Have you ever dreamed of sunset salsa, moonlit mimosas, and waking up to new horizons, all while floating on the big blue? Dive into the untapped world of singles cruises over 40. It’s not merely relaxing poolside; it’s about creating a ripple! And before you ask, “Aren’t those cruises just floating speed-dating sessions for the recently retired?” – think again.

Choosing the best cruises for our vivacious voyagers is an art, a mix of rhythm, relaxation, and just the right amount of revelry. Ready to drop the anchor on those misconceptions and set sail towards uncharted fun? “Seas the day, especially when there’s a singles cruise playlist on repeat!”

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Are There Cruises for Singles Only?

Well, my solo explorers, the answer is a resounding “Aye aye, Captain!” In the vast ocean of cruise lines, there’s a special wave of offerings just for the singletons. Norwegian Cruise Line, for instance, stirred the waters with their solo cabins tailored for the lone voyager. These aren’t your granny’s single berths – think modern, chic, and just spacious enough for some solo dance-offs. And it doesn’t stop there!

The exclusive Studio Lounge aboard ships like the Norwegian Bliss is a haven for solo travelers to mingle without the fuss of the single supplement fee. So, in the realm of cruises for singles, you’re not just a drop in the ocean; you’re the whole wave!

Why Do Single People Go on Cruises?

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Let’s debunk a myth: Cruising isn’t solely the domain of honeymooners or families juggling a tribe of energetic toddlers. For single travelers, cruises present a treasure trove of experiences that tick more boxes than a dating profile’s checklist!

Firstly, it’s the ease: One booking and you get a parade of fascinating destinations without the rigmarole of constant packing and unpacking.

Secondly, ships like those from Holland America Line or Regent Seven Seas often offer eclectic evening entertainment, wine tastings, and even dance lessons. Not to mention, the sheer range of shore excursions can turn any solo trip into an adventure narrative.

Lastly, for the socially inclined, cruises are a vibrant hub, offering countless opportunities to mingle with fellow passengers. In short, for solo travelers, cruising is less about being alone and more about choosing your adventure – with a side of splendid sunsets and sundecks!

Benefits of a Single Cruise

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Ah, the joys of solo travel! And when it’s on a cruise ship, you’re in for an even bigger treat. Here’s why:

The Symphony of Self-Discovery

The freedom that comes with a single cruise is unparalleled. It’s just you, the sea, and endless horizons to chase. Every port, every shore excursion, is a chance for reflection, growth, and that delicious taste of independence. And with no itinerary set in stone, you can truly immerse in the rhythm of your desires, be it a tranquil river cruise down the Danube or a thrilling zipline across a Caribbean jungle.

Social Sailing

No, you won’t be the lonely sailor gazing at the sea. Cruises are a hotbed of social activity. Special cruise lines are well aware of the vibrant solo travelers community and they organize events and gatherings specifically tailored to foster connections. From themed nights to special solo traveler mixers, you’ll be clinking glasses with like-minded adventurers in no time. Who knows? Your next best friend or business partner might just be a cabin away!

Customized Cruise Comfort

When we talk about cruise-specific benefits for singles, we’re talking about more than just avoiding the single supplement fee. We’re talking studio cabins designed with the solo voyager in mind, exclusive access to lounges where you can relax with fellow singles, and a buffet of activities that cater to individual tastes. Plus, the cruise staff are adept at ensuring that the needs of single travelers are met, from dining arrangements in the main dining room to group excursions where solo doesn’t mean solitary.

In essence, a single cruise is less about traveling alone and more about embracing the world on your terms, with a little nudge of cruise luxury to sweeten the voyage!

Best Cruise Lines for Singles Over 40 for Solo Adventures

Let the oceanic odyssey of self-discovery begin! For younger travelers and those sailing solo and past the age of 40, these cruise lines are poised to offer exceptional experiences. The horizon beckons, let’s chart the course.

Cruise Lines for Singles Over 40

Norwegian Cruise Line

Trailblazers in the cruising cosmos, Norwegian Cruise Line was the first major cruise company to envision and introduce studio cabins designed especially for the unattached adventurer. Fancy a cozy yet stylish 100-square-foot space?

Their ships, including the famed Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Breakaway, and the Norwegian Epic, are ready to serve. Beyond the private quarters, the exclusive Studio Lounge becomes the heart of interaction, a confluence of conversations and clinks. And as night falls? The bars, lounges, and adult-only zones turn vibrant with events and live music resonating till the wee hours.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Elegance on the sea, Regent Seven Seas Cruises cater predominantly to a mature clientele, but their shorter sailings often find favor with the lively 40s and 50s age group. But worry not about feeling out of place. The luxury cruise line shines in its commitment to solo voyagers. With a suite of services ranging from dedicated hosts to bespoke excursions, single travelers never feel adrift.

