Welcome aboard the magnificent world of cruising with Liberty of the Seas, a shining gem among Royal Caribbean’s Freedom class ships. With grand suites, ocean views, and a royal promenade that mesmerizes, it’s a journey unlike any other. But let’s not overlook the importance of room selection!

Whether you’re seeking the luxury of a villa suite with floor-to-ceiling windows or craving the comfort of two twin beds each in your own room, finding the perfect accommodation on this cruise ship can truly elevate your experience. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve created a comprehensive overview to help you navigate the seas cabins, including the crucial Liberty of the Seas rooms to avoid.

Liberty of the Seas Rooms Categories and Options

rooms to avoid on Liberty of the Seas

Embarking on a cruise with Liberty of the Seas is a ticket to a world of elegance and comfort. As a guide to help you select the perfect stateroom for your voyage, we will dive into the diverse categories and options available.

Room Categories and Options

Liberty of the Seas is a marvel in terms of accommodation, offering a myriad of room categories that cater to various preferences and needs. Here’s a breakdown of what awaits you:

  • Suites: 122 in total, with sizes ranging from a grand Vista Suite of 1210 ft² to cozier options. All Suites boast luxurious amenities like King-size beds, large bathrooms, walk-in closets, and private balconies. Special Next-Level Pampering services, including Concierge Service and priority reservations, are provided to enhance your experience.
  • Balcony Rooms: Comprising a grand suite of 724 rooms, these staterooms range around 184 ft², all with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that open to private verandas of 65 ft². Enjoy the breathtaking ocean views right from your room.
  • Oceanviews: A total of 262 rooms, with some designed for families accommodating two beds and up to 6 passengers. Features like 2 large picture windows and separate bedrooms offer unique living areas.
  • Promenade View: Offering 168 cabins, the Atrium Promenade staterooms are an innovation in design. With bowed windows overlooking the Royal Promenade, these rooms add a touch of excitement to your stay.
  • Inside Rooms: With 563 Inside staterooms, these cozy accommodations average around 150 ft² and are designed for comfort.

Sizes of the Seas Room

Sizes of the Seas Room

Room sizes on the Liberty of the Seas vary depending on the category, ranging from a compact 150 ft² to the luxurious Vista Suite spanning 1210 ft². There are also 32 specially designed handicap staterooms (ADA-certified), ensuring everyone can enjoy a comfortable stay.

  • Family Suites: These suites offer two separate bedrooms and additional bunk beds, accommodating large families in spaces ranging from 338 ft² to 406 ft².
  • VP-Panoramic Suites: A premium choice with two single beds and 2x bathrooms. The floor-to-ceiling wraparound windows offer unobstructed top-deck views.
  • Royal Suites: Equipped with amenities like media centers, baby grand pianos, and two separate bedrooms with private bathrooms, these suites are a touch of royalty.

The Liberty of the Seas staterooms not only define elegance but also blend innovation with comfort. From the uniqueness of one room the Atrium Promenade staterooms to the lavishness of the Royal Suite, every room is designed to enhance your cruising experience.

To further ensure the dining room is a tailored fit, a variety of Navigational Layout Preferences options are offered. This means rooms are organized and planned to provide the perfect view, accessibility, and comfort based on passengers’ individual needs.

Whether it’s the tranquility of an Ocean View stateroom or the luxury of a Suite with Next-Level Pampering, Liberty of the Seas has the perfect room awaiting you. Explore these categories and find your home on the high seas.

Liberty of the Seas Rooms to Avoid

While there are ample accommodations that offer extraordinary comfort, breathtaking views, and lavish amenities, it’s equally essential to identify the rooms that may not provide the ideal experience for every passenger. These rooms may be located in less desirable areas of the ship or have features that may not suit specific tastes and requirements.

Understanding which rooms to avoid can help in making an informed decision that complements your travel plans and enhances the overall cruise experience. Read on as we delve into the specifics of the rooms that might not be the ideal choice for every traveler on Liberty of the Seas.

Near Elevators and Service Areas

Avoid rooms near Elevators and Service Areas

When selecting your stateroom on Liberty of the Seas, you might want to reconsider rooms near elevators and service areas. These locations often experience high foot traffic and the accompanying noise, especially during peak hours. Being in close proximity to the elevators might mean hearing constant dings and chatter from fellow passengers. Similarly, rooms adjacent to service areas may suffer from the bustling activities of the staff, leading to a disruption in tranquility. If a serene and peaceful ambiance is what you seek, you may want to avoid these rooms to ensure a more relaxing stay onboard.

