Ever wondered, in a Disney-esque twist, which enchanting vessel is the fairest of them all? I’ve been there, and let me tell you, it’s like stepping into a fairy tale at sea. The Disney Cruise Line has everything from the classic Disney Dream to the latest, the Disney Wish. Each ship is unique, just like finding the right fit for Cinderella’s slipper is key to her story.

With unmatched entertainment, dining, and activities, every Disney cruise offers a magical experience that’s truly worth it. So, let’s dive in and find out which Disney cruise ship is the perfect match for your dream vacation!”

What Are the Top 5 Disney Cruise Ships?

While every ship in the Disney fleet casts its own spell of wonder, after delving into the details, guest reviews, and the unique enchantments each offers, I’ve conjured up the top 5 best ships. This lineup is the crème de la crème, the ultimate Disney cruise dream team if you will.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship

Set sail on the Disney Wish, the newest star in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, launched in 2022. Departing from Port Canaveral, FL, she offers delightful 3- and 4-night escapes to the Bahamas.

The Disney Wish is a marvel of modern cruising, stretching an impressive 1,119 feet and boasting a gross tonnage of 144,000. It’s not just the size that’s awe-inspiring; it’s what’s inside that counts. With 1,254 staterooms designed for comfort and a crew of 1,555 dedicated to ensuring a joyous journey, every aspect of the Disney Wish is crafted to make your cruise experience unforgettable.

disney wish animation with rapunzel

As for dining, you’ll be swept away on a culinary carousel, from the Frozen delights of Arendelle to the heroics at Worlds of Marvel. Want something classic? Try 1923 for a taste of old Hollywood. And for adults, there’s the fancy Palo Steakhouse and the cool Hyperspace Lounge to relax in at night.

If you love excitement and dreaming big like I do, check out the AquaMouse. It’s a super fun water ride like no other. You’ll also see amazing shows based on favorites like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Plus, the Walt Disney Theatre has all kinds of great shows to watch.

Disney Wish truly shines with its youth-focused revelries. From the Marvel Superhero Academy to the Star Wars Cargo Bay, young adventurers can forge their epic tales. For the littlest ones, the It’s a Small World Nursery and Toy Story Splash Zone offer a kingdom of fun, while tweens and teens have exclusive realms at Edge and Vibe.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Disney Fantasy is one of the seasoned stars of the Disney fleet and takes you on amazing seven-night Caribbean adventures. This ship is huge, over 1,100 feet long, and can carry around 2,500 guests. But don’t worry, with 1,400 crew members, you’ll feel like they’re there just for you.

Eating on the Fantasy is a whole adventure in itself. They’ve got this cool rotational dining thing where you get to try different restaurants. At Animator’s Palate, you’ll see some awesome technology in action, and the Royal Court feels like a romantic fairy tale. If you just want to grab something quick, there are plenty of casual spots on the decks. And for a fancy night out? Check out Palo and Remy – they’re just for adults and oh-so elegant.

disney fantasy animation with dumbo

The Fantasy is no stranger to innovation either, boasting its own signature water ride, the AquaDuck. The Europa district stands out as a nightlife haven, with each venue themed to a different European country, offering adults a slice of continental flair.

Disney Magic Cruise Ship

The Disney Magic stands as the fleet’s grand dame, having set sail on her maiden voyage in 1998. As the original Disney cruise ship, she exudes a classic charm that is both nostalgic and timeless. At a length of 984 feet and a gross tonnage of 83,338, the Magic offers a more intimate experience for 2,700 guests, with a dedicated crew of 945.

Dining on the Disney Magic is a delightful journey through the ship’s rotational dining system. Guests can savor the flavors of Northern Italian cuisine at Palo, or enjoy the family-friendly ambiance of Lumiere’s, Rapunzel’s Royal Table, and Animator’s Palate. Each venue is themed to create dining experiences that are not only about the food but also about making lasting memories.

disney magic cruise ship docked

The Magic truly lives up to her name with a plethora of entertainment and activities. From Broadway-style shows to glittering fireworks, and character meet-and-greets to state-of-the-art movie theaters, every moment onboard is filled with wonder. Adults can enjoy a night out at the sophisticated Fathoms, while the Walt Disney Theater and Buena Vista Theater offer entertainment for all ages.

