Imagine sailing through majestic Alaskan fjords, the sunset turning glaciers as tall as skyscrapers into golden spectacles, and watching wildlife that’s never even heard of Instagram. An Alaskan cruise is truly a bucket-list-worthy journey, bringing you up close to nature’s wonders.

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But what about the cost to make this dream a reality? Before you start trading in your family heirlooms for a cabin on deck, let’s dive into the crystal-clear details of the costs involved. After all, a little planning can save you from going overboard with your budget!

What Does ‘All-Inclusive’ Cover?

The base cruise fare is merely the starting point. It gets you on board and secures your stateroom, but the voyage to your final price includes more. Taxes, fees, and port expenses are the compulsory extras, not to mention those not-so-hidden costs for additional services that make your cruise a luxurious memory.

When planning your itinerary, consider the range of shore excursions available in Alaska, as they can significantly enhance your experience but also affect your budget. The term ‘all-inclusive’ usually covers your room, standard meals, certain beverages, and a range of entertainment options onboard. However, when it comes to Alaskan cruise prices, ‘all-inclusive’ might also wrap in those juicy shore excursions that bring you face-to-face with Alaska’s raw beauty. It often includes gratuities and sometimes even those all-important alcoholic beverages for your sunset toasts.

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How Much Does an All-Inclusive Alaska Cruise Cost?

Costs range widely, from $900 to $5,000 or even more per person. This typically includes your room, meals, and entertainment for a 7-night all-inclusive Alaska cruise.


View of balcony cabins of a ship

The Alaskan cruise experience starts with picking your nest for the voyage. Here’s a rundown:

  • Inside cabins are the snug dens of the sea, costing you about $75 to $150 per person daily. They’re perfect for those who use their room just to crash after a day of adventure.
  • Ocean-view cabins throw in a porthole or a window to the world outside, demanding $100 to $200 per person each day.
  • Balcony cabins invite the fresh Alaskan air right to your doorstep, with a price range of $100 to $300 per person daily to contemplate nature from your private outdoor space.
  • Suites are the crown jewels of the ship, spacious and plush, with the daily rate starting at $250 or more per person.

Before you even step foot on the deck, there are flights to book and hotels to hunker down in if you’re arriving early. These pre-cruise investments ensure you don’t miss the boat—quite literally.

On-board and Shore-side Activities

The ship is a floating city with endless activities, but not all are included in your fare. On-board entertainment might be gratis, but those exclusive events, like a blackjack hand in the casino or a luxury spa treatment, often come with a fee.

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As for shore excursions, these gems let you explore the local terrain and can range anywhere from $70 to a whopping $600, depending on whether you’re whale watching or glacier trekking. In ports like Ketchikan, Skagway, Sitka, and Juneau, you’ll find a plethora of activities, from cultural tours to wildlife encounters, each offering a unique glimpse into Alaskan life.

At most, expect to spend an extra $1,000 to $1,500 per person for shore excursions. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime experiences just because you didn’t plan for it financially.

Dining and Drinks

The basic cruise package will fill your belly with delightful dishes, but for those with a taste for the fine dining experience or a penchant for a fancy tipple, extra charges apply. Unlimited beverage packages usually cover drinks under $15. Thirsty for something top-shelf? That’ll be extra.

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Are those special dinner reservations and exotic drinks not included in your standard package? They’ll have you reaching for your wallet. Each sip and savor beyond the norm adds up. Once you dock, Alaskan ports beckon with their culinary offerings.

Casual dining spots will set you back about $20 to $40 per meal, while upscale restaurants will ask for $30 to $50 per person, maybe more if you’re in the mood for king crab and a view.

Additional Expenses

Strolling through the ports, you’ll encounter shops and markets. Here, budget for the shopping and souvenirs—not to mention those extra layers for the Alaskan chills. This budget line could be as unpredictable as the weather, so prepare accordingly.

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Gratuity Expectations

Service with a smile deserves a tip of the hat—and some cash. Gratuities can range from $13 to $20 per person daily and will likely be automatically added to your onboard account, so keep that in mind when planning your finances. However, for exceptional personal service, additional tipping is always appreciated and can be given directly to those who made your cruise experience memorable.

Mandatory Additional Fees

The unavoidable port taxes and fees can sneak up on you and add several hundred dollars per person to your total expenditure, inflating your budget balloon significantly.

Communication and Activity Fees

If you need to stay connected at sea, internet packages can be around $25 or more per day. Want to send a quick message through the ship’s app? That might cost you too.

Travel Insurance and Shopping

Travel insurance is an essential safety net, with basic coverage suggested at $100 to $200 per person. As for shopping, those keepsakes and mementos will remind you of the cruise long after you’ve disembarked, so consider this when setting aside your dollars.