Below Entertainment Venues

avoid rooms on cruise below entertainment venues

Staying below entertainment venues on Liberty of the Seas can also present certain challenges. Vibrations and sounds from live music, dance floors, or theaters can easily filter down to the rooms located directly beneath these lively areas. If you’re someone who prefers retiring early or enjoys quiet moments to unwind, you might find these noises intrusive. Consider the schedule of events and performances when choosing your room, and consult the ship’s layout to identify quieter alternatives. Making an informed decision in this regard can help you avoid any disturbances that might interfere with your rest and relaxation while cruising.

Rooms with Obstructed Views

When selecting a room on Liberty of the Seas, it’s essential to consider the quality of the view. Some rooms have obstructed views, meaning they may be partially blocked by lifeboats, poles, or other ship structures. These obstructed views can diminish the overall enjoyment of the ocean’s beauty and the sense of spaciousness typically associated with cruising. If panoramic vistas and unobstructed views are crucial to your travel experience, it’s advisable to carefully research and avoid these specific accommodations.

Rooms Near High Traffic Areas

avoid rooms on cruise in the bustling zones

Location matters and rooms near high-traffic areas can impact the tranquility of your stay. These rooms are often close to elevators, staircases, or venues that host events, leading to noise and continuous foot traffic. The convenience of being near various ship amenities may be overshadowed by the potential disturbance, particularly during nighttime hours. For those seeking a peaceful retreat, it might be best to avoid rooms in these bustling zones.

Staterooms That Increases Seasickness

Avoid Staterooms that increases Seasickness

Cruising is an exhilarating experience, but for some passengers, the fear of seasickness can be a concern. Most travelers may never face this issue, but if you have a history of seasickness, choosing the right stateroom is essential. Staterooms in the middle of the ship, both in terms of their mid-ship location and their placement on a middle deck, are typically where passengers feel the least movement.

This location minimizes the rocking motion that naturally occurs as the ship sails over the waves, unlike the higher decks at the front or rear of the ship. Selecting a mid-ship room won’t eliminate the possibility of seasickness, but it can significantly reduce the sensation of motion. When it comes to choosing where you’ll be sleeping, this can indeed make a substantial difference. If a mid-ship location is not available, avoiding the extremes of higher decks at the front or rear is still advisable to minimize discomfort. With thoughtful planning, your cruise on Liberty of the Seas can be a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Studio Staterooms

Avoid Studio Staterooms on Liberty of the Seas

For solo travelers or those prioritizing budget, Studio Staterooms on Liberty of the Seas may seem appealing at first glance. However, one must be mindful of the limited space these rooms offer. Often sized under 150 square feet, these staterooms might not provide enough room to move around comfortably or store luggage. While efficiently designed, the cramped quarters can make the stay less relaxing for some passengers, especially if they plan to spend significant time in their rooms.

Rooms Under the Pool Deck

avoid room located under the pool deck

Staying in a room located under the pool deck might seem convenient for quick access to the sun and fun. However, these rooms can experience noise from the activities above, such as splashing, deck chairs moving, or even live music during certain events. This constant commotion might be distracting or disturbing for those looking for a quiet retreat. Choosing a stateroom under the pool deck may require a compromise between accessibility to poolside activities and the potential for noise that might interrupt a peaceful vacation experience.

Best Liberty of the Seas Rooms You Can Choose

Best rooms to choose on Liberty of the Seas

Selecting the appropriate lodging is a critical aspect of successfully organizing your cruise getaway. Royal Caribbean Liberty offers a variety of stateroom options, each designed to provide comfort, elegance, and convenience.

For those seeking luxury, the Royal Suite is unmatched, providing unparalleled space, amenities, and concierge service.

For family-friendly options, the Family Ocean View rooms are perfect, offering interconnecting rooms and kid-friendly amenities.

The Balcony Staterooms provide a perfect balance of price and view, with spacious private balconies to enjoy the sea breeze. Accessibility is also considered, with specially designed rooms for those with mobility challenges. Selecting the best room for your needs ensures a relaxing and enjoyable cruise experience that aligns with your preferences and budget.

