Life is much like a Carnival Cruise, and sodas are those fizzy moments that keep us afloat. Yet, as we embark on this journey of high seas and thrilling experiences, there’s an often-bubbling question that tickles our curiosity – ‘Can you bring soda on a Carnival Cruise?’

You may be the ‘pack-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink’ kind of cruiser or the one who simply cannot do without their favorite carbonated companion. Either way, knowing the Carnival Cruise’s policy on bringing soda can spell the difference between a seamless boarding experience and a sudden ‘soda-mergency’.

Navigating these policies is more than just a trivial pursuit; it’s your ticket to a smoother, hassle-free voyage. So pop the cap off your curiosity as we dive deep into the frothy world of Carnival Cruise’s beverage policies, focusing particularly on our fizzy friend – the humble soda. Buckle up, folks, it’s going to be a bubbly ride!

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Can You Bring Soda on Carnival Cruise?

The Carnival Cruise Line, known for its fun ships and even funner policies, extends a warm, effervescent welcome to your beloved non-alcoholic beverages in a small quantity. Yes, you read that right! Your precious cargo of soda, sparkling water, energy drinks, juice, and even milk packaged in cans or cartons can hitch a ride with you.

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Now, when we say a “small quantity,” we’re talking about a maximum of 12 cans/cartons per person. Say, you’re a dynamic duo set for a seafaring adventure, you could bring 24 cans/cartons combined,(nu-uh, we are not giving you any ideas) provided none of them house the naughty nectar of alcohol.

Why such a policy, you might ask? Well, it’s a simple strategy to balance guest satisfaction with the logistical and safety challenges that come with cruising. And with the price of non-alcoholic drinks on most cruise lines now dancing between $2 to $4, this policy is less of a rule and more of a secret lifesaver, rescuing your wallet from going overboard.

The catch, you might ask? As if walking the plank, bottles of wine are strictly prohibited from boarding. But fear not, thirsty traveler, Carnival has your hydration at heart. For about $10, you may arrange delivery of a 12-pack of water bottles to your hotel. Think of it as room service for your parched palate, without the hassle of lugging it around.

No significant revisions to the Carnival’s Official Policy have been made, according to the most recent wind direction. But remember, it’s always a good idea to check the official website for the most recent policy updates before you embark! After doing so, you can cruise on, dear comrades of cans and cartons, your path is clear, and the horizon is fizzy.

Comparison with Other Cruise Lines’ Policies

Let’s set our sights beyond the Carnival horizon and take a quick tour around the policies of some other major cruise lines. Why? Because knowledge is power, and power can help you steer clear of any soda-related mishaps!

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Royal Caribbean Cruise

First stop, the Royal Caribbean! They once had a policy as firm as the captain’s handshake – no beverages allowed on board. However, times have changed, and so has Royal Caribbean’s policy. On the day of boarding, they now kindly permit visitors to bring along non alcoholic beverages in their carry-on luggage. The permitted quantity is up to 12 standard cans, bottles, or cartons per stateroom, and each can be as large as 17 ounces. And yes, you heard it right – unlike Carnival Cruise Line, they allow bottles. So if you’re more of a bottle person, the Royal Caribbean might be your oceanic ally.

Royal Caribbean’s policy: There is a limit of 12 cans, cartons, or wine bottles (17 ounces or fewer) per cabin.

Princess Cruises

Next, we sail to the Princess Cruises. Their drink policy might be a bit of a treasure hunt, buried deep within the passenger contract. But don’t worry, we’ve got the map! Just like Carnival, they allow guests to sail with a small quantity of non alcoholic beverages such as sparkling water, soft drinks, juice, and milk in cans or containers on the day of sailing. This little amount equates to no more than 12 sealed, undamaged cans or cartons of a maximum of 12 ounces apiece per individual. However, you must carry these treasures in your hand luggage (checked luggage is a no-no!). Also, similar to Carnival, they raise the red flag on drinks in bottles.

