Silversea Cruises has long been the hallmark of ultra-luxury cruising, a quintessential experience that often leaves passengers spellbound. But hey, we get it. Splurging on a cruise is no joke. That’s why you should never overlook the importance of Silversea Cruises reviews before diving into this oceanic adventure. Cruise reviews serve as your trusty compass, guiding you through the maze of choices that come with booking your next sea escapade. And let’s be real, no one wants to waste their hard-earned money on a subpar cruise line, am I right?

So, what’s the catch of this article? We aim to offer you an impartial and incredibly useful review of Silversea Cruises. Whether it’s the allure of shore excursions, the opulence of their silver suites, or the intimate ambiance of their Venetian Lounge, we’ve got it all covered. And yes, we’ll even talk about the butler service—because who doesn’t want to feel like royalty at sea? So grab a drink (preferably something tropical), sit back, and let’s sail through everything you need to know before booking your next cruise.

Silversea Cruises

Overview of Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is an ultra-luxury cruise line known for its top-notch amenities and intimate ships. Offering voyages to all seven continents, Silversea specializes in high-end experiences complete with spacious suites, personalized butler service, and a myriad of dining options. Simply put, it’s the epitome of cruising in style.

Deck on a Silversea Cruise

Company Background

Since its launch in 1994, Silversea Cruises has set the bar for ultra-luxury cruises, revolutionizing the industry with its all-inclusive lifestyle offerings. Acquired by the Royal Caribbean Group in July 2018 and then wholly owned by July 2020, Silversea has cemented its reputation as the go-to cruise for high-end experiences. With a mission to provide truly immersive travel, Silversea offers its passengers over 900 distinct destinations across all seven continents. Let’s just say, that if you’re dreaming of pampering and world exploration, you’re in the right place. The brand seamlessly blends elegance with adventure, offering top-of-the-line amenities like 24/7 butler service, around-the-clock in-suite dining, and an enviable array of dining options. Yes, that includes sustainable caviar on-demand—how’s that for posh?

Fleet Overview

As of now, the Silversea fleet boasts a robust roster of 11 magnificent ships, each promising a unique travel experience. The fleet is divided into classic vessels and expedition ships. Whether you opt for one of their recently launched vessels like the Silver Origin or Silver Moon, or stick to tried-and-true classics, you’ll find an atmosphere of hushed luxury and conviviality onboard.

Silversea fleet

Innovation doesn’t stop at Silversea; it’s part of their DNA. For instance, their recent addition, Silver Moon, introduced the revolutionary S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) culinary program, which enables travelers to dig deep into global food cultures. As if that’s not tantalizing enough, the Silver Dawn features the Otium wellness program, shifting the focus from gym sweat to Roman-inspired pampering. Come July 2022, Silversea introduced the world to Silver Endeavour, designed to whisk you away to the most remote corners of the Earth, including both Polar Regions. We mean cutting-edge amenities and the most generous space-to-guest ratios in the realm of expedition cruising.

And for those who can’t stand the thought of leaving a carbon footprint while sipping champagne in their suite, fear not! Silversea is gearing up for the debut of its Nova-class vessels in 2023 and 2024, crafted to set new standards in eco-friendly cruise travel. So, whether you’re a fan of classic luxury or eager to explore remote locales, the Silversea fleet offers a few cruise ship, that’ll make your cruising dreams come true.

Destinations and Itineraries

Get this—you’re not confined to just the Caribbean or Europe when you hop on board with Silversea Cruises. Oh no, this cruise is your golden ticket to over 900 destinations that span all seven continents. That’s right, you could be sipping champagne while watching penguins in Antarctica or marveling at skyscraper-sized glaciers in Alaska—all on the same cruise!

Silversea Cruises offers over 900 destinations

Silversea offers a globetrotter’s dream itinerary, from the sculpted sand dunes of Africa & the Indian Ocean to the bustling markets of Asia. Whether you’re keen on exploring the lush landscapes of the Galápagos Islands or making your way through the salt-licked cities of Canada & New England, there’s a cruise designed for you.

And it’s not just about the destination—it’s about the journey. Choose from classic voyages focusing on full destination immersion or amp up the adventure with an expedition cruise. Ever fancied traversing the frosty wilderness of Antarctica or delving into the cultural treasures of the Mediterranean? Silversea Cruises makes it happen.

