Have you ever dreamed of sailing around the globe? The allure of a 3 month cruise around the world is growing like never before, and it’s not hard to see why. Imagine waking up to a new horizon every day, exploring fascinating cultures, and enjoying the top-notch amenities offered by world-renowned cruise lines. From the bustling markets of Rio de Janeiro to the majestic Great Wall, a 3 month world cruise offers something extraordinary for every traveler.

Whether it’s the luxury of princess cruises or the adventure-laden routes of Oceania cruises, such a journey promises the ultimate escape from the mundane. And let’s not forget, the around-the-world cruise is now more accessible, with options to fit various budgets.

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How Much Does a 3 Month Cruise Around the World Cost?

The price of embarking on the journey of a lifetime with a 3-month cruise around the world can vary widely, and it’s all about choices, tastes, and desires. Interested in a mainstream cruise line like MSC Cruises or Royal Caribbean? You might find options starting from $10,000 per person, a perfect fit for those yearning for adventure without breaking the bank.

Feeling more regal? Luxury cruises like Regent Seven Seas and Silversea Cruises can take you on a plush voyage between $60,000 and $100,000 per person. Want to pull out all the stops? Prepare to splurge as much as $300,000 per person for the best suite on the most opulent ship, like the Seven Seas Mariner or the Queen Victoria. These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg! Below, we’ll dive deeper into how world cruise fares differ based on cruises, amenities, destinations, and more.

3 Month Global Cruise Breakdown: Inclusions and Extra Costs

Meals and Dining package on Cruise Ship

Building on the allure of all-inclusive packages, many cruise enthusiasts are drawn to the idea of extended voyages. The 3-Month Global Cruise offers an unparalleled adventure across the world’s most exotic destinations. However, such an extended journey requires careful planning, especially regarding inclusions and extra costs. Here’s a breakdown to guide potential explorers on what to expect from this incredible odyssey.

Basic Inclusions in the Cruise Cost

When embarking on a 3-month cruise around the world, travelers often wonder what’s included in that eye-catching starting price. Let’s break down the basics:

  1. Accommodation: Whether you’re on Oceania Cruises or sailing with Cunard Line, you can expect a comfortable cabin or suite to call home. Depending on your budget, accommodations vary from intimate inside cabins to expansive suites complete with balconies, offering a range of comfort and luxury.
  2. Meals and Dining: From the buffet to specialty restaurants, food is usually part of the package. Enjoy breakfast in bed, lunch by the pool, or a gourmet dinner crafted by world-class chefs on lines like Seas Mariner or MSC Cruises.
  3. Entertainment: Boredom at sea? Never! Whether it’s a Broadway show, a casino night, or a dance under the stars, cruises like Royal Caribbean and Holland America provide endless entertainment options.
  4. Transportation: Forget switching hotels and plane tickets; your ship takes you from one exciting destination to the next. Whether it’s a stop in Cape Town or a journey through the Panama Canal, the travel is as smooth as the ocean breeze.

These inclusions create the base for an unforgettable journey. But don’t set sail just yet! Below, we’ll explore the extra costs and amenities that can turn your trip into the ultimate world cruise.

Additional Costs and Upgrades

Tours are available at additional cost on Cruise

While the 3-month cruise around the world cost covers many essentials, there are additional elements that might tickle your fancy, or simply be necessary for your adventure:

  1. Excursions and Tours: Want to explore the Taj Mahal or trek through the Amazon River? These unique experiences often come with an extra charge. Many cruises offer packages and a la carte options for shore excursions.
  2. Onboard Spending (Spa, Shopping): Pamper yourself at the onboard spa, or grab some souvenirs from the ship’s boutiques. These delightful indulgences usually come with a price tag, though some luxury lines might include perks like free drinks or a fitness center.
  3. Flight to and from the Embarkation Port: Flying to Fort Lauderdale or San Francisco to board your ship? Don’t forget to factor in the cost of plane tickets, which can vary based on class and location.
  4. Travel Insurance: For a trip of this magnitude, travel insurance is highly recommended. Protecting your investment from unforeseen circumstances can be worth its weight in peace of mind.

These additional costs can shape your ultimate world cruise experience, offering unique opportunities and security. But are all world cruises created equal in terms of inclusions?