Princess’s policy: Up to 12 cans or cartons of non-alcoholic drinks may be brought by passengers. Bottled beverages are not permitted.

As we continue to cruise and begins our journey through the sparkling seas of soda policies, let’s drop our anchor at Norwegian Cruise Line and Disney Cruise Line.

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Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line once had a laissez-faire attitude toward wine onboard too, allowing guests to bring drinks aboard. However, much like the tide, policies change, and now, guests are strictly prohibited from bringing any beverages on board. This includes all alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, i.e., sparkling water. For medical gadgets or baby formula, exceptions are made for pure or distilled water in sealed containers, but the cruise line must first give its permission.

So, soda lovers, you may have to bid a temporary adieu to your fizzy friends when boarding a Norwegian ship. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the reunion at the end of the cruise will be even sweeter!

Norwegian Cruise Line policy: No alcoholic beverages may be taken on board.

Disney Cruise Line

Next, let’s set sail for the magical world of Disney Cruise Line. Disney keeps things a little mysterious, not mentioning whether non-alcoholic beverages are allowed or not. However, they do provide soda and water at no charge at the onboard beverage stations, making it one of the few cruise lines that offer free soda. However, if you’re one to enjoy your favorite beverage brand, reports suggest you can bring your soda and water, as long as they’re unopened and packed in your carry-on luggage, NOT in your checked suitcases. There’s no clear limit mentioned, but moderation is key – no need to pack enough soda to fill up Goofy’s swimming pool.

Disney Cruise Line policy: There are non-alcoholic drinks available on the ship, including soda. There is an alcohol allowance is no mention of them being prohibited when boarding.

Cruise lines might differ in their policies, but our love for cruises (and soda) unites us all. So, pack accordingly, follow the rules, and you’re all set to cruise ships sip and sail! Cheers to that!

Other Restrictions and Limitations Onboard a Carnival Cruise

Stashing away a few alcoholic beverages in your carry-on luggage and sneaking onboard a mini-bar might be your pirate fantasy, but unfortunately, the maritime law of Carnival Cruise strictly prohibits this smuggler’s endeavor. Unless it’s a sealed bottle of wine or champagne for a special occasion on embarkation day, your nonalcoholic beverage stowaways will be walking the plank!

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Next on our checklist is the bottled bonanza. From bottled water to soft drinks or even your finest sparkling water, glass bottles are considered contraband onboard. Fear not, water worshippers! Carnival Cruise Line offers a 12-pack of bottled water to your cabin for about $10. They’ve got your hydration sorted!

On the non-alcoholic beverages front, energy drinks and milk packaged in either cans or cartons may get a green flag, albeit in a small quantity. The limit set by Carnival is 12 sealed-up unopened cans or cartons that are each 12 ounces or less. It’s enough to fuel your dance-off on the deck or keep your breakfast cereal company.

But what if your choice of alcoholic beverage only is for a medical purpose? Surely, you can’t be expected to compromise on health? Indeed, you can’t! Always call the cruise line in advance of your vacation to inquire about their policy. They might be able to help you organize everything you require on the ship or make an exception for reasons related to health. After all, health is wealth, even on vacation!

Lastly, for fans of back-to-back cruises, remember that the beverage policy applies per cruise. So, if you’re on a consecutive cruise, you’ll need to enjoy your beverages during the first leg of the journey and replenish for the next.

What Happens Once You Get Caught Violating the Soda Policy?

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You’re feeling a little rebellious and decide to sneak a bottle of your favorite cola, neatly wrapped in your checked luggage. It’s all fun and games until you get caught. In the realm of Carnival Cruise Line, breaking the soda policy is not taken lightly, nor does it lead to a friendly “soda summit”.

When you arrive at the cruise port and go through the security process, your luggage undergoes rigorous checks too. If they detect you’re smuggling more than your fair share of soda cans, or (shiver me timbers) bottled beverages, there’s no “walk the plank” moment, but the forbidden items will be confiscated. It’s a scenario that leaves you with a feeling akin to being caught with your hand in the cookie jar – embarrassing and a bit of a buzzkill.

