Have you ever wanted to set sail on an unforgettable adventure but thought cruising was a couples or family affair? Think again! Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is revolutionizing the game, offering incredible experiences designed especially for you—the lone voyager. Imagine traveling alone without a single supplement fee, enjoying your private oasis with an ocean view, or mingling with other travelers who share your wanderlust.

Selecting the ideal cruise line might significantly impact your seafaring adventure. Whether you’re in it for the social scene, restorative solitude, or a balanced mix of both, Royal Caribbean sets the gold standard. So pack your bags and prepare to cast off. Your solo adventure on the high seas awaits!

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Is Royal Caribbean Good for Singles?

Absolutely! If you’re a solo traveler, Royal Caribbean is an excellent choice for many reasons. Often, traveling alone on cruise lines can feel like a second-rate experience, full of added expenses and limited activities tailored for singles. But Royal Caribbean has flipped the script. The cruise line welcomes singles with open arms, offering specialized amenities and packages that make it an ideal choice.

From avoiding single supplement fees to providing an assortment of activities that cater to all interests, Royal Caribbean ensures that every guest, regardless of their relationship status, enjoys a fulfilling, enriching vacation. So, if you’re considering cruising solo, Royal Caribbean should be at the top of your list.

Why Choose a Royal Caribbean Singles Cruise?

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When it comes to a solo journey at sea, Royal Caribbean cruise ships set a new standard. The cruise line goes the extra mile to offer an experience full of freedom, fun, and flexibility for solo travelers. You’ll have the choice to meet new people at organized social events specifically for singles, ensuring a welcoming and congenial atmosphere.

The cruise line also offers a vast array of activities to keep you engaged, from rock climbing to cooking classes, appealing to various tastes and interests. Safety, often a top concern for solo travelers, is impeccably managed, so you can focus solely on enjoying your adventure.

To top it off, the cruise line makes connecting with fellow cruisers easy through dedicated social media groups, setting the stage for an unforgettable trip.

What Cruise Lines Are Best for Singles?

Deciding on the ideal cruise line for a singles adventure can be a challenging task, given the plethora of options out there. However, different cruise lines cater to various age groups, interests, and budgets, which makes it easier to narrow down your choices. Here’s a breakdown that can help you make an informed decision:

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For Singles Over 20

For younger singles who want a vibrant atmosphere without breaking the bank, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line are excellent options. These lines offer short, affordable cruises with a youthful crowd and a party ambiance. Royal Caribbean also offers great deals for young adults, with its range of activities and entertainment options that keep the energy high.

For Singles Over 30

Singles in their 30s looking for a balance between party vibes and a relaxed atmosphere should consider Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, or the adults-only Virgin Voyages. Virgin Voyages offers a non-traditional experience tailored to singles, with communal dining options and activities designed for mingling.

For Singles Over 40

If you’re single in your 40s and searching for a more refined experience, Celebrity Cruises could be the line for you. Their Edge-class ships exude a sophisticated atmosphere, complete with jazz clubs and gourmet dining. For those interested in games of chance, most mainstream lines have well-equipped casinos, offering another avenue for social interaction.

For Singles Over 50

Mature singles like those over 50 may find lines like Oceania, Azamara, and Holland America more to their taste. These lines offer port-intensive itineraries that appeal to travelers interested in culture and sightseeing rather than partying. They also attract a balanced mix of singles and couples, increasing the odds of meeting like-minded individuals.

For Singles Over 60

Single retirees with more freedom and perhaps a larger budget can look into luxury lines like Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas, and Silversea. These lines go the extra mile to cater to singles, offering reduced supplement charges and specialized meet and greets.

Specialty Cruises

Finally, if you have a specific interest, like LGBTQ+ cruises, wine-tasting cruises, or ancestry-seeking cruises, there are tailored options available that make meeting people even easier. Lines like AmaWaterways and Viking River Cruises are excellent for those interested in European river cruises, often offering reduced single supplements.

How to Book a Royal Caribbean Singles Cruise: A Step-by-Step Guide

Booking a Royal Caribbean Singles Cruise isn’t just a transaction; it’s the first step towards an unforgettable adventure. The good news is that Royal Caribbean makes the booking process extremely user-friendly, even for solo travelers. This is your detailed handbook to guarantee a trouble-free voyage from your house to the high seas.

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Start by researching available itineraries on the Royal Caribbean website. You can easily filter options based on departure ports, destinations like the Southern Caribbean or the Bahamas, and specific ships like Ovation of the Seas. Read through the list of available activities and excursions at each destination; this ensures you pick an itinerary that fits your interests, whether you’re into rock climbing or prefer quieter sea days.

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Next, focus on deals and promotions targeted at solo travelers. Seasonal promotions often offer discounted single supplement fees, or even waive them entirely. Look for cruise offers tailored especially for solo travelers. You can also sign up for Royal Caribbean’s newsletters and join a dedicated Facebook group for solo travelers to keep an eye out for promotions.

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If you’re not comfortable booking online, consult a travel agent specializing in cruises. They can not only help you find promotions but can sometimes offer extras like onboard credit or exclusive shore excursions.

Once you’ve made your choices, it’s as simple as going through the online booking steps or finalizing details with your travel agent. The exciting part—getting ready for your amazing marine adventure—is all that’s left.

What to Expect on a Royal Caribbean Singles Cruise

Sure, if you’re flying solo and thinking about hopping onto a Royal Caribbean cruise, you’re in for a treat! It’s like this ship was built with you in mind. Intrigued? Well, let’s spill the tea on what you can expect.