You could even sail through the legendary landscapes of the Arctic & Greenland—if you’re into that kind of chill vibe. Or maybe you’re more into the sapphire waters and elegant medieval cities of the Mediterranean—no judgment here, they have 110 cruises for that! So, whether it’s a relaxed holiday in the Caribbean, a culturally enriching trip to Europe, or a thrilling journey to South America’s Amazon River and Chilean Fjords, Silversea has your global wanderlust covered.

An In-Depth Look at Silversea Cruises Reviews

When it comes to Silversea Cruises reviews, you’ll find a tapestry of passenger experiences that celebrate the cruise line’s luxury offerings. From the unparalleled service to the gourmet restaurants and lavish silver suites, the reviews often paint a picture of opulence and personal attention. Let’s dive deeper into what guests are saying to help you make an informed decision for your next cruise.

Accommodation and Amenities

Accommodation and Amenities on Silversea Cruise

When dissecting the Silversea Cruises reviews on accommodations, one word stands out—luxury. Ranging from Silver Suites to Veranda Suites, the cruise offers lavish living spaces that could easily rival any upscale European apartment. Neutral tones are given zest with pops of vibrant colors, such as orange and blue. As you ascend in suite categories, the perks grow exponentially. For instance, Suites and higher receive indulgences like an Illy espresso maker and complimentary laundry services. Marble bathrooms are a standard feature across all suites, illustrating a commitment to sophistication and quality. Every suite comes with dedicated butler service, encapsulating the onboard experience into one of pure indulgence.

Aurelie A really loved their accommodation and amenities. Here’s what they have to say, “ If you love hearing the ocean as your ship sails across a vast blue sea, and enjoying what truly makes you feel like it’s your own private yacht, then look into Silversea Cruises and what better way to start than with their newest ship, the Silver Moon. Silversea offers smaller ships – from 100 to 600 passengers, so you never feel crowded or a number. In fact, you not only feel, but truly become, part of an incredible family. From your first moment on a Silversea ship the staff gets to know you by name, remembers your favorite drink or coffee, brings you what you need even before you think to ask for it, and makes you feel, again, a part of their family.”

Dining Experiences

Fine Dining on Cruise Ship

Dive into the diverse palate of flavors onboard Silversea Cruises, where culinary opulence is the standard. Relais & Châteaux, the cruise line’s culinary partner, complements the menus with world-class selections. Guests can choose from various cuisines ranging from Italian favorites at La Terrazza to contemporary Japanese at Kaiseki. Every dining area and setting contributes a distinct flair to the gastronomic adventure. For instance, at The Grill, passengers can cook their own fish and meat on volcanic rocks heated to 400 degrees. Whether it’s the six-course French feast at La Dame or the regional offerings at S.A.L.T Kitchen, the choices are vast and customizable. Sustainability is also a focus, with top-drawer caviar available anytime, anywhere, as a complimentary treat.

Judith L on Tripadvisor says, “Friends raved about this cruise line and now I know why. Everything is all inclusive taken care of from door to door. Fabulous shore excursions, great food, wine and even cooking classes. We were amazed at the service and attention to detail in every capacity. The menus changed with the port and were regionally inspired as was the wine served with it.” She adds, ” It never felt crowded. We loved SALT and the main dining room and usually took the buffet lunch so we could eat salad. Flights were business class as both are long haul. I used an app called “tripit” to record all of our reservations and it informed me way ahead of time that the flight would be slightly delayed and even told us what gate and carousel our luggage was on.

In summary, reviewers commend the cruise for its intricate menus, flexibility in dining options, and the authentic flavors offered across its restaurants. Silversea Cruises doesn’t just serve meals; it offers a multi-sensory dining experience that complements its luxurious surroundings.

Entertainment and Activities

entertainment and activities aboard Silversea Cruises

CruiseSRQ on Cruisecritic mentions, “First time sailing with SS (and Silver Moon) but have sailed on about a dozen other cruises including Seabourne and Oceania many times. Silversea, at least in our experience with this particular cruise was by far the best. 10/10. We were highly impressed. Good Entertainment” When the topic of entertainment and activities aboard Silversea Cruises arises, reviews indicate a well-curated array of options. With multiple lounges, bars, and designated entertainment spaces, the cruise aims to offer something for every taste. The pool area, complete with two whirlpools, often emerges as a social hub, seamlessly integrating relaxation with light activity. For those interested in a bit of knowledge infusion, S.A.L.T. lectures provide engaging culinary insights, while hands-on cooking classes immerse guests in regional recipes.

