Dreaming of the sun-soaked shores and light blue beaches of the Bahamas? Us too! Welcome aboard Funky Cruise, where we will sail you through the sea of options to know how much is a cruise to the Bahamas and find the best Bahamas cruise deals and offers! Whether it’s a short three-day cruise or a week-long adventure you seek, we have your travel cravings covered.

Discover the stunning Paradise Island, bustling Nassau, and the exclusive private isles with cruise lines like MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean. From luxe cabins to the vibrant life on cruise ships, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of prices, destinations, and those all-important insider tips to make your Bahamas sail a breeze! Get ready to explore, laugh, and create perfect days under the sun!

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Choosing a Cruise Line

Embarking on a Bahamas cruise is like setting sail to a paradise where the sun, sea, and sand converge to create magical moments. However, choosing the right cruise line is crucial to ensure those moments are truly unforgettable. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a cruising newbie, we are here to help you navigate through various cruise lines, uncovering the jewels each one hides, and making your journey to the Bahamas a smooth sail.

Best Cruise Lines: Carnival, Celebrity, and Beyond!

Each cruise line offers a unique blend of amenities, destinations, and vibes. Carnival is known for its lively, festive atmosphere, making it a favorite among fun-seekers. Celebrity, on the other hand, offers a touch of modern luxury, with stylish ships, and gourmet dining. Beyond these, MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and other cruise lines provide varied experiences catering to different preferences, be it family-friendly fun or romantic getaways. Dive in as we explore the distinct flavors each cruise line brings to your Bahamas cruise adventure, ensuring you find the perfect match for your cruising desires!

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Comparing Destinations, Length, and Affordability

Selecting the ideal cruise involves comparing various elements like destinations, the length of the trip, and, of course, the price. Some cruises offer short, sweet jaunts to Nassau, while others take you on extended voyages, visiting gems like Half Moon Cay, Freeport, and Bimini.

Whether you are looking for a three-day escape or a week-long exploration, it’s essential to weigh the base prices against the experiences offered. Join us as we unravel the myriad of options available, helping you discover the cruise that not only meets your budget but also fulfills your Bahamas dreams to the brim!

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Unlocking the Price Secrets: How Much Is a Cruise to the Bahamas?

Ahoy, travelers! One of the most frequently asked questions that pop up when planning a trip to this island paradise is, “How much is a cruise to the Bahamas?” It’s a question with answers as varied as the stunning islands themselves. From budget-friendly short cruises to luxurious week-long voyages, the cost can range widely. Let’s set sail into the details to find the ideal cruise that suits your wallet and whimsy!

Short and Sweet: Pricing and Perks of Shorter Cruises

When time is of the essence, and you’re looking to dip your toes into the cruise experience or just need a quick getaway, shorter cruises are your go-to option. Typically lasting three to four days, these cruises offer a taste of the Bahamas’ bliss without a hefty price tag. Online deals can often have you discovering the delights of Nassau or basking on the beaches of Bimini for under $100!

Cruise lines like Carnival and Celebrity offer three-night cruises with base prices starting as low as $149 and $179 respectively, making them a hit among travelers looking for affordable options. MSC Cruises provides an even more wallet-friendly four-night cruise starting at just $129! These shorter journeys often pack a punch with vibrant nightlife, scrumptious dining, and, of course, picturesque cruise destinations.

It’s not just about the destination; it’s also about the journey. Short cruises come with a plethora of amenities. Whether it’s indulging in specialty restaurants, partaking in onboard recreational activities, or unwinding in the spa after a day of exploring, the options are endless. And let’s not forget the plethora of onboard entertainment; from lively music to captivating performances, every moment on board is a celebration.

However, remember that the base price is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s vital to consider additional costs like taxes, port fees, gratuities, and any personal expenditures on and off the ship, such as shore excursions and specialty dining, which can quickly add up. For instance, a cruise fare of $149 can balloon to $278 per person once taxes and fees are factored in. Therefore, planning your budget effectively is key to enjoying a hassle-free trip.

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Long and Luxurious: Diving Into the Details of Week-Long Cruises

For those yearning for a more extensive exploration of what the Bahamas have to offer, week-long cruises are your passport to paradise. These voyages allow you to discover multiple islands, delve deeper into the local culture, and enjoy a more relaxed pace. Prices for these longer cruises can vary, with options available for different budgets. For example, a six-night cruise with Carnival starts at $644, while a seven-night voyage with MSC Cruises is a steal at $399! However, if you’re considering a 3-month cruise, be prepared for a significantly higher cost due to the extended duration and more comprehensive itinerary.