For the young and the young at heart, Disney Magic provides an array of activities. It’s a Small World Nursery and the dynamic Oceaneer Club and Lab cater to the little ones, while The Edge and The Vibe offer cool hangouts for tweens and teens.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship

The Disney Dream, a relatively recent addition to the Disney Cruise Line, beckons families since 2011 with 3 to 5-day getaways to the Bahamian shores. Measuring a sleek 1,114 feet and boasting a gross tonnage of 83,000, the Dream comfortably houses up to 2,500 guests, with room for 4,000 in total attendance, supported by 1,458 crew members.

The ship’s dining options are a tapestry of taste and storytelling. With rotational dining venues like Animator’s Palate, Royal Palace, and Enchanted Garden, each meal becomes a stage for a new culinary story. For those craving a casual snack, options abound with Cabanas, Flo’s Café, and others, while Palo and Remy offer an exclusive upscale dining experience.

disney dream cruise ship docked

Entertainment aboard the Disney Dream is as innovative as it is immersive. With digital sports simulators, a miniature golf course, and courts for basketball and volleyball, there’s no shortage of activity. The pools and nightclubs pulse with life, inviting guests to make a splash or dance the night away.

For the kids, the Dream is a floating paradise with dedicated spaces like It’s a Small World Nursery, Oceaneer Club, and Lab. Tweens and teens have their own cool escapes at Edge and Vibe, making the Disney Dream a place where every family member finds their slice of heaven at sea.

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

The Disney Wonder, taking its inaugural sail in 1999, is the cherished sister ship to the Disney Magic, carrying with it a storied legacy on the seas. Measuring a stately 974 feet with a gross tonnage of 83,000, the Wonder offers a cozy retreat for 2,400 guests, complemented by the attentive service of 950 crew members.

Aboard the Disney Wonder, dining is more than just a meal; it’s an expedition. The rotational dining system takes guests on a flavorful voyage from the undersea elegance of Triton’s to the New Orleans charm of Tiana’s Place, and the animated artistry of Animator’s Palate. For an elevated dining experience, Palo and Remy present exquisite options for those seeking a more upscale gastronomic delight.

close up photo of disney wonder cruise ship

The ship is a treasure trove of entertainment and leisure activities. Guests can unwind at the Crown & Fin Pub, revel in the Broadway-caliber production of Frozen: A Musical Spectacular, or indulge in the tranquil Senses Spa and Salon. With theaters, lounges, and bars dotting the ship, there’s a corner of merriment for everyone.

For younger sailors, the Disney Wonder is a floating wonderland. The It’s a Small World Nursery, Oceaneer Club, and Lab offer immersive experiences tailored for different age groups.

Meanwhile, The Edge and The Vibe provide tweens and teens with their own exclusive spaces to explore, socialize, and enjoy their voyage to the fullest. This ship truly embodies the spirit of discovery and family fun that is synonymous with Disney.

What Is Common in All Disney Cruises?

Across all the ships in the Disney fleet, there are signature experiences that ensure your journey at sea is sprinkled with the classic Disney touch. First and foremost, Disney is renowned for its great service; every crew member is dedicated to making your stay as magical as the destinations you explore.

Each ship boasts movie theaters showing first-run Disney movies, inviting you to enjoy the latest releases in a cinematic paradise. You can take a dip in themed swimming pools or enjoy ice cream any time of the day, indulging in the sweet taste of unlimited joy.

