Delving into the world of MSC cruises, one quickly realizes the importance of beverage packages in shaping a memorable seafaring experience. These packages, meticulously curated and diverse in range, are more than just a bundle of thirst quenchers – they’re keys to an all-encompassing, seamless cruise journey.

With an array of options from alcohol-free packages to premium extravaganzas, there’s a fitting choice for every cruiser, whether you fancy a quiet evening with hot chocolate or an electrifying night featuring a medley of mixed drinks. This blog aims to decode MSC cruises’ drink packages, shedding light on their intricacies, and assisting you in making the perfect pick to elevate your voyage on the picturesque waters. Let’s embark on this flavorful journey together!

Types of Drink Packages Offered on MSC Cruise

Couple drinking on deck of cruise ship

Experiencing the high seas with MSC cruises isn’t just about the breathtaking views and exciting activities; it’s also about indulging in an array of beverages.

Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur, a beer enthusiast, a wine lover, or prefer to keep things alcohol-free, MSC cruises’ drink packages are designed to cater to everyone’s preferences. Let’s dive into the different MSC drink packages that they offer to find one that suits your taste and budget.

Easy Package

If you appreciate simplicity and variety, the Easy Package could be your perfect match. This package provides a well-rounded selection of beverages, including draught beer, house wines, soft drinks, fruit juices, and bottled mineral water. Enjoy both frozen and classic cocktails, and an array of hot drinks, including coffee. While the options may be somewhat limited compared to other packages, it still delivers a satisfying assortment for you to savor.

The Easy Package is reasonably priced at $49 per person per day, providing a range of selected drinks without burning a hole in your pocket.

Easy Plus Package

The Easy Plus Package takes your beverage experience a notch higher. It extends your drink choices to beverages priced up to $10 per glass, giving you access to a broader range of cocktails, wines, and beers. Going a step beyond the Easy Package, the Easy Plus Package opens up a broader choice of beverages. You’ll find a wider array of beers (around 20 different types compared to just two in the Easy Package), a greater selection of cocktails, more wines by the glass, and a more extensive range of liquors.

The Easy Plus Drink Package also encompasses canned soft drinks, specialty coffees, and energy beverages. Additionally, with this package, you have the privilege to access drinks in specialty dining venues.

If you opt for the Easy Plus Package, expect to shell out $64 per person, per day. Considering the extensive list of beverages that you can access, it’s a worthy splurge for the drink enthusiasts out there.

Premium Extra Package

MSC premium extra package

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, the Premium Extra Package is MSC cruises’ most luxurious offering. This top-tier package includes and opens up a world of premium drinks, offering beverages priced up to $16 per glass.

Expect a wide variety of beers, cocktails, specific brands of liquor, wines, and more. Besides alcoholic drinks, the package also covers water, coffee, energy drinks, juices, and more. It’s akin to the drink packages offered by other cruise lines, giving you the widest selection across the ship.

Choosing the Premium Extra Package is an indulgence, with its cost pegged at $88 per person per day. But, with the wide range of premium beverages at your disposal, it’s a true luxury experience.

Non-Alcoholic Package

If you prefer to stay alcohol-free during your cruise, MSC cruises has you covered with the Alcohol-Free Package. This bundle includes a selection of teas, sodas, soft-serve desserts, water, energy beverage packages, juices, coffee, and non-alcoholic cocktails. Enjoy the refreshing and diverse drink options without the added alcohol.

The Alcohol-Free Package offers great value for those avoiding alcohol, costing $30 per person, per day for adults over 21 years old, and a reduced price of $21 per person per day for 3 to 20-year-olds.

Minor Package

The Minors Package, designed for those under 21 sailing from the United States, is a more affordable option that features alcohol-free cocktails and the same non-alcoholic beverages as Alcohol-Free Drink Packages. It’s a great deal for younger travelers who still want to enjoy a variety of delightful beverages onboard.