But wait, there’s more! The plot thickens for those attempting to sneak alcohol onboard. If your idea of a relaxing cruise includes concealing alcoholic beverages in innocent soda cans, brace yourself for some drama. The items get seized and not returned, and you might even face further consequences – nothing that screams “vacation” like a good telling-off, right?

In a nutshell, violating the soda policy won’t land you on a cruise ship or jail or leave you marooned on a desert island. Still, it could lead to an awkward conversation and possibly a less fizzy experience than you’d planned.

Remember, folks, the Carnival Cruise Line policies are there for a reason. Stick to the rules, enjoy the ample non-alcoholic drinks available, and make your cruise a splash hit without the soda shenanigans!

Tips on How to Efficiently Pack Soda for a Carnival Cruise

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Planning a trip on the Carnival Cruise and wondering how to pack those 12 cans of soda? Say no more, matey! Start by wrapping each can in a soft item like a T-shirt or socks. It not only protects your clothes from any potential soda explosions but also serves as excellent padding. Ditch the plastic bottles and stick to the can-do attitude! Pack them in your carry-on luggage. If you’re going back-to-back cruises, make sure you’ve only got 12 cans per embarkation day to avoid any soda mishaps. Lastly, keep ’em sealed and unopened. Following these tips, your embarkation day will go smoother than a well-poured root beer! Bon Voyage and sip responsibly, folks!

Available Beverage Packages on Carnival Cruise

Bottomless Bubbles is Carnival’s unlimited soda program where, for a daily flat rate, you can enjoy all the soda and juices your heart desires. It’s like a soda festival, but every day! The pricing? For adults, it’s a mere $8.50 per day, and for children, it’s $5.95. To purchase, you can pre-order online, or you can also purchase onboard at any of the bars or through room service.

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Let’s weigh in on the pros and cons now. On the pro side, you get unlimited soda and juice. Great news for people who enjoy their carbonated beverages like a fish enjoying the water! You also save a good deal if you drink more than three to four drinks a day.

On the downside, for light soda drinkers, the package may not offer much value. Plus, you’ll have to buy the package for the entire cruise duration, and it’s applied to everyone in the cabin over 17 years old. So, if your roommate prefers bottled water, they may be out of luck. Also, note that an 18% gratuity is added to the price of the program.


All right, folks, let’s wrap this fizzy journey up. We’ve navigated the sea of Carnival Cruise Line’s soda policy, making a pit stop at the can-and-carton-friendly land.

When compared to other cruise lines, Carnival’s policy is quite generous, offering you a lot of sippin’ freedom. Keep in mind though, bending the rules may lead to your drinks walking the plank! And finally, if carrying a soda stash feels like a chore, Carnival’s Bottomless Bubbles program is your ticket to unlimited bubbly bliss!

So, prospective seafarers, whether you pack your soda or opt for a beverage package, remember, it’s all about having a bubbly good time on the high seas! Safe and fun sailing to you all!


Can you still bring 12 packs of soda on Carnival Cruise?

Absolutely! Each passenger on a Carnival Cruise Line ship is allowed to bring on a maximum of 12 sealed-up unopened cans and cartons of non-alcoholic drinks, like soda. Just remember, these need to be stashed in your carry-on luggage.

How much soda can you take on a Carnival Cruise?

For each participant is allowed to bring along up to 12 sealed, undamaged cans or cartons of non-alcoholic drinks that are no larger than 12 ounces. If you’ve got a roommate, that means a total of 24 cans or cartons of soft drinks can be brought onboard. Soda party, anyone?

Can I take soft drinks on Carnival Cruise?

Of course, Up to 12 bottles or cartons of nonalcoholic beverages, especially soft drinks, are allowed for carry-on by each passenger on a Carnival cruise. Just be sure they’re sealed, unopened, and in your carry-on luggage. Remember, it’s a no-go for plastic bottles.