling. (By the way, Disney automatically charges gratuities.) The magician, John Cassidy, was terrific. Too bad he won’t be appearing on any more cruises. The Oceaneers Club was well organized. One of our granddaughters (8) loved it. The 6 year old did not. The food was good, especially in the restaurants. But the options for children were limited. No PBJ sandwiches any where. One granddaughter ate macaroni and cheese every night.”

Tamika M on TripAdvisor says,

Disney Alaska Cruise

My family and I haven’t even taken the cruise and I already want to cancel.
1. They open up the excursion booking at midnight. No one told us it opens at midnight, you need to go in make your excursion bookings. Otherwise they won’t be available.
2. If your family has more than 4 people, you will have to toggle back and forth between staterooms. Causing confusion, delays, and possible missed bookings. Basically- so in efficient and so infuriating!
3. People that pay more money get to book their excurions 120 days before anyone else. One I find this unfair. However, if this is your policy then tell us. We would have paid more. They told us that it was given to people that have sailed with them before, but this is not true. We are going with family who does Disney stuff every year. Even they are frustrated.”

Despite these concerns, both reviewers did also note some positives. ScaryMaryMuffin found the staff to be amazing and enjoyed specific entertainment options like the magician John Cassidy, while mentioning that the Oceaneers Club was hit or miss depending on the child’s preferences.

These more critical reviews suggest that while Disney cruises offer a unique, magical experience, they are not without their drawbacks, especially when it comes to costs—both expected and unexpected—and the logistical challenges that can come with excursion bookings and family accommodations. The diversity of opinions underlines the need to carefully consider your own family’s needs and preferences when deciding whether a Disney cruise is worth the investment.

So, is a Disney cruise worth it? Based on what you’re hunting for, the answer could change. If you’re willing to overlook some logistical hurdles and are prepared for the extra expenses, you might find that the Disney magic, exceptional service, and unique offerings make for a vacation experience that is, in fact, worth the cost. On the other hand, if these issues are deal-breakers for you, exploring options with other cruise lines might be the better route.


In summary, a Disney Cruise offers a one-of-a-kind vacation experience that blends the magic of Disney with the allure of cruising. From exclusive entertainment options and themed activities to dining experiences tailored for all ages, it’s no wonder these cruises have amassed a legion of devoted fans. Financially, while Disney Cruises do tend to be more expensive—with an average cost of $3,400 for a 7-night voyage for two—the value you receive in return can make it a worthwhile investment. The fare includes not just your accommodation and meals, but also top-notch entertainment and an array of special activities and amenities.

When it comes to specialized experiences, both children and adults have something to look forward to, whether it’s the kid clubs and teen lounges or adult-only pools and wine tastings. Furthermore, with a variety of durations and destinations available, there’s something to suit almost every travel palate.

So, is a Disney Cruise worth it? If you’re looking for a vacation that promises to be magical for each member of your family, and you’re willing to pay a premium for those special Disney touches, then the answer could very well be a resounding “Yes.”


Are Disney cruises worth it for adults?

Disney cruises aren’t just for kids; many adults find them enjoyable as well. With adult-only zones, including pools, bars, and fine-dining options, there’s plenty for adults to do. The theatrical shows and entertainment are top-notch, making the experience worthwhile even for those traveling without children.

Is it cheaper to book a Disney Cruise while on a Disney Cruise?

Yes, it is frequently less expensive to reserve a future Disney Cruise while you are currently at the cruise. This is known as a “placeholder” and typically offers a discounted rate and onboard credit for a future cruise, but it’s always best to check current promotions for the most accurate information.

How much is the average Disney Cruise per person?

A Disney Cruise has a wide range of prices depending on the location, duration, and kind of cabin. Prices per person can often range from $800 to several thousand dollars. For the most recent pricing, it is advisable to visit the Disney Cruise Line website or speak with travel agents.