When it comes to iconic entertainment brands for children, Nickelodeon stands out as a trailblazer. From memorable shows like “SpongeBob SquarePants” to “Dora the Explorer,” Nickelodeon has been a household name for generations.

But did you know that this powerhouse also dipped its toes into the cruise industry? That’s right, Nickelodeon Cruises were a real thing – a sea-bound extravaganza where you could hang out with SpongeBob or share pancakes with Dora.

Now, you might be wondering, ‘Are these cruises still a thing?’ Well, let’s dive into the story of Nickelodeon Cruises. We’re about to unravel the tale of this fascinating journey – its highs, its lows, and everything in between.

Girl posing between Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants mascots

How Did Nickelodeon Cruises Begin?

Back in 2010, a groundbreaking collaboration between Nickelodeon and Norwegian Cruise Line set the cruise industry abuzz. This venture promised not just a cruise but a full-fledged Nickelodeon experience at sea. For those of you who fondly remember the days of waking up to “Slime Time Live,” this was the cruise of your dreams.

The inaugural journey of this thrilling partnership paved the way for the Norwegian Breakaway, which was the latest addition to Norwegian’s fleet at that point. This venture was so successful that it soon expanded across multiple NCL ships including the Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jewel, and Norwegian Getaway.

The Norwegian Getaway, another newest ship in the fleet during its time, made headlines in 2014 when it added even more Nickelodeon experiences to its offerings. From shows starring Nickelodeon celebrities to engaging with characters from popular shows like iCarly and True Jackson VP, the Getaway was the fifth ship to make waves with Nickelodeon’s unique brand of entertainment.

Did you ever wish you could attend a character meet and greet with the cast of your favorite Nickelodeon shows? This was a reality on the Norwegian Jewel and Norwegian Epic during their special all-access cruises, which offered non-stop daily activities featuring all of Nickelodeon’s popular characters.

Is the Nickelodeon-Themed Cruise Currently Operational?

Unfortunately, these themed voyages have been docked indefinitely as of 2015. What led to the discontinuation of these incredibly popular trips? Let’s explore this in the next section.

What Happened to Nickelodeon Cruises?

For Nickelodeon lovers, these cruises were more than just a vacation; they were the epitome of childhood dreams come true. But as with all good things, this chapter in cruise line history had to end. The official collaboration between Nickelodeon’s parent company, Viacom, and Norwegian Cruise Line ceased operations after a successful 5-year run. Though the cruise line did experience a 20% increase in guest satisfaction, particularly concerning its youth programming, the deal was not renewed, and Nickelodeon’s unforgettable splash of color soon faded from Norwegian’s ships.

Spongebob Squarepants cast in mascots

During their time, these cruises offered families a range of exciting activities, including character meet and greets and the famed Slime Time Live, a crowd-pleaser where passengers could get slimed during interactive, high-paced games. Even Pajama Jam Breakfasts were part of the package, adding a special touch to morning dining experiences.

While the reason for the discontinuation has never been publicly disclosed, the end of the cruise line was not due to a lack of interest or customer dissatisfaction. On the contrary, passengers were enamored with the special features, from Dancing with Dora to the numerous Nickelodeon-themed experiences that kept kids and adults alike entertained throughout the voyage.

What we do know is that around the same time as the end of the cruise line, Nickelodeon announced a new partnership with Karisma Hotel and Resorts. This new venture aimed to create modern resorts in the Caribbean, including an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana. It appears that Nickelodeon was eager to sail in a different direction, shifting its focus from the high seas to terra firma.

A kid and two mascots sunbathing

Comparing Nickelodeon Cruises to Other Themed Cruises

Mickey and Minnie Mouse mascots posing infront of a ship

When it comes to themed cruises, Nickelodeon Cruises had a particular charm that attracted families in droves. Compared to its closest rival, Disney Cruise Line, Nickelodeon offered a unique blend of its TV show characters, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer. Disney Cruises, with prices often starting around $700 per person, brings to life its classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses but can be more expensive than the Nickelodeon Cruises which generally starts at a lower price point, around $500 per person.

Carnival Cruise Line also offers themed cruises like Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast.” Carnival’s rates are often cheaper, starting at around $400 per person, but their character interactions are not as frequent as Nickelodeon’s.

Royal Caribbean Cruises is another competitor, offering DreamWorks-themed cruises featuring characters from “Kung Fu Panda” and “How to Train Your Dragon.” Prices vary but can start around $600 per person. However, they don’t offer the same level of interactive game shows and character meet and greets that made Nickelodeon Cruises special.

While each cruise line has its perks, Nickelodeon Cruises excelled in creating a non-stop, immersive world, where the line between TV shows and reality is delightfully blurred.

Does Norwegian Cruise Line Continue to Provide Children’s Activities Onboard?

Absolutely, Norwegian Cruise Line hasn’t slowed down in offering a variety of children’s activities onboard, even though the Nickelodeon cruises have ended. Nowadays, Norwegian offers a variety of youth programs designed for various age brackets, guaranteeing an enjoyable vacation for both young children and teenagers.

From splash parks to interactive games and scavenger hunts, Norwegian keeps the excitement levels high. And it’s not just confined to the Norwegian Getaway or the Norwegian Epic; the entire fleet is designed to entertain the younger crowd.

They’ve even introduced specialized activities in collaboration with other brands, such as circus workshops and escape rooms. So while the Nickelodeon-themed experiences are no longer available, the cruise line continues to focus on family-friendly fun.

Alternative Options to Nickelodeon Cruises

Missing the Nickelodeon-themed cruises? Don’t fret; there are still numerous ways to satisfy your craving for Nick entertainment and relish family-friendly vacations at other destinations. These alternatives not only offer a rich experience but also bring a diverse range of themes and characters that can appeal to every member of the family.