Longer cruises often come with more diverse itineraries, visiting places like Half Moon Cay, Freeport, and Ocean Cay, letting travelers experience the varied landscapes and lifestyles of the Bahamas. They also open the doors to a world of exclusive private isles and pristine beaches, where the sun kisses the ocean, and time seems to stand still. The visit to such exotic places as the Orange Bowl Reef lets you witness the vibrant underwater life, making every moment of the journey memorable.

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While the luxurious cabins and the tallest waterslide on the ship might beckon, it’s essential to be mindful of the peak times, as prices can skyrocket into five digits during these periods. Keep an eye out for Bahamas cruise deals, and remember to factor in the extra expenses such as port expenses, specialty restaurant costs, and any onboard recreation. Joining a cruise line’s loyalty program can also lead to cabin upgrades, discounts, and other perks, making your longer cruise more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

So, whether you are leaning towards a shorter, action-packed cruise or a longer, immersive experience, understanding the varied prices, destinations, and amenities offered can help you tailor your Bahamas cruise to your desires and budget. Here’s to smooth sailing and finding your perfect slice of Bahamian paradise!

Beyond the Base Price: Taxes, Port Fees, and Gratuities

Embarking on a Bahamas cruise requires effective budget planning to ensure a smooth and delightful experience. From understanding the hidden costs to exploring exciting yet affordable onboard and offshore activities, we will guide you through it all.

For travelers eyeing a brief escape to the Bahamas, various cruise lines offer attractive deals. Let’s break it down:

  • Carnival: From Miami to Nassau, a 3-night journey is priced at $149 USD.
  • Celebrity: Traveling from Miami to Nassau and Bimini, the 3-night cruise comes at $179 USD.
  • MSC Cruises: Starting from Port Canaveral to Nassau, a 4-night stay is available for $129 USD.
  • Royal Caribbean: A 3-night adventure from Port Canaveral to CocoCay costs $289 USD.

On average, for a Bahamas cruise lasting less than a week, you’d be looking at a base price of approximately $186.50 USD.

Taxes and Port Fees can sometimes rival the cruise fare itself. Taking the example of the Carnival cruise with a base price of $149 USD, the taxes and port fees amount to $129.20 per person. This pushes the starting price of the cruise to $278 USD per person.

Gratuities form an essential part of the earnings for many cruise staff members. While some cruise lines may incorporate gratuities into the fare, many don’t. Standard gratuity rates serve as guidelines. For instance, Carnival suggests $14.50 per person, per day for standard cabins, and $16.50 per person, per day for suites. On a three-day cruise for two people in a standard cabin, that’s $87 USD just for gratuities for the stateroom attendant. Remember, this doesn’t cover tips for bars or dining.

For a comprehensive understanding, if we combine the base cost, taxes, and gratuities for the Carnival example, it amounts to $321.50 USD per person for a three-day cruise (or $643 USD total for a couple).

To ensure a stress-free experience, travelers should set aside an additional 30-40% of the base cruise price to comfortably cover taxes, port fees, and gratuities. For an average cruise price of $186.50, budgeting an extra $56 to $74.60 USD per person would be wise.

When planning your cruise to the Bahamas, it’s crucial to look beyond the base price advertised by cruise lines. Additional expenses like taxes, port fees, and gratuities can significantly impact your overall budget. Understanding these hidden costs is key to avoiding surprises and ensuring your Bahamas cruise is as relaxing as the gentle Caribbean breeze.

Dining on the High Seas: Specialty Restaurants & Beverages

Discover the culinary delights awaiting you on your Bahamas cruise, ranging from gourmet specialty restaurants to refreshing beverages, all tailored to enrich your gastronomic experience while sailing through paradise.

Dining on the High Seas

Unraveling Specialty Restaurant Options & Their Costs on Your Bahamas Cruise

Embark on a culinary journey as you sail to the Bahamas, exploring a range of specialty restaurants that offer unique flavors and gourmet experiences. From sumptuous Italian delicacies to exotic Asian cuisines, these restaurants cater to varied palates, with prices ranging from around $7 to over $100 for more extravagant options.

The average cost per person, excluding gratuity and alcoholic drinks, typically falls between $30-50. Navigate through the diverse dining options available across cruise lines like MSC Cruises and Carnival, understand the costs involved, and indulge in a gastronomic adventure amidst the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas.

Beverage Options & Securing the Best Package Deals on Your Cruise

Refreshment is key on your cruise to the Bahamas, and with a plethora of beverage options, staying hydrated is a delightful affair. Basic beverages are included, but specialty coffees and most alcoholic drinks come with a charge.