A slew of discounts frequently welcomes solo sailors, with impressive reductions on single supplements. But the true allure? Their all-encompassing package. Think Wi-Fi, gourmet drinks, curated shore excursions, and gratuities, all enveloped in your booking. Pricey? Perhaps. Worth every penny? Absolutely.

Silversea Cruises

For those in quest of opulence and edification, Silversea Cruises sets the gold standard. As a luxury enclave for those over 40, it promises intimacy with its smaller ship size, focusing on adult-centric and enlightening activities. An exemplar? The onboard resident photographers guide you through the nuances of wildlife and landscape photography.

Every journey boasts a theme cruise with a unique theme, fueling fascinating dialogues among fellow passengers. But here’s a heads-up: while the lavishness is abundant, solo cabins are conspicuously absent. Solo cruisers might find themselves paying a single supplement ranging from 25% to 75%. Yet, with periodic promotions, savvy sailors might snag a deal where such fees are generously slashed.

Holland America Line

Charting a course through the complex waters of solo travel, Holland America Line casts a wide net with over forty tailored activities that foster interactions. Whether you are shaking up at the cocktail mixer, reveling in team trivia, or line-dancing your way into new friendships, the itinerary is pulsating with possibilities.

From grooving in the B.B. King’s Blues Club to indulging in the rock-infused ambiance of the Rolling Stone Rock Room, this line strikes a chord. For tranquil souls, the culinary delights of America’s Test Kitchen or the serenity offered by Oprah Magazine-branded activities like yoga and book clubs offer a refreshing break. However, for other solo travelers, cabins are a coveted commodity, majorly available on ships like the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. Early birds get the worm, or in this case, their solo haven.


Steeped in over 180 years of maritime legacy, Cunard is the epitome of British cruising opulence. Among its armada, the Queen Mary 2 stands tall, offering an unparalleled transatlantic experience. Every ship in the Cunard fleet boasts solo cabins, albeit in limited numbers, underscoring the importance of early reservations.

A unique feather in Cunard’s cap? It’s the lone cruise line that welcomes the furry companions of solo travelers on its Queen Mary 2 transatlantic escapades. Their four-tiered accommodation system — Britannia, Britannia Club, Princess Grill, and Queens Grill — is married to distinct dining experiences. And for the fashion-forward, Cunard’s stringent dress code and themed evenings like Black & White or Roaring Twenties offer a runway on the waves.

Singles Theme Cruises

For those eager to find harmony on the high seas, theme cruises are a resonating note. These tailored voyages curate a milieu of like-minded aficionados, be it music fanatics, serial TV show enthusiasts, or even paranormal enthusiasts. Companies like Vacations To Go or Singles Cruise lay out a variety of itineraries aimed at the mature voyager.

From religious-centered cruises like Amazing Journeys for Jewish singles or All Christian Cruises to the vibrant LGBTQ-friendly offerings by Atlantis, there’s a spectrum to choose from. And for the audacious, Temptation Cruises is set to unanchor its thrilling adults-only journey for the venturesome souls, embracing both singles and couples.

Adventure Canada

Navigating the untouched corners of our planet, Adventure Canada offers an immersive experience in the wilderness. With a focus on education and conservation, their voyages are a confluence of adventure and learning. Designed for the inquisitive traveler, these journeys explore remote terrains, fostering deep connections with nature and indigenous cultures.

Royal Caribbean

The dynamic essence of Royal Caribbean resonates with the spirited traveler, blending adrenaline with serenity. These cruises reimagine the vacation experience, oscillating between heart-pounding activities like surfing simulators and sky-diving experiences to more tranquil moments in the adults-only Solarium.

Beyond the thrill, the bars, lounges specialty dining, and casinos offer mature social spaces. Their range of solo cabins, spanning from interior to virtual balcony staterooms, is in high demand. Early booking is a wise strategy to secure these havens of solitude amidst the vibrant ship life.

AmaWaterways Cruises

For those eager to venture off the beaten oceanic path, AmaWaterways offers a serene passage through Europe’s lifeblood rivers. With intimate ship sizes, it’s an intricate dance of familiarity and discovery. Each port, be it the romantic Seine in Paris or the majestic Danube, invites exploration.

Complementing the scenic beauty, activities like riverbank cycling or gastronomic tours enrich the experience. Their commitment to service and value positions them as a top pick for solo travelers over 40, yearning for an enriching voyage.