Nickelodeon Hotel and Resorts

Nickoledeon cruise performers dancing

With luxury resorts in Punta Cana and Riviera Maya, these locations offer more than just beachfront views. Character meet and greets, lavish water parks, and the Club Nick Kids Club provide a haven for families. Adults aren’t overlooked either; they can relax at the spa while their kids are kept entertained.

Nickelodeon Theme Parks

Kids showered in slime in a theme park

Various locations, such as Universal Studios Florida and Nickelodeon Universe in Minnesota and New Jersey, offer immersive Nickelodeon experiences. For those in the UK, there’s Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach featuring unique rides and character appearances.

Peppa Pig on Costa Cruises

Peppa Pig mascot and kids on a cruise

For those whose homes resonate with Peppa Pig’s laughter, Costa Cruises offers a delightful Peppa Pig-themed experience. The highlight is an on-deck swimming pool modeled after Grandpa Pig’s boat. The cruise also includes engaging activities like coloring, puzzles, and treasure hunts. The nighttime disco transforms into Peppa’s Pirate Party, making for an unforgettable experience for little fans.

Royal Caribbean

Boy swimming in a pool smiling

One of the most well-known names in cruising, the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, also packs a punch when it comes to family-friendly activities. The Adventure Ocean Youth Program offers targeted fun for kids aged 3-17. Among the attractions is Splashaway Bay, a water park with water slides, fountains, and pool activities.

Their Aquanauts program melds education with excitement, offering special fun experiments, adventure science, and storytime for kids aged 3-5. Teenagers aren’t left out; the Fuel Teen Club allows them to groove to DJ music, and unique game courts are designed for them to compete and connect.

Disney Cruise Line

Mickey Mouse head statue

If it’s character-themed cruises you’re after, Disney provides a magical sea voyage featuring characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Live shows and themed parties make it a close competitor to the former Nickelodeon Cruises.

Seuss at Sea on Carnival Cruises

guy in a the grinch costume

The Carnival Cruise Line takes you to the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss. A unique breakfast event called the Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast features zany table settings and a fun menu. Families can also partake in a character parade, interactive storytelling, and colorful arts and crafts activities, making for a Seussical journey on the high seas.

P&O Cruises with Aardman Animation

Wallace and Gromit cartoon characters by Variety

Elevating family entertainment on the high seas, P&O Cruises has partnered with Aardman Animation. Kids are welcomed onboard with dance sessions featuring Wallace and Gromit. Creative souls can tap into their artistic flair during clay workshops, creating their Aardman characters.

Special storytelling sessions and themed arts and crafts activities like making Gromit ears and character masks add extra charm to this cruising experience.

Other Cruise Ships That Don’t Exist Anymore

Over the years, the cruising industry has seen numerous partnerships come and go. Carnival Cruise Line once enhanced the onboard experience with small amenity baskets featuring sample-sized toiletries in bathroom cabins, a luxury phased out in the early 2010s. Hasbro teamed up with Carnival to introduce “Hasbro, the Game Show,” a short-lived but captivating onboard entertainment feature. Celebrity Cruises had a wellness-focused collaboration with Canyon Ranch SpaClub, which ended after five years.

Cunard Line broke new ground with a restaurant by celebrity chef Todd English, which was eventually replaced. Holland America Line had culinary ventures with America’s Test Kitchen and even teamed up with Oprah Winfrey for themed voyages. MSC Cruises once staged Cirque du Soleil performances and had an Eataly-branded restaurant lineup. Norwegian Cruise Line once featured ‘Kinky Boots,’ ‘Legally Blonde,’ and ‘Rock of Ages’ as part of its onboard entertainment. They even had Nickelodeon characters meet and greet with kids.

From Princess Cruises’ partnership with chocolatier Norman Love to Seabourn Cruise Line’s decade-long collaboration with Charlie Palmer, such arrangements have added a dash of extra allure to sea voyages but were eventually discontinued. These past ventures showcase the cruise industry’s continuous evolution in pursuit of delivering unforgettable experiences to passengers.


In conclusion, the cruise industry has seen a multitude of innovative partnerships over the years, ranging from collaborations with toy companies like Hasbro to luxurious spa experiences with Canyon Ranch. These alliances have not only elevated the cruising experience but have also defined distinct eras for cruise-goers.

One such defining partnership was between Norwegian Cruise Line and Nickelodeon, which transformed family cruises into immersive experiences featuring beloved characters and activities. Though many of these partnerships have been phased out, their impact lives on, leaving an indelible imprint on the cruise industry and the memories of travelers.

Do you have a memorable experience with Nickelodeon Cruises or any other unique cruise partnerships? Share your stories in the comments below. Let’s keep the nostalgia alive!


Does Nickelodeon have a cruise ship?

No, Nickelodeon no longer has its dedicated cruise ship. The brand had a partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line from 2010 to 2015, where select ships featured Nickelodeon-themed activities, characters, and entertainment. This partnership has since been discontinued.

What cruise line has Nickelodeon?

Nickelodeon once collaborated with Norwegian Cruise Line. During the collaboration, select Norwegian ships offered Nickelodeon-themed experiences. This included character meet-and-greets, special shows, and even slime events. However, this partnership ended in 2015.

Is Disney Cruise only for kids?

While Disney Cruises are designed with families in mind, they are not exclusively for kids. The ships offer a range of adult-only areas, including bars, restaurants, and pools, as well as various entertainment options catering to an adult audience.

Which is Disney cruise ship?

The Disney Cruise Line presently operates multiple ships, such as the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and Disney Wonder. Each ship offers a unique experience but maintains the brand’s signature focus on family-friendly activities and entertainment.