A notable mention is the Venetian Lounge, drawing sizable evening crowds and offering a more intimate experience with performances by the Voices of Silversea. If you’re in the mood for something different, guest artists frequently grace the stage at night with their specialized talents, be it on the violin or piano. Evening entertainment further diversifies with live music, shows, and even karaoke sessions. Let’s not forget the Fitness Centre, equipped for those seeking serious workouts, and the Deck 11 jogging track, a favorite among those looking to combine exercise with breathtaking views. With this range of offerings, Silversea successfully keeps the entertainment landscape varied and tailored to its discerning clientele.

Customer Service

afternoon tea butler service

As for customer service, the reviews draw a mostly radiant picture. The signature feature that many guests praise is the butler service. These well-trained professionals make it their mission to tailor the cruising experience to each individual’s preferences, right from breakfast orders to precise cocktail delivery times. It’s not just the high standards but the genuine warmth behind each interaction that resonates with guests. With a European attitude that starts with a welcome champagne flute, the crew prioritizes impeccable, discreet, and hospitable service.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. As addressed by Stella Layton on trustpilot, “A fab cruise on Silver Dawn spoilt by appalling customer support and service. We took the door to door option. Plane out cancelled and rescheduled by SAS unacceptably. Silverseas customer service in the UK shut …. My rep on holiday… eventually a contact… indicated which air flights would be preferable , by the time a response was received, rang at 8, response at 11, too late to get preferred flights.“, recent reviews have shed light on some challenges in customer communication, particularly around cancellation policies and flight clarifications. While not impacting the onboard experience per se, this has led to frustrations among repeat cruisers and members of the Venetian Club. These reviews suggest that the acquisition by Royal Caribbean Group may have introduced a degree of bureaucratic opacity that contrasts with the otherwise exquisite customer service experience. Thus, while the majority laud the meticulous attention to detail and personalized service, it would seem that there are some emerging areas in need of improvement to maintain the brand’s stellar reputation.

Why Is Silversea So Expensive?

all-inclusive packages at Silversea

The luxury and exclusivity offered by Silversea Cruises come at a premium price, and for good reason. Several factors contribute to its high cost, starting with all-inclusive packages that elevate the cruising experience to a whole new level. These packages often include not just meals and onboard activities, but also premium alcoholic beverages, gratuities, and excursions, offering a seamless vacation experience.

Another significant factor is the personalized service available to every suite. This highly trained staff provides an exceptional level of service, attending to every nuanced preference of the guests. The smaller ship sizes also mean fewer crowds and more personalized attention, making each journey feel intimate and exclusive.

Moreover, the cruise boasts unique itineraries, touching on over 900 global destinations, including remote and exotic locales that are less accessible by larger ships. The focus on destination immersion and cultural exploration, such as through the S.A.L.T. lectures and cooking classes, adds a rich layer of depth to the journey. The onboard amenities are equally extravagant, ranging from state-of-the-art Fitness Centres to multiple dining options featuring world-class cuisine. Prices fluctuate considerably, ranging from a mere $2,800 for a week-long journey from Colombia to Florida, up to a staggering $94,700 for a 125-day adventurous voyage from Chile to Norway. Additionally, Silversea has unique pricing options for solo voyagers on certain trips, allowing them to save money as opposed to shouldering the complete expense of a cabin designed for two.

Comparing Silversea Cruises with Other Luxury Cruise Lines

Silversea Comparison with Other Luxury Cruise Lines

Silversea Cruises sets itself apart with personalized service, intimate small-ship experiences, and all-inclusive packages. While rivals like Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn offer similar luxury, Silversea excels in global reach, touching over 900 destinations, and providing unique cultural programs like S.A.L.T. for an immersive travel experience.

Price Comparison

When it comes to pricing, Silversea is often on the higher end of the luxury cruise spectrum. This is largely due to its all-inclusive packages that cover everything from excursions to dining and even butler services. While Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn also offer all-inclusive packages, Silversea’s global reach and destination-focused activities often make it a more expensive option. If a wide-ranging, intimate, and highly personalized cruise experience is what you seek, the price tag of Silversea can be justified as an investment in unparalleled luxury. Silversea’s cruise prices are significantly steeper compared to other cruise operators. For instance, while you could embark on a 9-night European adventure with Royal Caribbean for an approximate starting price of £1,300 ($1,500) per person, a similar journey with Silversea is likely to begin at a much higher rate of around £6,000 ($6,900) per person.