P&O Cruises

Sailing with a legacy, P&O Cruises caters to diverse traveler desires. While their fleet is expansive, the Arcadia and Aurora stand out as adult-only ships, resonating with the mature solo voyager. Meanwhile, the Britannia boasts the crown for cruise ships with the most solo cabins, with 27 distinguished spots, and 15 flaunting balconies.

Ideally positioned on the Lido deck, these cabins do beckon a cautionary note for those susceptible to seasickness. And for those pondering the age of the ships, rest easy. Both Arcadia and Aurora are set to be rejuvenated in the upcoming years, ensuring a blend of tradition and modern luxury.

Choosing the Ideal Singles Cruises Over 40

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Embarking on a cruise as a solo traveler over 40 requires thoughtful decision-making. First and foremost, identify your key interests: Is it a specific destination, or perhaps the allure of a long, tranquil voyage? Duration plays a role; do you envision a quick escape or an extended journey?

Next, dissect onboard amenities. Are you captivated by luxury spas or perhaps intellectual seminars? Of course, your budget matters, ensuring your choices align with your financial comfort.

Several cruise lines shine in catering to the solo voyager over 40, such as Silversea and AmaWaterways, distinguished not just for their facilities, but also for their solo-friendly programs. Yet, the pivotal aspect remains personal preference. Your cruise should echo your passions, be it culture, adventure, relaxation, or all combined. After all, it’s your journey; ensure it resonates deeply with your spirit.

Is Cruising Alone Expensive?

Is Cruising Alone Expensive

Cruising solo can sometimes carry a higher price tag due to the “single supplement” fees many cruise lines charge. This supplement is a way for cruise companies to compensate for not having the usual two passengers in a cabin, both contributing to onboard spending. However, the trend is shifting.

Recognizing the growing market of solo travelers, several cruise lines now offer dedicated single cabins, eliminating or reducing these extra costs. Additionally, periodic promotions may waive these fees. While cruising alone can be pricier than sharing a cabin, the experience offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility. The key is to research and find cruise deals tailored to solo travelers, ensuring both an affordable and memorable voyage.

Safety Considerations for Solo Travelers

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Embarking on a solo cruise is a journey of self-exploration and freedom. However, the shimmering waters and exotic ports shouldn’t overshadow the paramount importance of safety. As solo voyagers chart their course, the autonomy and thrill come with unique challenges.

While the call for adventure is compelling, being well-prepared and conscious of potential risks ensures a smooth voyage. From safeguarding personal belongings to navigating new terrains confidently, this guide illuminates safety’s beacon for every lone traveler.

  • Prioritize Safety: Emphasize the need to always put safety first, given the potential vulnerabilities of solo travel.
  • Awareness is Key: Familiarize oneself with the ship’s layout and participate in all safety drills. Stay vigilant in unfamiliar environments.
  • Protect Personal Items: Use onboard safes for valuables and consider secure bags when exploring ashore.
  • Prioritize Health: Stay updated with health guidelines, practice good hygiene, and report any health concerns promptly.
  • Address Loneliness and Targeting Concerns: Engage in group activities or excursions to foster connections. Share your plans with a trusted individual.
  • Bottom Line: While solo cruising offers an unparalleled experience of self-discovery, it’s crucial to balance this adventure with safety mindfulness.


Navigating the vast expanse of the open seas on a cruise as a solo traveler is undeniably an exhilarating experience. It promises adventures, new friendships, and personal growth. Yet, as with any journey, it’s imperative to strike a balance between the thrill of exploration and the safeguarding of one’s well-being.

By staying informed, prioritizing safety, and choosing the right cruise tailored to individual preferences, solo cruisers can truly savor the essence of their voyage. Remember, while the allure of the horizon beckons, it’s the peace of mind and memorable experiences that make every journey worthwhile. As you set sail on your next adventure, let preparedness and prudence be your trusty co-passengers. Safe travels!


Do single people meet on cruises?

Absolutely! Cruises are a popular venue for single individuals to meet new people, whether it’s through specially curated singles events, shared excursions, or even casual interactions at dining areas, bars, and entertainment zones traditional cruise too. The communal nature of cruise ships fosters camaraderie and allows people to form new friendships and connections.

How old are people on singles cruises?

The age range on single cruises can vary widely based on the specific cruise line and itinerary. While some cruises cater to a younger crowd, others might target travelers over 40 or even 50. It’s always a good idea to check the target demographic of a tour company or particular cruise to ensure it aligns with your preferences.

How much is a cruise single?

The expense for an individual on a cruise can vary based on aspects such as the cruise operator, destination, length of the trip, and the kind of cabin chosen. Some cruise lines offer “solo cabins” which are designed specifically for single travelers and may be more affordable than regular cabins. However, some cruises might charge a “single supplement,” which is an additional fee for travelers occupying a cabin alone.