Wine on MSC Cruise

Wine on MSC Cruise

MSC Cruises offers a delightful selection of wines, pleasing to both casual drinkers and wine connoisseurs. If you’re considering purchasing two bottles of wine by the glass, you should anticipate a cost ranging from $11 to $14 on U.S. cruises. For cruises operating in Euros, this translates to approximately €9 to €11.50. Please note that these prices can change and wine servings tend to be on the smaller side.

Beer on MSC Cruise

If beer is your beverage of choice, MSC Cruises has you covered with a variety of brews to enjoy. For a large glass or a bottle of beer, expect to pay between $10.50 to $12.50 on U.S. cruises, or roughly €9 to €12 for cruises using Euros. Keep in mind that on MSC Cruises ships, “large” beers aren’t served in pint glasses but rather in pilsner glasses, which hold approximately three-fourths of a pint.

Are There Any Free Drinks Available?

MSC Cruises provide a selection of free drinks

Yes, MSC Cruises does provide a selection of free beverages. These include water, coffee, tea, iced tea, milk, and juices, although juices are only available at no extra cost during breakfast. However, keep in mind that the assortment of complimentary beverages may vary across different bars on the ship. For the widest range of free drinks, the Main Dining Room and the buffet restaurant are your best bets.

In case you’re wondering, tap water is indeed complimentary on MSC Cruises. If you prefer bottled water, it will cost you approximately $3.50 for a 500 ml bottle or it’s free if you have a drinks package.

As for coffee and tea, you can enjoy these free of charge in the buffet area. If you have a drinks package, you’re entitled to a variety of teas and coffees, including specialty ones like cappuccino and espresso. But be mindful that during peak hours, the crew might only be able to offer brewed coffee and hot tea due to the high demand.

What Is the MSC Dine and Drink Package?

It’s time to discuss the godfather of indulgence, the superpower of sustenance, and the tycoon of tipple – ladies, and gentlemen, meet the MSC Dine and Drink Package! This is no ordinary package; oh no, it’s a ticket to a lavish, gastronomic journey, weaving through delectable meals and sublime drinks.

Imagine pairing your gourmet dinner with a glass of wine that elevates your taste buds to cloud nine, or toasting your adventures with a top-tier cocktail. That’s the power of the Dine and Drink package. Now, go on, wear that napkin bib, and raise your glass – this is the high life!

When Should You Book the Drink Packages?

MSC provides 15 percent discount on advance booking

Now, here comes the question that’s as tough as deciding whether to start your day with a cappuccino or a mimosa – when to book your drink package? Pre-cruise or onboard?

If you’re the type who relishes early bird specials, or you’re someone who likes to have everything sorted before leaving the house, you might enjoy the pre-cruise option. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but there’s also a lovely 15% discount if you book in advance. It’s like Christmas came early!

On the other hand, if you’re a spontaneous soul who loves making decisions on the fly, you might want to wait until you’re onboard to make your move. But remember, this might come at a slightly steeper cost. However, some might argue that the thrill of spontaneity is worth every extra penny.

At the end of the day, whether you’re a planner or a spontaneous adventurer, MSC has got you covered. Just remember – with great drinks come great stories! Cheers to that!

How to Choose the Right Package for Yourself

Alright, folks, it’s time to navigate the high seas of decision-making! It’s like choosing between two desserts, they both look mouth-wateringly delicious, but you’ve got room for just one. Oh, the horror! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on how to choose the best drink package for your MSC Cruise journey.

First up, get your detective hat on and examine your drinking habits like a crime scene investigator. If your idea of a vacation is sipping on a cold beer while gazing at the horizon, or if you’re more of a “one cocktail at sunset” type, then the Easy Package might just be your perfect match. It’s like the reliable friend who always has your back – not too flashy, but solid as a rock.

However, if your vacation philosophy is “go big or go home”, the Easy Plus or the Premium Extra packages could be your soulmates. These packages offer a wider selection of drinks, so you can live out your dream of trying every cocktail on the menu without breaking the bank. It’s like the fireworks at the end of a grand celebration – bold, dazzling, and memorable.

For those of you who prefer your beverages sans the alcohol, or for the underage members of your crew, the Non-alcoholic or Minor packages have got you covered. No need to feel left out, you can still enjoy a wide variety of drinks, but without the potential morning-after regrets. It’s like enjoying all the fun of the fair, without the dizzying roller coaster ride.