Quality and Offerings

Silversea distinguishes itself through its commitment to quality and an expansive array of offerings. From a fleet of small, luxurious ships designed to navigate less-traveled ports to its exclusive S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Taste) program that allows passengers to dive deep into regional cuisines, the cruise sets a high bar. While Regent Seven Seas focuses on spacious all-suite accommodations and Seabourn offers a more relaxed, yacht-like atmosphere, Silversea strikes a balance by offering both spacious suites and a variety of onboard and shore activities. Their unique service adds a layer of personalized care that is unmatched, making each cruise a bespoke experience. In terms of quality and what’s offered, Silversea often edges out its competitors, providing a holistic luxury cruising experience.

The Verdict: Is Silver Seas Worth It?

Silversea Cruises offers a distinctive experience of luxury and personalized service, making it a top choice for travelers seeking more than just a getaway. With its focus on destination immersion through curated shore excursions and the unique S.A.L.T. program, Silversea appeals to those with an appetite for learning and exploration. The onboard environment leans more toward the understated elegance of Monte Carlo rather than the flashy atmosphere of Las Vegas. In that sense, it’s perfect for travelers who appreciate a quieter form of luxury, with the option for occasional live entertainment.

However, it might not be the right fit for everyone. If you prefer casual dressing at all times, enjoy highly structured spa activities, or are looking for high-energy social environments, Silversea may not meet your expectations. It’s also worth noting that the high price point is reflective of the premium services offered. But for those who value intimate settings, a range of thoughtfully designed activities, and unparalleled service, Silversea is worth every penny.

Practical Tips for Booking with Silversea Cruises

wave season is best time to book Silversea Cruise

Booking a cruise with Silversea is a decision that leans toward luxury, uniqueness and a quest for in-depth exploration. However, there are some key considerations to make your journey not just memorable, but also practical and value-driven. Below are some tips that can serve as a roadmap to your ultimate Silversea experience.

Best Times to Book

1. Wave Season: Generally, the first three months of the year, known as “Wave Season,” offer great deals and incentives on Silversea Cruises.

2. Last-Minute Deals: While not guaranteed, Silversea sometimes offers attractive last-minute discounts to fill empty cabins.

3. Off-Peak Seasons: Booking during shoulder seasons can give you more reasonable rates, although weather and destination suitability must also be considered.

4. Monitor Promotions: Keep an eye on Silversea’s website and subscribe to newsletters for exclusive promotions and special offers.

Silver Spirit the Award-Winning luxury cruise experience


From the plethora of Silversea Cruises reviews, it’s apparent that this luxury cruise line is not for everyone but holds immense appeal for a specific set of travelers. If you’re seeking refined elegance, high-quality customer service, and a focus on educational exploration, then Silversea could be the perfect match for you. The line excels in offering personalized experiences, from butler services to curated onshore activities.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for high-octane entertainment or prefer a more casual, informal atmosphere, you might find Silversea lacking in those departments. Price is a crucial factor as well; Silversea cruises tend to be more expensive, although the all-inclusive fare can make it a value proposition for some.

Silversea Cruises offers an unparalleled luxury experience, rich in personalized service and cultural depth. The line might be costly, but if it aligns with what you’re looking for, the experience could very well justify the expense. Always consider your preferences and weigh them against what Silversea uniquely offers.

Before finalizing your choice, we highly suggest perusing additional cruise reviews for a comprehensive perspective. For a more varied perspective, you may also want to check out reviews of other luxury cruise lines. Here are quick links to Reviews of Norwegian Epic and Celebrity Cruises Reviews.

Your ideal cruise experience is out there; it’s all about finding the right fit. Happy sailing!


What is Silversea Cruises known for?

Silversea Cruises is renowned for its luxurious, all-inclusive experience featuring personalized services like private butlers, high-end amenities, and curated onshore activities. The cruise places a premium on educational exploration and intimate experiences, often sailing to off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Is Silversea Cruises a luxury type of cruise?

Yes, Silversea Cruises is a luxury cruise line that focuses on offering an exclusive, high-end experience. With gourmet dining options, all-suite accommodations, and unparalleled customer service, Silversea provides a refined atmosphere for discerning travelers.

Is Silversea Cruises Adults Only?

Silversea Cruises is not exclusively for adults, but its atmosphere and offerings cater more to mature travelers. The cruise line’s focus on cultural enrichment and luxurious relaxation tends to attract an older, sophisticated clientele, although families with children are not restricted.