Tips for Choosing the Best Room

Choosing ideal room aboard Liberty of the Seas

Selecting the ideal room aboard Liberty of the Seas is more than just a matter of budget; it’s about enhancing your overall cruise experience. Consider factors like proximity to amenities, room size, and the view when making your choice. These tips will guide you in securing the perfect room for your voyage.

Consider Your Needs and Preferences

When selecting the perfect room on Liberty of the Seas, it’s essential to weigh your needs and preferences. Are you looking for luxury and comfort or more budget-friendly options? Do you require accessibility features? Understanding your traveling party’s demographics, such as family members’ ages and special needs, will help you align your choices with the available amenities and room categories.

Consult Deck Plans

Deck plans are a vital tool in choosing the right room. Studying them allows you to visualize the ship’s layout, proximity to key facilities, and potential noise levels in different room locations. The ship’s blueprint will enable you to identify obstructed views and rooms near high-traffic areas that you might wish to avoid.

Seek Professional Advice

If you find the process overwhelming, seeking professional advice from a travel agent specializing in cruises can make the decision-making process seamless. They have in-depth knowledge of the ship, and room types, and can provide personalized recommendations based on your preferences, budget, and travel itinerary. Engaging a cruise consultant ensures that you’re selecting the best room, enhancing your overall cruise experience.

Select Your Preferred Room or Opt for the ‘Guarantee’ Choice

Opt for Preferred Room or Guarantee Cabin Choice

  • Preferred Room Selection: For travelers with specific requirements, selecting the room ensures control over the location, view, and comfort.
  • Guaranteed Cabin: An adventurous choice that might lead to a pleasant surprise with a double sofa bed or an upgraded room but comes with inherent risks like getting a smaller or noisier room.

The guaranteed cabin serves as a go-to choice for travelers seeking a budget-friendly rate for a particular type of cabin, be it inside or outside. The cruise line employs its cabin allocation algorithm to designate your actual cabin.

This dynamic pricing can lead to a thrilling win, like scoring a balcony for a standard outside cabin price, enhancing your cruise experience. However, there are risks involved in this strategic choice. There’s a chance you could be assigned the least desirable cabin in your chosen category—perhaps one that’s a bit smaller, has a view that’s obstructed, or is located in a noisier section of the ship.

This could result in a suboptimal cruising experience. Customer satisfaction relies heavily on expectations and alignment with personal preferences, so consider your comfort level with uncertainty. If you value specific amenities, location, or view, you might prefer to select your room. Letting the cruise line choose your cabin is an adventurous decision, so ensure you’ll be content no matter which cabin you get assigned. This choice might resonate with those who value surprises and flexibility, but it might not be suitable for travelers who have specific room requirements and accessibility needs.


Embarking on a journey with Liberty of the Seas is an opportunity to explore magnificent destinations, savor delightful onboard experiences, and make memories to last a lifetime. No matter your room choice, remember that the voyage itself is packed with unforgettable moments, enriching activities, and the chance to connect with fellow travelers.

Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or setting sail for the first time, embrace the excitement, trust in your decision-making process, and let the wonders of the open sea inspire and rejuvenate you. Your cruise adventure awaits, promising an extraordinary experience tailored to your desires. Happy cruising!


Which is the best deck on Liberty of the Seas?

The ideal deck on Liberty of the Seas frequently hinges on individual tastes and requirements. Typically, Deck 9, Deck 8, and Deck 7 are popular due to their location and stability. A specific recommendation would require understanding individual preferences for proximity to amenities, dining areas, views, and potential noise levels.

What is the best floor to stay on a cruise ship?

The best floor on a cruise ship generally varies according to personal preferences and the specific design of the ship. Mid-level floors often provide a balanced experience, being close to the main amenities and offering good stability. Higher decks might offer better views but can be more prone to motion. Lower decks tend to be quieter but might be further away from main attractions.

Are there obstructed balconies on Liberty of the Seas?

Yes, some cruise ships, including Liberty of the Seas, may have rooms with obstructed balcony cabins. These obstructions can be due to lifeboats, structural designs, or other equipment. It’s recommended to speak with a travel agent or directly contact the cruise line to clarify details about any cabins with obstructed views.

Which cabins on Wonder of the Seas have an obstructed view?

For specific details about obstructed view cabins on Wonder of the Seas, it would be best to consult the ship’s deck plans or speak directly with the cruise line or a travel agent specializing in cruises. Ship designs vary, and understanding the exact layout and potential obstructions requires expert knowledge of the specific ship.