So, when you’re standing at the crossroads of choice, remember – don’t choose the drink package that you think you should choose. Choose a plus drink package – the one that makes your heart do a little dance and your taste buds throw a party. Happy cruising and bottoms up, dear sailors!

Is It Worth It?

woman confused about buying MSC drinks package

For all you vacation enthusiasts who believe that a holiday is incomplete without a tropical drink in one hand and a karaoke mic in the other, these drink packages are undoubtedly a value-for-money proposition. Considering the individual drink prices on the cruise are as lofty as the crow’s nest, these drink packages are your lifebuoy to avoid sinking into a sea of hefty bills. Think of it as Costco but for drinks – more bang for your buck!

Now, for those who would rather unravel the mysteries of a gripping novel than the layers of a cocktail, these packages might seem like decoding a complex maritime signal flag. But, remember that the non-alcoholic packages cover a smorgasbord of drink options, from sprightly mocktails to invigorating energy drinks, hot beverages, and even cocoa! So, if you’re the kind of person whose throat runs dry frequently or is on a caffeine-loving voyage, these packages might just be the wind in your sails.

But what about those who like to dip their toes in the water rather than jump right in – the moderate drinkers? This one’s a real navigational challenge. It’s like finding the North Star on a cloudy night – possible but not so straightforward. Here, the best approach would be to tally up the probable number of drinks you’d consume each day and juxtapose it with the package cost. Yes, a bit of math amidst vacationing, but as they say, the adulting tide waits for no one!

So, are they a treasure trove of value? Like a nautical chart, these drink packages’ worth varies from one seafarer to another. One man’s seaweed could be another’s pearl! In a nutshell – it all narrows down to your drinking habits, tastes, and of course, your vision of a ‘splashtastic’ holiday! So cast off the moorings of indecision and set the course for the decision-making horizon. The ball, my dear seafarers, is in your court!


Embarking on an MSC Cruise is a vibrant journey that can be enhanced by one of their many drink packages. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur, a beer enthusiast, a wine aficionado, or a lover of non-alcoholic refreshments, there’s a package to suit your needs and amplify your oceanic adventure.

Choosing the right package depends on your drinking habits and preferences, and while the cost may initially appear steep, these packages can offer significant value, especially for those who love to indulge. So, weigh anchor, assess your options, and hoist the sails for a voyage of high spirits and tantalizing tastes. No matter what you choose, boundless joy and unforgettable memories are on the horizon!


Are MSC cruises drink packages unlimited?

Yes, the MSC Cruises drink packages are indeed unlimited, offering a wide array of beverages depending on the specific package you opt for. However, keep in mind that they do have a policy that prohibits serving alcohol to intoxicated passengers, so it’s all about enjoying responsibly. Age restrictions apply, so check the terms carefully.

Can I upgrade my drink package on MSC?

Yes, you can certainly upgrade your drink package on MSC Cruises. It’s generally best to do this before your cruise departs. However, if you change your mind once you’re onboard, you can still upgrade as long as it’s within the first 48 hours of the cruise. Downgrades are usually not permitted.

Can you bring drinks to MSC cruises?

MSC Cruises has a strict policy that prevents travelers from carrying any type of beverage onto the ship. This includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as water. The policy is in effect not only during the initial boarding process but also when re-boarding at various ports of call during the cruise. Be sure to review this rule carefully to avoid unexpected issues.

Does every person in a cabin have to buy it if one person does?

Generally speaking, yes. When an individual in a stateroom acquires a drink package on MSC Cruises, it’s customary for all other adults in that same stateroom to also buy the identical beverage bundle. This guideline is in place to deter package sharing among passengers. Failure to comply could result in penalties or revocation of the package.

Do I have to buy the package for each day of the cruise?

Yes, if you decide to buy a drink package, it must be purchased for the entirety of your cruise. Drink packages are charged per day, and the total cost is broken down into daily charges. This means the same drink package will cover you from the moment you step onboard until the moment you disembark.