Cabins and Accommodation

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Royal Caribbean offers a range of cabins to suit all types of solo travelers. From budget-friendly inside rooms to the plush super studio ocean view stateroom with private balconies, there’s something for everyone. And forget about the exorbitant single supplement fees; Royal Caribbean has options that won’t break the bank. Some ships even offer solo cabins with full-sized beds and specialized amenities. You’ll have your sanctuary where you can unwind in solitude or prepare for a night of socializing.

Activities and Entertainment

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Boredom is not in Royal Caribbean’s vocabulary, especially for those cruising solo. The ship is your playground, teeming with activities to match every interest. For those seeking excitement, there is rock climbing and riding in the North Star observation capsule. Those looking for mental stimulation might opt for escape rooms or cooking classes. Don’t forget the nightly karaoke parties where you can belt out your favorite tunes with other guests. And, if you’re eager to meet new friends, there are multiple social events geared towards solo travelers—you’ll never feel alone unless you want to.

Dining Experience

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For solo travelers, dining can often be a point of stress. But on a Royal Caribbean cruise, the dining experience is crafted to make everyone feel welcome. Flexible seating options allow you to dine alone in peace or join a communal table to socialize with fellow cruisers. From buffets to fine-dining restaurants, the culinary choices are vast and varied. Whether you’re a foodie looking for gourmet dishes or someone who enjoys a simple, delicious meal, Royal Caribbean has you covered. And for those who enjoy a good drink, numerous bars and lounges provide the perfect setting to mingle and meet other travelers.

In essence, a Royal Caribbean Singles Cruise promises an experience filled with comfort, excitement, and opportunities for meaningful connections. You’ll come as a guest but leave feeling like part of a community.

Safety and Well-Being: What Royal Caribbean Offers for Singles

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Heading out on a solo journey is exhilarating, but let’s be real—worries about safety can sometimes put a damper on the fun. The good news? Royal Caribbean has got your back so you can concentrate on living your best cruise life. Here’s the lowdown:

  • From the moment you board the ship, you’ll notice vigilant security staff, well-placed cameras, and key-card access to passenger areas, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter. Even the cabin doors are designed with advanced locking systems. Additionally, the cruise line offers safety briefings geared specifically for solo travelers, so you’ll know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.
  • One of the advantages of choosing Royal Caribbean is the state-of-the-art medical facilities available onboard. Staffed with professional medical personnel, these clinics are equipped to handle a variety of health issues, ensuring peace of mind while you’re miles away from the nearest hospital. Moreover, the ship offers wellness amenities like fitness centers and spa facilities. From yoga classes to rejuvenating massages, you can partake in activities that not only entertain but also contribute to your well-being.

What to Pack for Different Itineraries

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Your packing list will vary significantly depending on the itinerary you choose. For a Caribbean cruise, think swimwear, sunblock, and casual, airy clothes for the daytime, along with semi-formal wear for the evenings.

On Alaskan itineraries, layering is key—bring thermal clothing, water-resistant outerwear, and hiking boots. European voyages call for a blend of casual and upscale clothing to match the continent’s diverse range of activities and cultural norms. Don’t forget any specialty gear like snorkeling equipment or hiking poles, though rentals are often available onboard.

Special Considerations for Solo Travelers

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1. Room Choice: Solo travelers often have to pay a “single supplement” fee for occupying a double room. However, Royal Caribbean offers studio cabins designed for solo travelers, helping you avoid this extra cost.

2. Dining Arrangements: Royal Caribbean offers “My Time Dining,” where you can choose when and where you’d like to eat. This flexibility is especially beneficial for solo travelers who may want to join new friends or enjoy a meal alone.

3. Safety: Always inform someone, whether it’s a new friend on the ship or a crew member if you’re going on an independent shore excursion. The ship’s personnel should always be aware if you’re leaving the ship alone.

4. Socializing: Royal Caribbean provides numerous opportunities for mingling, from poolside games to themed parties. Take advantage of these to meet new people.

5. Wellness: The ship’s spa and fitness facilities are excellent venues for some alone time. Take advantage of wellness seminars or treat yourself to a spa day.

6. Stay Connected: Wi-Fi packages are available if you need to stay in touch with family or work. However, going digital-free can also be liberating, and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

By packing wisely and keeping these special considerations in mind, you can ensure that your solo cruise on Royal Caribbean will be a rewarding experience.


Does Royal Caribbean charge per person or room?

Royal Caribbean typically charges per person, not per room. The pricing is usually based on double occupancy, meaning the cost assumes two people will be sharing the cabin ranging from as low as $50 to $1000 per person, per night.

Does a single person have to pay double for a cruise?

A single traveler usually faces a “single supplement” fee, which means they might pay close to double the cost of one person in a double-occupancy cabin. However, some promotions and deals can reduce this extra cost.

Does Royal Caribbean charge per person or room?

Yes, Royal Caribbean offers solo cabins on select ships. These cabins are designed for single travelers and are priced without a single supplement fee, making them a cost-effective option.

Does Royal Caribbean have solo cruising?

Royal Caribbean is known for being accommodating to solo travelers. They offer a range of activities and facilities designed for individuals cruising on their own, along with solo cabins on some ships.

Are there any cruises for just singles?

While Royal Caribbean doesn’t offer cruises exclusively for singles, they do provide a variety of activities and social events geared towards single travelers. Other cruise lines may offer specialized single cruises, but Royal Caribbean is highly inclusive for those adventuring solo.