Hydrate to celebrate! Nothing bobs the boat like the bubbling excitement of a Carnival Cruise. But as the sun bakes a golden tan onto your skin and the salty sea air fills your lungs, you’ll need more than excitement to stay afloat. Yes, we’re talking about water – the lifeblood of every happy cruiser!

Amid the flurry of packing your nautical attire and sunscreens, you might be pondering the question – “Can you bring water on Carnival Cruise?” Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you navigate these waters smoothly. Let’s dive into the ocean of Carnival Cruise’s hydration policies, because, at the end of the day, everyone needs to stay ship-shape and ocean-ready!

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Carnival Cruise Line’s Beverage Policies: Can You Bring Water on Carnival Cruise?

“Don’t be all at sea about Carnival Cruise Line’s beverage policies. Aboard this floating paradise, they understand the thirst of the fun-seeking sailors. The Carnival Cruise is fairly liberal with its non-alcoholic beverages policy. You can bring a bit of your hydration station. As commonly stated, ‘On the day of departure, passengers can carry a modest amount of non-alcoholic drinks (including sparkling water, sodas, juices, and even milk!) in their hand luggage.’

The rules indicate these should be enclosed in cans or cartons, not bottles, with a cap of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces or less, per individual. So, yes, you can bring water on a Carnival Cruise, as long as you play by the rules! But remember, for those bringing alcoholic beverages, it’s a different game altogether.

Changes to Carnival’s Water Policy Over Time

Ahoy, let’s journey back in time and see how Carnival’s water policy has evolved. In the golden age of cruising, passengers could board with all sorts of beverages, and bottles gleaming in their luggage. However, in 2015, Carnival had to tighten the cap on this policy. Now, why this change, you ask?

Well, the plot twist wasn’t so much about the water, as it was about alcoholic beverages cleverly disguised in water bottles. Some maverick cruisers were smuggling alcohol onboard, causing security concerns and revenue loss for the company.

In response, Carnival made an ‘all hands on deck’ decision and prohibited the carrying of any bottled beverages. This led to clear, unambiguous rules about non-alcoholic beverages, including our water bottles, to ensure everyone stayed on the right side of the ship’s law, thus transforming the way we hydrate while we cruise!

How to Bring Your Water Onboard

Okay, you’ve made it through the swarming crowds at the dock and you’re ready to board your vessel – the majestic Carnival Cruise ship! Here’s a little treasure map to guide you on bringing your trusty water onboard.

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Step 1: First things first, remember Carnival’s key rule: water must be packaged in cans or cartons, and they should be sealed and unopened. So, skip the plastic bottles and opt for canned or carton water instead. Each one should be 12 sealed unopened cans (12 ounces).

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Step 2: Now, pack your treasure trove of water into your carry-on luggage. That’s right, your checked luggage won’t cut it. The crew needs to see your stash during the boarding and security process. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with them!

Add a layer of bubble wrap

Step 3: If you’re worried about cans denting or cartons squashing, consider adding a layer of bubble wrap for protection. It’s like adding a buoyancy aid for your water supply – plus, it makes for a fun popping game later!

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Step 4: Don’t forget, you’re allowed to bring one 12-pack per person on the carnival cruise line. So, if you’re cruising with your better half or the entire family, multiply your water and other non-alcoholic beverages allowances accordingly.

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Step 5: Keep in mind the boarding process can be quite a juggle. To make things easier, pack your water towards the top of your carry-on bag. That way, it’s easy to show to security without having to unpack your entire luggage. It’s not a juggling act anymore, right? Once onboard, store your water in your room. The ship’s crew are real sticklers for the rules, so be sure to follow them to ensure a smooth sail.

And voila! You’re ready to sail the seven seas (or at least the Caribbean), hydrated and happy! Cheers to your water-filled adventure!

Available Water Options on a Carnival Cruise

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink? Not on a Carnival cruise! The good news for water enthusiasts is that tap water on a cruise ship is impeccably filtered, chilled, and free. It might not be your artisanal spring water, but it’s perfectly drinkable and a boon for your wallet.

Are you part of the ‘bottled water brigade’? No worries. Carnival offers a selection of bottled water at ‘fun shops’ onboard, and you can sip premium brands like Evian or Dasani without making a dent in your holiday budget. Pricing typically ranges from $2 to $5 per bottle.

If you’re all about convenience, check out Carnival’s water package options. They offer pre-packaged bottles, delivered straight to your stateroom, saving you the effort of lugging them onboard. It’s a great deal if your hydration mantra is ‘bottle is better’!