Be mindful of the limits on bringing your own beverages on board to avoid corkage fees or leaving your favorites at the port. Selecting the right beverage plan enhances your sun-soaked Bahamian voyage, allowing every sip to be a refreshing experience. f you’re sailing with MSC, be sure to explore their drink packages, which can be a convenient way to enjoy your favorite beverages without breaking the bank.

A beverage package does come at a higher cost, but if you intend to have more than 5-6 drinks each day, it can save you some money. Most beverage packages offer drinks at a discounted rate and it can make quite a difference. Whether you prefer paying per drink or opting for a package, assessing your consumption habits ensures you find the most cost-effective option.

Exploring Cabin Choices & Benefiting From Loyalty Programs

Enhance your cruise experience by selecting the ideal cabin and maximizing benefits through loyalty programs. Delve into the range of available cabin types and learn how to leverage loyalty perks for a smoother, more rewarding Bahamas cruise experience.

Cabin Choices on a Bahama Cruise

Cabin Options & Enjoying Exclusive Amenities on Your Bahamas Escape

Choosing the right cabin is pivotal to optimizing your cruise experience, offering you a peaceful retreat and possibly stunning ocean views. Understanding the various cabin categories and their amenities, from basic to lavish, is essential regardless of whether you’re on a short Carnival cruise or a longer journey with MSC Cruises.

Evaluating the cabin types, their associated costs, and the benefits they offer ensures a serene and luxurious journey through the sparkling waters of the Bahamas, adding comfort to your adventure.

Utilizing Loyalty Programs and Credit Cards for Optimal Benefits & Savings

Navigating through loyalty programs and cruise credit cards can yield substantial benefits, including exclusive perks and significant savings on your Bahamas cruise. Every cruise line offers unique programs, providing benefits such as cabin upgrades and exclusive amenities.

Leveraging these rewards effectively allows you to enjoy the breathtaking Bahamian landscapes without fretting over expenses, ensuring every moment aboard is a rewarding experience in paradise.

Utilise Loyalty Programs to save cost on bahamas cruise

When planning your cruise, consider the hidden extras like taxes, port fees, and onboard recreational activities. For example, a seemingly affordable $149 cruise fare can escalate to $278 per person when taxes and fees, sometimes matching or exceeding the cruise fare itself, are factored in. Being aware of and planning for these additional expenses ensures a smoother, surprise-free disembarkation.


Embarking on Bahamas cruises offers a tantalizing escape to a world of sun, sand, and sea. However, the key to a seamless vacation lies in meticulous planning. From choosing the perfect cruise company to understanding the varying costs, every detail impacts your experience. Most cruise lines provide a range of options, but selecting the right departure ports, such as Port Canaveral or Miami, and considering factors like double occupancy and hurricane season, is crucial.

Whether you dream of snorkeling in crystal-clear waters or enjoying a perfect day on a sun-kissed beach, being mindful of additional costs like fuel supplements and the best time to visit ensures a hassle-free journey. Remember, every choice, from your inside cabin to the week-long cruise, contributes to creating unforgettable memories in the breathtaking Bahamas.


How much does a 7 day cruise cost per person?

The cost for a 7-day cruise can significantly vary depending on factors like the cruise line, cabin type, and time of year. On average, one can find options ranging from around $400 to upwards of $1000 per person. For instance, MSC Cruises offers a 7-night trip for as low as $399, whereas some luxury options can go well into the thousands.

How much does it cost for a 7 day Caribbean cruise?

A 7-day Caribbean cruise, much like others, experiences fluctuations in pricing based on several elements including the cruise line and season. Generally, prices might start around $500 per person for mainstream lines and can go upwards for luxury lines. Keep in mind; that this is the base price, usually including meals, accommodation, and onboard activities.

How much money should I take on a cruise to the Bahamas?

When cruising to the Bahamas, it’s sensible to plan for extra expenses beyond the base cruise fare. This includes shore excursions, specialty dining, beverages, and potential onboard activities. A reasonable budget could range from $100 to $200 per day, per person, depending on personal preferences and spending habits. It is also wise to consider unplanned expenses and have a contingency fund.

How much is a cruise for 1 person?

Shorter cruises can be found for under $100 per person, while luxe cabins on longer cruises can be in the five digits at peak times. It is crucial to consider the additional costs such as gratuities, port fees, taxes, excursions, specialty dining, and beverages, which are usually not included in the base price.