Factors Affecting the Cost of a World Cruise

Embarking on a world cruise is a complex affair, and the price tag isn’t one-size-fits-all. Several factors can influence the 3-month cruise around the world cost. Let’s explore these elements to better understand what you’re investing in:


inclusions on 3-month world cruise

Understanding what’s included in your cruise fare is crucial for budgeting your 3-month world cruise. Some world cruises like Regent Seven Seas Cruises might include business class airfare, shore excursions, and even laundry service, adding a sense of luxury to your voyage. Others might follow a more a la carte approach, where amenities such as spa treatments or specialty dining come at an extra cost. Comparing inclusions across different lines ensures you get the most bang for your buck without unpleasant surprises.


length of your cruise trip impacts the cost

The length of your voyage significantly impacts the cost. A quick escape to the Caribbean may only skim the surface of your budget, while an ultimate world cruise that lasts several months or even three years can become a significant investment. Longer voyages often provide more in-depth experiences, allowing you to explore regions like Southeast Asia or Northern Europe at a leisurely pace. Balancing your desired destinations with the cruise’s duration helps you find the perfect trip for your budget and wanderlust.

Traveling Solo

Cruise price can be higher for solo travelers

Solo travel on a cruise offers a unique adventure and opportunities to make new friends, but it might come with financial considerations. Many world cruises charge a “single supplement,” meaning the per person price can be higher for solo travelers compared to double occupancy. However, some lines like MSC Cruises and Holland America offer solo cabins or reduced supplements during promotions. Researching and booking strategically can make solo cruising an affordable and exciting option.

Type Of Stateroom

Inside cabins

The type of stateroom you choose dramatically influences the cost. Inside cabins provide an economical choice, while suites with balconies on ships like Seven Seas Mariner or Queen Victoria offer lavish amenities, including deluxe beverage packages or butler service. Some luxurious suites might even include extras like free drinks or exclusive shore excursions. Weighing your desire for comfort, space, and perks against your budget helps you find the perfect stateroom for your journey.

Cruise Line

Cruise Line

Different cruise lines cater to various tastes and budgets. A trip with a mainstream cruise line like MSC World Cruise might offer a budget-friendly but enjoyable experience, perfect for first-time cruisers. In contrast, luxury lines like Oceania Cruises or Seabourn Sojourn provide a high-end experience with gourmet dining, personalized service, and opulent surroundings. Considering your preferences for service, amenities, dining, and overall ambiance will guide you to the cruise line that aligns with your dreams and financial plan.

These factors provide a roadmap for planning the perfect world cruise. A clear understanding of your preferences and careful consideration of these elements ensure a personalized and memorable experience that doesn’t break the bank. Sail away to the adventure that’s uniquely yours!

Global Cruises: From Most Affordable to Priciest

A world cruise doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. World Cruises offers a wide range of prices that cater to different budget needs. By considering the per-night cost, you can find a cruise that fits your financial plan without compromising the experience.

Starting at the more budget-friendly end, Life At Sea Cruises offers a whopping 1,395-night cruise at just $65 per night, summing to $90,000. A step up, Ambassador Cruise Line and P&O Cruises offer journeys for £67 ($81) and £97 ($118) per night, respectively.

Mid-range options like Fred. Olsen Cruise and Cunard hover around the $132-$168 per night range, while MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean elevate the experience at $204 and $218 per night.

For those seeking ultimate luxury, Oceania Cruises, Viking, and Seabourn provide plush amenities with prices starting at $253, $355, and $451 per night. Hurtigruten and Crystal Cruises go even further, with lavish experiences costing $453 and $483 per night.

The absolute pinnacle of luxury cruises is Regent Seven Seas and Silversea, with per-night costs at $586 and $728. Here, the sky’s the limit in terms of comfort, dining, and personalized service.

It’s vital to note that these prices are for the most basic staterooms, and upgrading will, of course, increase the cost. However, this range of options proves that world cruising is accessible to many, from those seeking a cost-effective adventure to travelers desiring a no-holds-barred luxury experience.

 Comparing Different Cruise Lines and Itineraries

Comparing Different Cruise Lines

The vast variety of world cruise options not only differs in cost but also in the unique itineraries and experiences they provide. From exploring ancient wonders to indulging in contemporary luxuries, each cruise line offers something distinct. Let’s delve into the intriguing differences by comparing various cruise lines and their cruise itineraries.