Special nights like the Pirate Theme Night transform the ship into a buccaneer’s haven, while adults can find solace in exclusive areas designed just for them. For relaxation and rejuvenation, visit the onboard spas and fitness areas.

pluto mascot taking a selfie

Dining is a delight, with rotational dining systems and bountiful buffets offering a world of flavors. Disney Character Meet and Greets bring smiles to faces, young and old alike, creating photo opportunities with beloved characters. Onboard stores offer a treasure trove of souvenirs, ensuring you can take a piece of the magic home.

Your Key to the World Card is your passport to convenience onboard, while the Sail Away Deck Parties kick off your voyage with energy and excitement. Youth Clubs provide kids with their own adventures, and for those who enjoy a tipple, a selection of alcohol is available.

For guests seeking a touch of luxury, Concierge Lounges offer an exclusive escape. Each ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet offers these wonders and more, ensuring that your cruise is an unforgettable adventure from start to finish.

What Are the Best Destinations for a Disney Cruise?

While aboard a Disney ship, the world unfolds before you with a variety of enchanting destinations, each offering its own unique magic. Individual preferences may vary, but some locations stand out as fan favorites for their breathtaking vistas and immersive experiences.

Alaska cruises present a rugged beauty, where glaciers and wildlife create a backdrop of awe-inspiring natural wonder. The Mediterranean voyages whisk you away to the cradle of civilization, where ancient history and modern charm blend seamlessly. For a tropical retreat, the Bahamas beckons with its crystal-clear waters and sun-kissed beaches, a stone’s throw from Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

aurora borealis on top of snowy mountains at night

The Western Caribbean offers a kaleidoscope of cultures and vistas, from mysterious Mayan ruins to vibrant coral reefs. For those with a taste for adventure, itineraries that explore Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji offer a journey through lands of storied tradition and natural splendors. Meanwhile, the majestic fjords of Norway bring to life the landscapes that inspired “Frozen,” and the sunny shores of Cabo promise relaxation and fun in the sun.

What’s the Best Disney Cruise Ships for Everyone?

Choosing the best Disney cruise ship is akin to selecting the right spell for the occasion—what enchants one traveler may differ from another. Whether you’re an adult seeking serenity, a family weaving memories, or a couple charting a course for romance, there’s a ship in the Disney Armada that beckons you to come aboard. Let’s navigate through the various categories to find the Disney cruise ship that fits like a glass slipper. And remember, packing for your Disney cruise is key; include comfortable attire for daytime adventures and elegant options for themed evenings.

Disney Fantasy: For Adults

For adults, Disney Fantasy beckons with its adult-focused amenities and experiences that provide an escape within an escape. The ship caters to adult sensibilities with its blend of sophistication and whimsy. Character interactions add a touch of nostalgia, while the cabin designs offer a sanctuary of comfort and style.

couple walking along a dock

Exclusive areas such as the Quiet Cove Pool and the Europa district become havens of tranquility and evening entertainment, away from the jubilant energy of family spaces. Reflecting Disney’s family-friendly ethos, there are no casinos on board, ensuring a focus on wholesome entertainment and relaxation. Whether it’s sipping a cocktail at an upscale bar or enjoying the quiet of an adult-only lounge, the Disney Fantasy tailors the cruise experience to those seeking a more mature kind of magic.

Disney Wish: For Kids and Family

The Disney Wish is the fleet’s crown jewel for families, kids, teens, tweens, babies, and toddlers. With tailored experiences that cater to every member of the family, the ship ensures that everyone, from the smallest toddler to the most discerning teen, finds their slice of Disney delight. The staterooms are designed with families in mind, offering flexible configurations and magical touches that leave kids wide-eyed.

kids looking out the ocean on a cruise deck

Character interactions become treasured memories, and the top-deck activities invite families to share laughter and thrills. Themed dining experiences like the Worlds of Marvel and Arendelle immerse families in storytelling with every bite, making the Disney Wish a floating fantasy come to life.