Drink Policies of Other Cruise Lines

Alright, all you thirsty seafarers, let’s hop aboard other liners and check out their water policies. Royal Caribbean, an oasis for the beverage-conscious, allows guests to bring non-alcoholic drinks, including water, as carry-ons. They permit 12 bottles or cans of other nonalcoholic beverages (of up to 17 oz) per stateroom, outshining Carnival with their generous volume limit.

Now, if you’re sailing with Princess Cruises, you might have to curtail your bottled water dreams. They have an ‘in cans or cartons only’ policy, allowing a maximum of 12 sealed cans/cartons per person. The search for a water bottle onboard Princess Cruises could be as elusive as a mermaid!

Meanwhile, Norwegian Cruise Line isn’t making waves with their drink policy. ‘No beverages allowed onboard during embarkation,’ they say, except for medical needs or baby formula. Talk about riding the wave of strictness with few cruise lines!

And last but not least, the ever-imaginative Disney Cruise Line doesn’t mention any restrictions for non-alcoholic beverages, including water. Just remember, Mickey Mouse prefers unopened bottles in your guest’s carry-on luggage take-on luggage. Let’s not upset Mickey, shall we?

What Happens if You Bring Beverages That Are Not Allowed?

Well, imagine you’re feeling brave, defying the gods of the sea, and smuggling some forbidden liquid treasures onboard. What happens then? Does a siren’s wail ring out across the ship? Do the cruise police frogmarch you off the plank? Not quite.

If you’re caught with unapproved beverages during the boarding and security process, the crew, not quite as swashbuckling as the pirates of yore, will confiscate your precious cargo. You might see it returned at the end of the cruise, or it may vanish into the Bermuda Triangle of forbidden drinks, never to be seen again.

Let’s also address the elephant in the room, or rather, the ‘alcoholic elephant’. Attempting to smuggle alcoholic beverages onboard most cruise lines, including the Carnival Cruise, is generally a no-go. If you’ve found trying to play Captain Jack Sparrow with a stash of rum (or any other alcohol), it’ll be confiscated faster than you can say ‘Yo ho ho’. And unlike the non-alcoholic contraband, there’s no getting it back – it sails off to the land of lost booze.

So, unless you’re keen on starting your cruise on a sour note, it’s best to stick to the rules, mateys!


As we set our course back to shore, it’s time to recount the tales of our voyage through the waters of Carnival Cruise’s nonalcoholic beverage policies. Remember, my fellow sea-farers, keeping hydrated is as crucial as a reliable compass on the open ocean. While Carnival Cruise lets us bring our stash of non-alcoholic beverages, including water, onboard, it’s limited to a twelve-pack of 12-ounce cans or cartons per person, and only on embarkation day. Additionally, it’s important to pack them into your carry-on bag rather than your checked luggage.

Even though the winds of policy have shifted over time, the current holds steady. Carnival’s tap water is always there for you, like a reliable first mate, ready to quench your thirst. And for those who crave the bottled variety, you can purchase it onboard or pre-order through the ‘Fun Shops.’ However, remember each cruise line charts its path when it comes to beverage policies. While some are liberal like the free-spirited Disney Cruise Line, others like Norwegian Cruise Line are more strict.

But should you decide to defy the rules and smuggle forbidden wine or champagne into drinks, beware! The vigilant crew may just confiscate your treasure. So, my advice to you, dear travelers, is to follow the maps (the policies), stay hydrated, and let the sea of fun and relaxation aboard the Carnival Cruise sweep you away. Drink to your heart’s content, laugh, dance, and let the ocean’s rhythm guide your incredible journey!


Can I bring a 12-pack of water on Carnival Cruise?

Absolutely! The Captain welcomes you to bring aboard a 12-pack of non-alcoholic beverages, including water. The catch? It must be canned or carton-packed, every 12 ounces or less, and it needs to be in your carry-on luggage. So, feel free to quench your thirst with your favorite H2O brand, just remember, it needs to be sealed, unopened cans or cartons!

Can I bring HydroFlask on a cruise?

Shiver me timbers! While you’re welcome to bring your trusty HydroFlask aboard for your personal use, remember, it needs to be empty when you embark on your journey. Fill it up with the free tap water, or the bottled water you can purchase onboard once you’re settled in.

Is water free on a cruise?

The good news is that water on Carnival Cruise, specifically tap water, is free and available 24/7. You can grab a glass in the main dining room, from room service, or the self-service stations. Plus, the tap water on the ship is perfectly fine to drink – it’s put through an intensive purification process to ensure it’s as clear as the open sea! For bottled water lovers, you can buy it onboard or pre-order through the ‘Fun Shops’.