 Luxury Cruise Lines

luxury world cruises

In the opulent world of cruising, luxury world cruises present an unparalleled experience, promising a lavish and unforgettable journey. These cruises provide personalized service, sumptuous dining, world-class amenities, and visits to exotic destinations. The price tag, while on the higher side, ensures a voyage of a lifetime. Let’s explore a few of these high-end cruise options:

Seabourn Cruise Line – Seabourn Sojourn

Embark on the 2024 World Cruise: Extraordinary Horizons with Seabourn Cruise Line. The 145-day journey commences from Los Angeles and culminates in Athens, covering 72 ports in 28 countries. From the alluring shores of Hawaii to the bustling streets of China, this cruise offers a multitude of enchanting destinations. For more specific details on booking and shorter segments, visit their official website.

Oceania Cruises – Around the World in 180 Days

Oceania Cruises extends an invitation to travelers for a 180-day journey that sails from Los Angeles to New York, embarking on the Insignia. Savor the picturesque landscapes of French Polynesia, the ancient wonders of Egypt, and the culinary delights of France. Fares for the 2024 sailing start at $48,499, offering an unmatched expedition.

Viking Ocean Cruises – Viking World Cruise

A 138-day journey from Fort Lauderdale to London, Viking World Cruise presents a vibrant blend of sunny destinations and cultural marvels. The Viking Sky will take you through Mexico, Hawaii, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, and more, before ending in the historic streets of Europe. Fares for the first world cruise begin at $59,995, promising a global exploration.

Crystal Cruises – Itinerary Segments

Crystal Cruises offers an array of itinerary segments including Miami to Los Angeles, Brisbane to Hong Kong, and Dubai to Rome. Full world cruise fares range from $59,199 to $295,599 per person, with segment fares for suites beginning at $4,349. This wide-ranging selection ensures a tailored experience to fit your taste and budget. Enjoy the sophistication and grandeur of luxury travel with these incredible cruises.

 Mid-range Cruise Lines

Mid-range Cruise Lines

The mid-range cruise segment offers travelers a delightful blend of luxury and affordability. From exploring the diverse cultures of South America to the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, these cruises provide a broad range of destinations and experiences without breaking the bank. Let’s look at some of the offerings from three major world cruises in this category.

MSC Cruises – MSC World Cruise 2024

MSC Cruises offers an enchanting 120-day journey aboard the MSC Poesia, starting in Rome. Guests can discover 56 mesmerizing destinations, including Australia, Argentina, Malaysia, Peru, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, and Jordan. Between each exotic port, passengers can enjoy swimming pools, hot tubs, restaurants, bars, lounges, and a relaxing spa. Fares for this global adventure start at $17,199 per person, providing an enticing balance of luxury and value.

Royal Caribbean – The Ultimate World Cruise

Royal Caribbean presents a truly ultimate world cruise lasting 274 nights and visiting all seven continents. The Serenade of the Seas sets sail on an extraordinary itinerary that begins in Miami, venturing into more than 60 diverse countries, including Ecuador, Brazil, French Polynesia, Nicaragua, South Korea, the Philippines, India, Romania, and Greenland. Travelers can indulge in visits to 11 of the world’s great wonders like the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China. Shorter segments are also available for booking, with fares starting at $59,999.


Cunard offers a plethora of cruise options, including diverse itineraries like New York to Sydney (49 nights) and Cape Town to Hong Kong (45 nights). With choices ranging from seven to 64 nights, Cunard caters to varying travel preferences and budgets. Full world cruise fares range from $16,789 to $183,509 per person, while shorter segments start from $1,299, double occupancy. Whether you’re seeking a week-long exploration or a months-long voyage, Cunard’s wide range of offerings ensures a memorable cruising experience.

Budget Cruise Lines

Budget Cruise Lines

Budgeting doesn’t mean boring, especially when it comes to world cruising. For those eager to embark on an around-the-world adventure without draining the bank, budget world cruises present an enticing option. With a careful balance of cost, comfort, and incredible destinations, let’s explore some notable cruises offering the globe at an affordable price.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises offers an exciting 111-day World Cruise that sets sail round-trip from Los Angeles on the Island Princess. In 2024, this cruise offers an exceptional journey to 47 exotic ports in various locations such as Mexico, Greece, Morocco, Bermuda, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy, the UAE, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, and more. With starting fares at just $19,497, it’s an attractive opportunity to explore a rich tapestry of landscapes and cultures.