Disney Magic: For Solo Travelers

The Disney Magic, as the oldest and smallest vessel, offers an intimate experience that’s perfect for solo cruisers. Its well-appointed cabins provide a cozy refuge to retreat to after a day of exploration. Dining on the Disney Magic can be a solo adventure or a social affair, with opportunities to join other single travelers at meal times.

woman wearing a white dress on a cruise deck

Alternative dining options and a host of social opportunities mean that solo guests can find camaraderie at sea if they wish. From quiet spots on the deck to enjoying a book to bars and shows where you can mingle, the Magic is the ideal companion for those embarking on a solo voyage.

Disney Wonder: For West Coast Cruisers

The Disney Wonder is the ship of choice for West Coast cruisers, offering departures from California and Vancouver. It’s a vessel that understands the lure of the Pacific, providing high standards of service, food, and entertainment that resonate with the laid-back West Coast vibe.

disney cruise ship docked in port canaveral
Image source: orlandomeeting.com

Specialized routes and seasonal sailings such as trips to Baja California or the breathtaking vistas of Alaska during the summer and fall make the Wonder a local favorite. Its itineraries are crafted to showcase the best of the West, making it the perfect ship for those who wish to sail closer to home.

Disney Dream: For Long Voyages

For those desiring longer voyages, the Disney Dream is the ship that dares to dream big. It offers extended cruises that touch the storied shores of the Mediterranean and the rugged coasts of Northern Europe. Guests aboard the Dream are treated to unique port calls that read like a roster of legendary locales: Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Athens, and more.

disney cruise ship docked beside cranes

While European cruises depart from within the continent, it’s essential to consider flight costs and travel arrangements to reach these ports of embarkation. The Disney Dream is for the wanderlust-filled traveler eager to marry the comforts of a Disney cruise with the thrill of international exploration.


In the world of Disney Cruise Line, there’s a perfect ship for every traveler. The Disney Fantasy enchants adults with exclusive retreats and sophisticated entertainment. The Disney Wish crafts a wonder-filled realm for families, with activities and dining that delight every age. Solo adventurers find a friend in the Disney Magic, offering intimate spaces and opportunities to mingle.

To accommodate varying budgets, pricing for each ship is thoughtfully structured, ensuring a magical experience regardless of the chosen vessel. The Disney Wonder calls to West Coast cruisers with its regional routes and homeport convenience. Lastly, the Disney Dream beckons to those seeking expansive horizons with its longer, culturally rich itineraries. Each ship sails with its unique charm, ensuring that your Disney cruise is as unforgettable as the stories that inspired them.


Which Disney cruise ship is the newest?

The title of the newest Disney cruise ship is proudly held by the Disney Wish, a beacon of modernity and innovation within the Disney Cruise Line’s fleet. Launched with fanfare in 2022, it takes Disney cruises to a new horizon of enchantment. However, this sparkling jewel will share the spotlight with The Disney Treasure, set to launch in 2024.

Which part of the ship is best on a Disney cruise?

On a Disney cruise, the prime real estate lies at the very front or the very back of the ship, where the rhythm of the waves serenades you. The middle floors strike a balance, offering stability and convenience close to the main dining rooms and the heart of the ship’s activities. Here, the essence of Disney’s seafaring adventure blends with comfort, making it a cherished spot for many Disney fans

What is the most modern Disney cruise ship?

The Disney Wish stands as the most modern vessel in the Disney Cruise Line’s fleet. It’s a ship where Disney dreams blend with state-of-the-art technology, including features like the first Disney attraction at sea and spaces like the Walt Disney Imagineering Lab. Marvel Super Hero Academy and the Frozen Dining Adventure are just a few of the modern marvels that make the Disney Wish a contemporary floating paradise.

What is Disney’s largest cruise ship?

Disney’s largest cruise ship is the Disney Wish, a true leviathan of the seas within the Disney Cruise Line’s fleet. It boasts the most extensive tonnage and a plethora of cutting-edge features, making it not only the largest but also a frontrunner in innovative maritime experiences. From the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge to the first-run Disney movies in the theaters, the Wish elevates the Disney cruise experience to new heights.