What Cruises Offer All-Inclusive or Close to All-Inclusive Alaska Cruises

  • Regent Seven Seas packs it in with their Alaska cruises. Everything’s included – tips, Wi-Fi, airport rides, flights, shore trips, drinks, and all meals. The best part? Unlimited laundry service. But, the hotel in Anchorage, the Hilton, isn’t great. If I had a choice, I’d stay at the Captain Cook Hotel instead, like Princess and Holland America Lines include.
  • Silversea is similar to Regent. You get all transfers, flights, a hotel stay before the cruise, tips, drinks, and one shore excursion in each port. Plus, every suite comes with a butler and you can get caviar anytime. Reviews often highlight the exceptional service and luxury amenities provided by Silversea, making it a top choice for discerning travelers. Some of their special restaurants cost extra. Their ships, Silver Muse and Silver Shadow are great for Alaska.
  • Seabourn includes pretty much everything: meals, tips, Wi-Fi, drinks, butler service, and caviar. But, if you don’t book your flight with them, you don’t get free transfers. They don’t include shore trips in the price, but they offer special adventures you can buy. Their ships, Seabourn Odyssey and Venture are good for Alaska.
  • Windstar has an option where you pay extra to make it all-inclusive. This includes unlimited drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips.
  • Viking Ocean isn’t fully all-inclusive but offers a lot. You get free Wi-Fi, drinks during meals, and access to a great spa. But you have to pay for tips and transfers unless you book your flight through Viking.

Now, the more familiar cruise lines like Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Norwegian, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean aren’t all-inclusive by default. But, if you book a suite, it’s almost like being on an all-inclusive cruise.

  • Holland America Line and Princess Cruises offer special fares that include Wi-Fi, drinks, meals at special restaurants, and shore trips.
  • Norwegian’s Haven gives you a butler, a private pool, unlimited drinks, free meals at special restaurants, Wi-Fi, and shore trip credits.
  • Celebrity Cruises offers premium drinks, Wi-Fi, tips, shore trip credits, and special restaurants if you book a suite.
  • Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas has a suite option that includes drinks, special restaurants, Wi-Fi, and butler service.

How to Save on an Alaskan Cruise

Navigating the cost-saving currents of an Alaskan cruise doesn’t require a treasure map—just some savvy traveler know-how. Let’s set sail with some wallet-friendly strategies.

Time Your Booking

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  • Off-Peak Adventures: Cruising outside the bustling summer months—think late April or early September—can net you a sea of savings.
  • Last-Minute Deals: Sometimes, booking on the fly can scoop you up a discount as cruise lines aim to fill every cabin.

Utilize Rewards and Insurance

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  • Travel Rewards: Those accumulated points on your credit card can often be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, or even upgrades.
  • Cruise Insurance: It might seem counterintuitive, but spending on insurance could save you a bundle in the face of unforeseen events.

Select Your Room Wisely

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  • Cozy Quarters: Opting for an interior room—which, let’s face it, you’ll only use for z’s—can significantly cut costs.
  • Direct Excursion Bookings: Planning your own shore outings directly can be cheaper than the convenience of booking through the cruise line.

Choose Budget-Friendly Dining Options

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  • Local Eats: Onshore, seek out where the locals flock to. Food trucks and small eateries offer authentic and affordable meals.
  • Package Pondering: If your drink count doesn’t rise with the tide, skip the beverage package. Pay-per-sip can be more cost-effective if you’re only having a few.

Extra Tips for the Thrifty Traveler

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  • Skip the Extras: Onboard, the lure of paid activities can be strong, but remember, there’s plenty of free fun to be had.
  • Invest in Memories: Splurging on shore excursions can enrich your experience, making every dollar spent a lasting memory.
  • Experiential Balance: Sure, you could save by not indulging in local cuisine or outings, but then you’d miss the true flavor of Alaska. Find the middle ground that works for your wallet.

Remember, the goal is to enjoy the splendor of Alaska without your budget melting faster than a glacier in July. Plan wisely, spend smarter, and you’ll navigate to financial and experiential bliss! 🚢✨


As the northern lights dance above, concluding an Alaska cruise adventure is about valuing memories over expense. Alaskan cruises offer a spectrum of cruise prices that encapsulate everything from the snug inside cabin to the luxury of a balcony cabin. Remember to pack layers and waterproof gear, as Alaskan weather can be unpredictable, adding an extra dimension to your cruise experience. While the cruise ship itself is a universe of amenities, the true gems lie in shore tours and excursions that unveil the splendor of Southeast Alaska.

Yes, Alaska cruise costs can sail high with add-ons like specialty dining and spa treatments, but with smart planning and savvy use of frequent flyer miles, the total cost becomes an investment in lifelong memories. From Seattle’s cruise port to the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest, every dollar spent enriches the soul, proving that the true worth of an Alaskan cruise is immeasurable.

Remember to check if you need a passport for your itinerary, as some Alaskan cruises might cross international borders or require identification for certain excursions.


What is the average cost of a 7-day cruise to Alaska?

The average cost of a 7-day cruise to Alaska generally sits at $3,000 per person, equating to just over $400 per day. This cost can vary based on a range of factors such as accommodations, cruise line, and timing, with premium packages raising the price point, especially during peak season.

How much should you pay for an Alaskan cruise?

When charting out expenses for an Alaskan cruise, your budget should span from $600 to $5,000 per person. However, to truly delve into Alaska’s majesty, consider an additional $1,600 for shore excursions. These adventures are pivotal for those eager to embrace Alaska’s wild allure fully, ensuring your journey transcends the ordinary.