Holland America Line

For those seeking a slightly longer adventure, Holland America Line presents a 128-day Grand World Voyage from Fort Lauderdale on the Zuiderdam. The itinerary for this cruise is an adventurous blend of remarkable destinations and experiences. It encompasses a journey along the Amazon River, explorations in the Caribbean, and a passage through the Panama Canal. Moreover, it includes visits to thriving metropolises such as Tokyo, Honolulu, Shanghai, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, and other exciting locations. 2024 fares for this expansive journey start at $23,599.


Azamara’s World Cruise is an even more extensive 155-night itinerary to over 40 countries, commencing in Fort Lauderdale and culminating in Barcelona. For those wanting to discover some of the planet’s most magnificent marvels, this journey showcases destinations like Petra in Jordan, the Colosseum in Rome, and Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue. If you wish to explore specific portions of the cruise, you have the option to join aboard the Azamara Onward for segments lasting a minimum of 10 nights. The 2024 sailing fares for this epic adventure start at $36,379.

Note: The prices are subject to change based on season, durations, and cruises. Thus, we suggest you check the official websites for a more accurate quote based on your plan!

Which Around-the-world Cruise Is Considered the Finest?

Seven Seas Explorer

The elegance of a cruise is often determined by a mixture of factors including service, amenities, exclusivity, and the exoticness of the destinations visited. In the world of cruising, luxury often knows no bounds, but one name often stands out when it comes to the finest around-the-world cruise: Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Regent’s luxury voyages are synonymous with excellence, offering a holistic package that incorporates everything from high-end accommodation to gourmet dining and exclusive shore excursions. Their around-the-world cruise on the illustrious Seven Seas Mariner sets a gold standard.

Spanning approximately three continents and six months, this extraordinary journey visits over a hundred ports in locations such as South America, Northern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and more. Every detail is meticulously planned, ensuring the utmost comfort and enrichment.

With opulent suites, round-the-clock butler service, business class airfare, unlimited beverages including fine wines and spirits, pre-cruise hotel stays, and even personal valet laundry service, Regent Seven Seas offers the pinnacle of cruising elegance.

Additionally, their exclusive shore excursions offer unparalleled access to some of the world’s most astonishing sites, like the Great Wall, Taj Mahal, and Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer, enhancing the overall experience.

While the starting price may be in the higher range, often exceeding $73,499 per person for double occupancy, the all-inclusive nature and unmatched luxury of the Regent Seven Seas Cruises justify the investment for those seeking the ultimate in world cruise experiences.

In the realm of around-the-world cruises, this line undoubtedly stands as a benchmark for quality and extravagance, offering an unparalleled experience for those seeking the finest, most memorable sea voyage. Whether it’s the private balconies overlooking pristine oceans or the exclusive, tailor-made excursions, the journey with Regent Seven Seas becomes more than a cruise – it’s a life-enriching adventure.


Embarking on a 3-month cruise around the world is more than just a journey; it’s an exploration of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and luxurious living. With costs ranging from a budget-friendly $10,000 to an extravagant $300,000 per person, there’s a world cruise that fits various tastes and wallets. Cruises offer varying amenities, from essential comforts to unmatched opulence, with choices that include everything from Princess Cruises to the unrivaled Regent Seven Seas.

If you’ve ever dreamt of exploring the seven seas, and mariner routes, and witnessing landmarks like the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall, now’s your chance. Embrace the allure, indulge in the elegance, and set sail on a voyage that promises to be the experience of a lifetime!


How much does a worldwide cruise cost?

A worldwide cruise cost can vary widely based on factors such as cruise line, type of stateroom, duration, and inclusions. The starting price might be around $10,000 per person for the most basic stateroom on a mainstream cruise line, with luxurious options reaching up to $300,000 per person. Cruises like Princess Cruises, Oceania Cruises, and MSC Cruises offer varying packages catering to different budgets.

How much would a 6-month cruise cost?

A 6-month cruise around the world is a more extended adventure that typically comes with a higher price tag. Costs can start from approximately $30,000 to $50,000 on mainstream cruises, while luxury cruises like Regent Seven Seas or Silversea may charge anywhere from $120,000 to $600,000 for a six-month voyage.

How much does a 4-month cruise cost?

For a 4-month cruise, travelers can expect to pay anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 on mainstream lines like Holland America or Princess Cruises. On luxury cruises, such as Oceania or Seabourn, the prices can range from $80,000 to $400,000. The cost will again depend on the stateroom type, cruise line, and other variables such as excursions, onboard spending, and travel insurance.